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Clipper III: The Search For Harmony

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Summary: After the slightly curious events of Clipper II, Team Angel is out to find Harmony ... but they're not the only ones. (Yet ANOTHER AtS/Red Dwarf x-over)

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Television > Red DwarfcrazedartFR1543,288031,0304 May 047 May 04No

Prologue: Office/Space

Setting: Immediately following Clipper II ... in RD continuity, shortly after the events of "Stoke Me A Clipper."
Modified Disclaimer: I created none of these characters, and therefore aren't doing this for a buck. However, I did take some liberties with continuities.

“ … And that’s pretty much how it happened. Uh, sir. Mister Angel, sir.” Lister didn’t want to anger his boss, no matter how poncey he dressed. Take That called, mate, he didn’t tell him. They want their look back.

At least, Lister reasoned, the other three folks in the room could back up his story, because even he wasn’t sure he believed last night’s craziness: he took his flatmate, Arnold Rimmer, to a bar; nearly got killed by an insane double of said Rimmer; then a gaggle of other Rimmers saved them; and Arnold himself ended up heading into another dimension – mistakenly dragging that blonde woman with him. And to top it off, he told himself now, I’m gonna get sacked. I miss the slow days. Then he noticed the Billy Idol impersonator flaring up again.

“Happy now? I told you that’s what happened!” Spike shot at Angel. The outburst intimidated Dave, rather than the other vampire. Angel, however, kept his eyes locked on Lister, allowing them to soften. The head of Wolfram & Hart’s Los Angeles office stood at the head of the table and walked to the shell-shocked mail clerk.

“Thanks for your time, Dave,” he said, offering a rather frigid handshake and … a smile, Lister noticed. “Don’t worry, you’re not in any trouble. In fact, you should apply for that open spot your friend left. Tell Amy at the front desk, and she’ll help you out.” The group noticed Lister’s confused smile as Angel led him out the door.

“Saves you the trouble of firing her,” Spike said casually about Harmony. Too casually for Angel.

“Maybe you should take her place,” Angel huffed. “You got her into this mess.”

“That autograph wasn’t for me,” Spike retorted as he stood, which was enough for the two vampires to start bickering. Again. Wesley and Fred looked at one another. She nodded, informing Wesley it was his turn to break them up.

“Fred and I think we can track her down,” the ex-Watcher pointed out, grabbing their attention.

“How?” Angel & Spike asked at once. Wes nodded toward his girlfriend.

“By working together,” Winifred said, as coolly as possible to emphasize the point. Then she elaborated: during their first encounter with an Ace Rimmer, her W&H science team detected his craft’s energy signature, unique to its home dimension. While “consulting,” as she put it, with Wesley later, they theorized this signature could be duplicated, temporarily, by some of the firm’s clerics. The portal Harmony was sucked into had its own signature, thus, it could also be duplicated.

“But then what?” Angel asked, returning to his seat. “We don’t have a space program, do we?” Fred nodded at her boyfriend.

“Not exactly,” Wes said, smiling; he liked giving lectures. “Gunn and Lorne are looking into that …”

Everett gulped quietly when his secretary informed him: the Wolfram & Hart people had arrived. The firm had only started funding his project four years ago, in the wake of the Initiative’s demise. And now he was finally close to completion. But with the economy as it was … he prepared himself for the worst and rolled out from behind his table.

He stopped cold when Nation led his two guests in.

“Alien!” he yelled at the green-skinned thing in front of him, nearly flipping over in his wheelchair. “I can’t believe it! You brought me an actual extraterrestrial!” The bald black man flanking the alien held up his hand, politely cutting Everett off.

“I’m sorry, Doctor Scott, but this is no alien,” Gunn said. “This is my associate, Lorne.” The doctor nodded, his mouth still agape. The demon in the blue suit rolled his red eyes. If I had a nickel … he thought. Gunn led the trio back to Everett’s desk and cut to the chase.

“Doctor, our firm has been happy to leave you to your work,” Gunn began, in his best courtroom diction. “But today has brought with it special circumstances. Long story short, doc, we’d like to see how you’re doing.”

Everett’s eyes lit up. This was the best he could’ve asked for – aside from an actual alien, of course. He buzzed Nation, and told her to hold his calls. Especially any from her brother.

The stars shone in front of her like sequins on a prada gown. There was no traffic to fight. There weren’t 10 different phone lines in front of her, lit up like a Tourette’s Christmas tree. No ex-boyfriends skulking for nooners. No brooding bosses. No evil space thingies. There was just her and the stars, and Harmony decided it was the dullest thing she’d ever seen. Even more so than Miss Calendar’s computer class.

At least she was safe, Harmony decided, even if it was too quiet; in space, no one can hear you whine. So she crossed her arms and tried to sit, instead flipping over. She didn’t know where she was, or where Ace went. Nor was she aware that two very different parties had seen her – and were moving in her direction.

After settling into a sitting-type position, though, her eyes widened while she tackled another burning question:

Did I set my TiVo last night?
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