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Summary: Conner thinks about his life, both of them

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Television > Power RangersAshFR131503051,3983 May 043 May 04Yes
Title: Thoughts

Author: Ash


URL: /

Pairing: None

Rating: PG

Summary: Conner thinks about his life, both of them

Spoilers: AtS-End of S5, PR- "White Thunder P3"

Disclaimer: Joss owns all the Buffy people, and Bandai have the

rights to the characters to PR.

Author's Notes: Ok, don’t ask where this idea came from, cause I have no idea. *shrugs* I normally don’t write pr ficcies. I should really revamp my other btvs x-over fics.

Conner sighed as picked up his soccer ball. They had just gotten in from LA, from the place he had been born in. The place where he had gotten his memories back, all in all his life sucked. In his former life as the son of a vampire, his life was in danger from his father’s enemies. In this role of being Conner, his life was in danger from his own. He wasn’t to sure he should be happy with that thought.

There was an upside to all of this, he had his own friends. Not the people who pretended to be one because of his father, to pretend to love him because he was Angel’s son. Here in Reefside he had his own life, nothing to bother him besides the daily monster.

No one here knew about him being run over by a van, he told his mom it would freak out his friends, so they kept it quiet. Mostly, he though it was something to do with being a power ranger. Now he knew why he wasn’t hurt, he wasn’t even human. He wondered how the rest of the team would react to that information.

He heard Dr. O say something about having friends that weren’t human. So he wouldn’t be a problem, but what about Kira and Ethan? He knew that they wouldn’t freak, he just didn’t want to be looked at any different. Maybe he shouldn’t say anything at all?

Conner looked up to the ceiling as he threw the soccer ball in the closest. He wondered why life was always so complicated, why things were never easy. Sitting down on his bed, he pondered if he should be mad at Angel or not. In one aspect he gave him a normal life, a sane one. A life he was given where he wasn’t forced to deal with the darker sides of everything in the world, no demons, vampires or anything else.

There was the flip side to that as well. He had taken all of his memories from him. Everything that ever happened to him, which made him such a good fighter. The thoughts he had of the few people who he did care about that weren’t there anymore. Like Cordy and Fred. How was he supposed to mourn them if he couldn’t remember them in the first place?

Forgetting Gunn, or Wesley didn’t really bother him. Those two never really liked him, never wanted to trust him. Not that he could blame him. He wondered though, what would happen if his life now and before would collide? Would he be trusted now? Trusted how Dr O, Kira and Ethan trust him? Even if he is the red ranger now, the people who constantly work in the world of darkness would never see past the one thing he hated. Being special, being the son of two vampires.

Is that how anyone in that world ever truly saw him?

The End

You have reached the end of "Thoughts". This story is complete.

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