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Harry and the Other Side of Evil

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Summary: Dru is mad, but the stars know what will cheer her up. And her desiny. Poor Harry.

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Harry Potter > Drusilla-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterMsKittieFFR1351,9040126,2123 May 0421 Aug 04No

1. Meeting

DRU WAS FIRIUS. How dare he?! After all she’s done for him? But the stars told her not to fret; She would have a new Childe. Lightning. On how over joyed she was. Dancing around and clapping her hands. Her minions were happy. Not really, but… It made their Sire happy.

“I want to see him, can I?” She asked twirling in the starlight. “I wish to see him! How sweet he would taste. If only he lived near.” She looked longingly at Jake. “I wish, don’t you?” he nodded. “Oh! I see… It’s him! Go! Hide Bird.”

Soon after Jake had left a boy sat on a swing. Harry Potter. He at this time of the year was alert, but he didn’t see the shadow slinking up from behind.

“Have I ever seen any thing more darling?” Harry spun around. A beautiful woman stood before him. He wore a long black velvet dress. Oddly enough she carried a doll. “Miss Edith? Don’t you think he’s the one the stars told us about?” The dark woman asked the doll. “He is mighty cute. And, oh! It is! Miss Edith! My Lightning! I found him!” She squled with childish delight.

Harry didn’t say a word. Memorized by the childish woman. “Merrytwinkles and Peppermint you smell of. But ooo! What delight! Daddy didn’t even smell this evil! Nor my Spiky!” Harry found he was unable to move.

“D-do I know you?” he asked. Her doll dropped to her side.

“You will my dear. My, my, the stars and I argue. Bur no more. We shall come with you! And help Nice Twinkly man defeat the Nasty Snake. Oh what FUN!” Harry starred in horror. She was utterly mad. “We shall travel by night and allow me to not burn. Now, come to Mummy. I have something to show you. I won’t hurt you.”

Un willingly Harry moved forward. “This won’t hurt. Maybe.” The woman’s face morphed into a horrible bumpy demon type face. Her eyes were yellow, and she had fangs.

She grabbed Harry roughly and pulled his neck to her fangs.

He didn’t even have time to breath.
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