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Apocalypitc Reflections

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Summary: After the apocalypse the surviving members of the Slayerettes are given a chance at life. part two is archived in the charmed section

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Cast: Just about EveryoneVampieGirlFR131516,725034,9825 May 045 May 04Yes

Part 15

Part 15 epilogue in Cara's POV told in a series of flashbacks
I had a boring unremarkable life until I was twelve. I slightly spoilt but life was simple I got up I went to school played with my friend's but every Friday night I would curl up in front of the TV and disappear for two hours. Everybody knew that to disturb me would result in having his or her head bit off.
It was on the last of one of these Friday night before the summer hiatus that my life would change forever.
I rolled out bed reaching for the tissues. Grabbing one I walks over to her VCR to stop the tape as the credit's roll. A flash of lightning from outside caught he attention. I stooped to pick up her bear of the floor and looked out of the window just as a bolt of lighting hits my window and I found my self standing on top of a pile of rubble.
"Are you okay" a man asked
"I think so" I said unsure then asked "What happened"
"I don’t know one minuet I'm walking up my drive when I hit by lightning and then I'm here"
"Mamma, Dadda" I yelled starting to panic this must be the ruble of our house, but it isn't it's what appears to be a construction site "How did I get here, where's Mum and Dad"
"I don’t know luv"
"You have to help me find them"
"I will" he said taking her hand "so what's you're name poppet"
"Pleasure to met you Cara, I'm Arthur”
“Cara” a woman screamed and ran towards me. I’m the rational kind of girl; there was no way in hell that what was happening was happening, so I pinched my self but still, Willow was running towards me like her life depended on it, “Get away form him” she yelled, she was fallowed by Spike.
I must have hit my head I must have. “Are you okay” she asked I could not get my vocal cords to work so I just stared at her then I closed my eyes and put my hands over my ears “you’re not real, I’m going to count to ten and you’ll be gone”
“Cant you see you’re scaring the child” Arthur said as I counted “Don’t worry poppet, I’ll take care of you” he said reaching out for her
“NO!” Spike yelled punching the man sending him flying, and then I think I must have passed out.

The End

You have reached the end of "Apocalypitc Reflections". This story is complete.

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