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Not in Your Diet

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Summary: First actual drabble. BtVS and Smallville. It's someone else's turn to get their comeuppance.

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Roasted Wolf

Roasted Wolf

By PaBurke

*** An answer to the questions posted by those who were kind enough to review. Hopefully this makes the story clearer. Over 600 words. It's a sad, sad day when the explanation is double the length of the combined story. ***

*** Sequel to 'Don't Feed the Animals, Shoot Them' and 'Not in Your Diet.' ***

*** Disclaimer *** I only wish I could do this to the characters.

*** Distribution *** Twisting the Hellmouth

*** Warning *** High 'squick' factor still


"Exactly what am I looking at?" Lex asked the so-called specialist. Dr. Jacob Deister had been thrown out of academia but he still held himself with the posture of Indiana Jones. He had shaggy black hair and scars on every visible piece of skin. Lex did not quite believe the man, but he was the specialist that Lionel had hired when he had caught the now escaped werewolf. Lionel had not listened to Deister's advice. Lex was going to listen first and then form an opinion.

Jacob Deister glared at the younger man's obvious skepticism. Though after nine years of chasing down the supernatural, he should be used to it. Jacob waved a hand at the photos on the desk. "This tracks the last four hours of your father's life."

Lex nodded slowly, no emotion revealed.

Jacob started the story at the limousine crashed against a tree. "Your father changed into a werewolf inside the limo at sunset. There are no scratches outside the vehicle but many inside. He tore out the throat of his driver and jumped through the window. All glass fell out and not in."

Lex nodded again but said nothing. He had guessed as much.

Jacob pointed to the next set of photos. "The blood on his fur made him easy to track. He went looking for food and found the Kent farm and it's cattle. This is where the clues get a little sketchy. I found footprints around where the elder Mr. Luthor. . ."

Lex interrupted. "Refer to him as Lionel."

Jacob paused. "Of course, Mr. Luthor. I also found buckshot mixed with silver. Though it probably wouldn't kill a werewolf, it would be enough for someone to think that he was dead. And I found a burn pile; Lionel was dragged to it. My guess would be that Mr. Kent defended his property from what he thought was an odd bear, shot him with buckshot and then burned the body, while it was unconscious and not dead. I'm not sure how he got the fire to burn hot enough to make the body ash, but he did. By the time that Lionel died and changed back into human form, his body was completely engulfed in flame. The rare remnants from the fire indicate that a werewolf was burned there but the werewolf virus mutates the DNA past the ability for anyone to recognize human DNA markers, let alone individual people. If you accept that Lionel had turned into a werewolf, then the fur left in the limo window matches the DNA from the fire."

"And you are sure that my father is dead?"

Jacob nodded. "Yes sir, I am. Though it's not something you could prove in court. But since you've taken care of all the evidence, I'm guessing that that is not your goal."

Lex ignored the implied message. "You don't think that the Kent's know that they killed him?"

Jacob shook his head. "I would doubt it. I've seen how long it takes buckshot and silver to kill a werewolf and the fire was long cold by the time I found it. There's not enough time for Lionel to turn back into a werewolf and then for the Kent's to burn him that completely. I've watched Mr. Kent for the last couple days. He shows neither remorse nor jubilation. A man of his convictions would probably show remorse, even if he hated your father."

Jacob collected his photos and stacked them neatly on the desk. "Mr. Kent has been asking if it was possible for a bear to get rabies. In the dark, it would be easy to mistake a werewolf for a bear with rabies."

Lex walked away from the desk to the bookshelf. "It is done. This will make the legalities of taking over my father's companies difficult." Lex handed the specialist a check. "But not impossible. After all, I have all the time in the world."

The long war with his father was over. Nothing of Lionel Luthor remained. Lex was thankful. As strapped for cash as the Kent's were, Lex was glad that they had not kept some of the meat to help with the grocery bill. They would know better than to eat something that carried rabies, right?

The End

You have reached the end of "Not in Your Diet". This story is complete.

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