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The Eternally Cursed

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Summary: Casca the Eternal Mercenary comes gunning for one of the Scoobys and gets a bigger battle than he bargained for. moderate AU--COMPLETE

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Literature > Action > Author: Barry SadlertrinfanebFR131010,986065,1306 May 046 May 04Yes

Chapter 10 and Epilogue

Chapter Ten

That night was among the most restless in my long life. I tried playing some Dungeons and Dragons
with the rest of the gang, but my unfamiliarity with the rules combined with my butterflies made me
do poorly, so I quit and played some Blackhawk Down on Willow's laptop. Blowing things up with
my m203 nade launcher made me feel much calmer. Everyone else had gone to bed long before I
did. I stayed upstairs to give Spike and Buffy some privacy. I knew what it was like to have "we're
all going to die in the morning" sex.

Early that morning I went out to the porch for some fresh air. Spike was standing in the pre-dawn
shadows smoking a cigarette.

"Want one?" he asked.

I'd never had a real taste for tobacco, but over the past few centuries I had smoked countless pipes,
cigarettes and cigars while awaiting battle with comrades in arms.

"Sure," I said, taking one from pack before he lit it for me. "I would make a 'You know these
things will kill you' joke, but its not true in our case and I'm sure you've already gotten your share
of them."

"Yeah I told Faith the same thing awhile back."

"Did you two know?" I asked.

"No but she and Wood did. Would have served him right if she had snapped him in two in the
throes of passion. Its just my bloody luck to be hunted down by the families of the two Slayers I

"I'll make sure the Chinese family gets the message to back off from you," I said.

"Thanks mate, but I have the feeling that won't be necessary," he said as he stubbed out his cigarette
and went back inside.

I didn't say a word as I walked downs the halls of the high school and got the assignment to cover
the North Hall with Anya and Andrew. I didn't think much of our chances of making it out alive. I
had coaxed a few grudging training sessions out of them and knew they were the two weakest of the
whole group. I retrieved my weapon from the cache and did some warm-up exercises as Anya and
Andrew talked.

I felt better after Anya got fired up thinking about bunnies, but Andrew's "I've got swimmer's ear"
battle cry left much to be desired. My own cry was "Come on, you want me, your going to have to
kill me-A LOT."

The Turok-Han were fast and used weapons, which was something we hadn't seen before. But they
weren't very good with the weapons. I got a rhythm going and decapitated three in a row with my
big axe before one of them got a strike in on my arm. I ducked the follow-up and pushed it away
with the end of the axe and then took it down with a swing to the chest and took its head to finish.

I saw one coming from behind Anya and I rushed towards the ex-demon while taking a passing
swing at the back of another vamp's knees as it was attacking Andrew. I was just in time to block a
downward thrust that would have broken her back, but another vamp stabbed me in the side. I kept
the vamp busy by grabbing the blade with both hands and Anya turned it to dust with a stake
through the back and to the heart. Then it was over.

Anya and Andrew helped me get to the bus and put me in a seat near the front. Faith was the last
one on to board.

"Where is Buffy? Giles asked in a hushed tone.

"Talking with Spike. I don't know if she's coming," Faith answered.

"We got a world of hurt coming down on us," said Robin as he clutched his wounds in the driver's

"She would be here by now if she was coming. Drive," said Giles with an ashen look on his face.

The bus was silent as we pulled away from the school and zoomed through town. I turned back to
look at Dawn who was gazing out the back window. I wondered what it must be like for her to lose
Buffy again. Then I heard a thump on the roof and Dawn got up in her seat. My heart soared when
I realized it must be Buffy.

I just sat in my seat for a minute after the bus stopped. Then I got up to go take a look at the
destruction we had left in our wake. As I passed his seat, Andrew said to himself, "Why didn't I

"Because Anya and I decided that using you as a human shield wasn't an effective tactic," I said as I
mussed up his hair.

As I limped towards where Buffy and the others were standing, Anya took my by the shoulders and
said, "You were incredible. You saved my life." She gave me a peck on the cheek and walked
towards the others. Xander looked my way and nodded his head in thanks.

I had seen some impressive ruins in my time, but Sunnydale took the cake. The green "Welcome to
Sunnydale" sign fell into the abyss and somehow that made me think of Spike. I was still thinking
of him when Dawn asked, "What are we going to do now?" I had no idea, but sadly I knew one
thing I wouldn't have to do.


Several days after my return from the African recruiting trip with Xander and Rona, I was striding
past a flustered secretary and into a Mr. Chang's office.

"Well Lange, did you decide to try and collect the balance of your pay after all?" the young Chinese
man asked.

"As a friend of mine would say, 'you can bugger your pay," I said as I reached over his desk and
grasped his tie and pulled him towards me. "I know your putting together another snatch team. I'm
here to warn you."

"Warn me of what?" he gasped.

"Warn you that if Spike or I die or disappear, then you'll have at least one pissed off Slayer and the
full resources of Wolfram and Hart after you."

"Why are you protecting the vampire?"

"Because he has a soul now and he played in big part in saving the world awhile back," I said as I
released my grip and he feel back into his cushioned chair. "But mostly because he was a guy in the
foxhole with me, even if it did turn out to be a really big foxhole."

Author's Notes

The inspiration for this story came after I ran across a Casca timeline on the Wold Newton
Chronology Central webpage as I was doing research for a Tarzan Drabble I was writting. Reading
the Casca timeline brought back pleasant memories from the Casca books I had read when I was
younger. I began to think that having Casca interact with the Scoobys would be an interesting
experience. Originally I meant to have the story end soon after "Showtime," but I got to thinking
that if Casca was going to be around for the final battle in "Chosen," then there would be a good
chance that he could save Anya.

That appealed to me and then I realized that Casca could also be a character in the "Alien
Apocalypse" storyline I was starting to plot. So essentially that story will be a sequel to this story,
although you won't really have to read this one to understand the next one. "Alien Apocalypse"
will be a crossover with the John Ringo "Legacy of the Alldenata" books which deal with the
invasion of Earth by the Posleen. This story will also have minor crossovers with characters from
the Stargate and Drew Carey tv shows as well as the VisionQuest and American Splendor movies.
It will cover nine years and the material written about in four books, but I hope to put it out on a
regular basis.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Eternally Cursed". This story is complete.

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