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You're Soooo Grounded

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Summary: After Sunnydale is destroyed Buffy moves to Colorado Springs. Meanwhile the newly formed watchers council uncovers a temple in egypt.

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You're Soooo Grounded

Title: You’re soooo Grounded

Author: VampieGirl

E-Mail: VampieGirl_1745@Yahoo. com

Rating: PG13

Classification: Angst

Summary: After Sunnydale is destroyed Buffy moves to Colorado Springs. Meanwhile the newly formed watchers council uncovers a temple in egypt.

Disclaimer: Hum one of these again well they don’t belong to me obviously. They belong to MGM, WB, Fox and all those people; sadly, I just borrowed them for a little fun. I have no imagination, so sue me. . . . wait, don’t.

Authors notes: Much thanks has to got to my best friend Nep for her patience, wile putting up with the constant questions and endless rewrites and general stress. Also I mustn’t forget my wonderful betas Marlene and Drunkenfary.

To avoid confusion I have given Shaun a middle name which his clone has taken. Colonel Shaun Shaun O’Neill. Agent Samantha Finn will be referred to as Finn and Samantha Carter will be referred to as Carter


Part 1/25

“Ow!” was Shaun’s first thought as he regained consciousness. His second was “Why ow?” but it hurt to try and remember. His head felt like it had been hit repeatedly with a sledge hammer and they were still at it. He could hear urgent whispering off to his left.

“You could have gotten yourself killed,” a female voice said angrily.

“But I wasn’t, and I...“ a second female voice started, but was cut off by the first.

“Sooooo not the point. You do not patrol on your own,” the first one said, her voice rising with anger.”You do not patrol, period! What do you think you were doing?”

“Your job!” The second voice spat back.

Shaun heard a sharp intake of breath but it was interrupted by a male voice. ”Excuse me,” the male voice interjected.

“Yes, Doctor?” the first voice asked, barely masking the anger just beneath the surface.

“We have still been unable to locate his next of kin,” the Doctor explained warily under the girl's intense glare.

Shaun decided to open his eyes at this point, but shut them immediately as the light seared his eyes, intensifying his throbbing headache.

“Good, you're awake,” an unfamiliar Doctor said kindly. ”Lie still. You’ve lost a lot of blood, but you're going to be okay thanks to this young lady’s quick action.” He indicated a young brunette, who gave Shaun a slight wave. He frowned as the memory of what happened began to filter back to him.

“Do you remember what happened?” the Doctor asked, as he checked the Dressing and his vitals.

“I was in Westfield cemetery when something attacked me...”


He had been visiting Charlie’s grave when something had grabbed him from behind and he’d felt a sharp pain in his neck.

“Hey!” the brunette had yelled, leaping out from behind the bushes where she had been hiding.

He was then thrown to the ground. He scrambled to his knees, clutching at his bleeding neck.

“Oh, it’s the little girl who thinks she’s the slayer.” The man laughed.

She fell into a fighting stance, raising her stake. ”Wanna try me?” she asked menacingly.

“Oh, I’ll be trying you all night,” he leered. As the man turned to strike the girl, Shaun saw his grotesque, inhuman face, and watched stunned as the girl ducked his first blow. Rolling behind a gravestone, she came to her feet holding a bottle of clear liquid. With an ease that showed she had done this before, she threw the bottle in her attackers face; it burned him like acid, blinding him. While he was disoriented, she rammed her stake home and he disintegrated to dust. Shaun chose to pass out at that point. . .

*End Flashback*

“What the hell was that?” Shaun demanded

She cringed slightly “What do you think it was?” she asked evasively.

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking,” Shaun stated irritably

“Wild dog!” the girl said lamely. Shaun just glared at her.

“Gangs on PCP,” the blond lady said with a fierce glare at the brunette.

“My advice, less TV and no more late night walks in graveyards,” the Doctor said slightly patronizingly as he checked the IV, shaking his head at the ridiculous story.

“You probably need your rest. It’s late and I’m going to take my sister home,” the blond said firmly, leading younger girl out the door.

Shaun recognized the girl. She was in his math class. He’d never really spoken to her and all he knew was that she was repeating her junior year. He couldn't remember her name, D something. . . Shaun got out of bed and walked over to the door. He peered through the window and listened as they talked with the Doctor, who clearly didn’t believe the girls when they said that Dawn had just discovered him in the graveyard. ”Miss Summers, I suggest that you take your sister home,” the Doctor said.

When he had left the younger sighed, ”I miss Sunnydale.”

“Yes, the constant danger! People dying, the never ending battle just to stay alive; yeah, I miss it, Dawn!” the older girl snapped sarcastically.

“I mean, you could tell someone that it was a wild dog and they’d believe you, and the police were so incompetent that they wouldn't even investigate this.”

“Yes, but this isn’t Sunnydale, it's Colorado Springs and we have to be more careful. Which means...?”

“No more patrolling,” the younger girl said dejectedly.

“Now come on, Dawn, it’s late,” the older girl said coldly.

“Yes, Buffy.” Dawn followed her sister down the corridor sullenly.

Something stank, that was for sure. This was a cover up in the making. He was quite sure he hadn’t been hallucinating. Whatever that thing had been, it hadn’t been human, which meant only one thing; something had happened at Cheyenne Mountain. That wasn’t any of his business, anymore. What was a girl from his grade in school doing out patrolling for these aliens? It definitely had something to do with her sister; Dawn had said that she was doing her sister's job. What had happened? He had only been out of the loop for six months.
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