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Hostile Takeover

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Summary: Willow is the CEO of her very own software company. She has to deal with a corporate raider who wants to take over. W/Julian Luna

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Television > Kindred: the EmbracedCarolFR1511,595123,05330 Jan 0330 Jan 03Yes
Title: Hostile Takeover
Author: Carol (
Rating: PG 13
Pairings: Willow/Julian Luna
Disclaimer: Willow of BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and associates.
Julian belongs to whoever holds the rights to the television show
Kindred: The Embraced. (Um...White Wolf?) I'm just borrowing these
characters for a while to play with. I promise to put them back when
I'm done.
Buffy spoilers: AU after graduation.
KtE spoilers: None. I’m thinking AU completely
Author Notes: This is in response to Jinni’s Quickie Challenge
for pairing #112.
Dedicated to Jinni who wanted Kindred the Embraced fic to jump start
her muses.

Willow glanced in the mirror. Her makeup was impeccable. Her long

hair was up in a no nonsense bun. She was clad in a navy blue

business suit. It brought out her paleness and her vibrant red

hair. She looked every inch the professional.

She had come a long way from the shy computer hacker in high

school. She no longer resided in Sunnydale. After graduation, she

just didn’t have the heart to stay and fight the forces of

darkness any longer. She had lost her beloved boyfriend, Oz. She

took up her parents’ offer to pay for tuition to M.I.T. She

never looked back and she never regretted the decision.

Now, she was the owner of her very own computer software start-up

company. They were an affiliated subsidiary of Microsoft. Her

company produced software to run in conjunction with all the many

flavors of Microsoft product. It was lucrative and it was her

entire life.

Yes, she had managed to flourish professionally but at the expense

of having no personal life. She spent long hours making her company

the best it could be. She didn’t begrudge time spent hyping or

managing her company. She did miss the creative side of the

business. She missed the problem solving process involved in fixing

buggy code. But she didn’t miss not having time for frivolous

romances with gold diggers or social climbers. She knew that they

were just after what she was worth.

So, she had no life and if this jerk had his way, no company. She

wasn’t going to sit idly by and let some corporate raider destroy

all that she had built. This wasn’t just a company. It was her

baby. If she lost this, then what did she have to show for? And

what about her employees? They were the closest thing she had to a

family. She barely spoke with her ever-busy parents.

She put on her resolve face. Her company was not going to be

another statistic. Not if she had anything to do with it. Julian

Luna can take his offer and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

She was fully prepared to tell off the reclusive Mr. Luna until she

got a good look at him. He was handsome. His short black hair was

slicked back to draw attention to his striking features. Dark brown

eyes stared at her as if looking into her very soul. He exuded an

aura of power and absolute control. Commanding presence just

didn’t seem to do him justice. Willow guessed that this was what

ever they had in mind when the word charisma had been coined.

Willow was surprised that he would come out of his big mansion to

come to this meeting. Maybe it had something to do with the trouble

that Willow was causing for Mr. Luna’s lawyers. She was making

this takeover as painful as possible. She pulled out every trick in

the book to delay. She was not going quietly into the night.

Julian stood as the C.E.O. of Rosenberg Software entered the

conference room. He knew that the president was a woman and a

difficult one at that. He had not been informed of her pixie like

beauty. She was a petite firecracker that was giving his

acquisitions department fits. He had come to this meeting

personally to oversee the matter. Maybe his old school charm would

be able to smooth over any difficulties.

Willow approached Julian to give him a piece of her mind but

faltered as he took her hand and placed a chaste kiss upon her

knuckles. “It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance,

Ms. Rosenberg. I’m Julian Luna.”


Thus their relationship began. He had started it in the hopes of

charming her out of her company. He failed in that mission but

gained a more valuable prize. He gained her adoration and her love.

He wined her and dined her. She wasn’t easily swayed. She was a

challenge. She brought a breath of fresh air into a long and dreary

life. She was absolutely perfect for being an addition to the clan

and hopefully his life.

Yes, Julian was considering making her a Ventrue. She epitomized

the values that the clan held in high esteem. She was computer

savvy which would be beneficial to improving the clan’s holdings.

But how to bring that up into conversation. Well, if she refused

then he would use the powers of mental manipulation at his

fingertips. He would wipe the memory and replace it with something

less harmful to the Kindred community.


Willow hoped that tonight would be the night that Julian would take

things a step further. He was a gentleman and didn’t push the

physical side which was very sad really. Willow was raring to go

and wanted an escalation in physical activities. She wanted to know

what lurked under that very prim and proper immaculately tailored

business suit. But she didn’t want to scare him off. She had

finally gotten a life and it was with him. She didn’t want

things to end. Not if she could help it.

She dressed with care for the evening out. They were going to the

opera. He did enjoy taking her to cultural outings. She would be

wearing forest green velvet formal for the outing. She hoped he

would like it. He loved seeing her in green. He said it brought

out the emeralds in her eyes. She hoped that the velvet would be a

lure to get him to touch her and maybe something more. It was

devious of her but she liked it.


Willow sat back in the comfort of the limousine. Julian sat down

beside her and offered her some champagne. She gave a smile and

took the flute. He placed the bottle back in the ice and turned to

her. She was sipping the champagne and looking out the window of

the car onto the darkened streets of San Francisco.

“Willow I have something that I would like to discuss with you.

It is regarding our future.”

Willow almost choked on the champagne. It went down the wrong way

and she had a fit of coughing before she recovered. Julian smiled

as he patted her back.

Willow blushed. “Um…sorry for the coughing. You took me by

surprise there. What would you like to talk about?”

Julian took her hand and looked down. He was trying to find the

correct phrasing so not to startle her too much. He took a deep

breath and looked into her lovely green eyes. “Willow, how do

you feel about eternity?”


Willow fondly remembered that night. It was almost comedic in

nature. Willow thought he meant marriage when he was talking about

embracing her. She naturally freaked when he revealed his true

nature. She thought she had gotten away from the supernatural. She

was wrong.

He tried his whammy but it didn’t work. Willow had seen too much

from living on the hell mouth and helping a slayer. She knew that

vampires existed and nothing he could do would change that fact.

She just didn’t know that there were two kinds. When she asked

to see his game face, he understood that she thought his was of the

demon kind and not kindred. She had never known any kindred to her


When he calmly explained the differences, she settled down. She had

to think about it. She swore that she would tell no one. Who would

believe her? She had lived in Sunnydale. She knew the ingenuity of

a human populace determined to not see anything out of the norm.

He had her watched carefully. He couldn’t let her break the

masquerade. He was the prince of San Francisco and he had to

enforce the law. He would be sad to order her death but it was

necessary. Luckily, she consented. She wanted a long life to do

what she just didn’t seem to have time for at the present. She

never regretted her decision.


So, here she lay on silk sheets waiting for her lover, her sire, her

prince. He was a passionate soul. He showed her the wonders of the

world. She was so thankful. Her eyes had been opened to what the

real joys of life were. Funny that she had to die to understand

that. But that death was only temporary, when she awoke she was

kindred and of the clan Ventrue.

Julian strolled into the master bedroom. He took in her naked form

as she lay nestled in the pillows. She graced him with a come-

hither smile. He grinned and quickly removed his clothes to join

his favorite childer. She brought a vibrant energy to his old

life. She renewed him. He had regained love that he thought he

would never have again.

“Were you waiting long my lovely Willow?”

She shyly smiled up at him as he lay down next to her. She reached

up and kissed him softly on the lips. “Not long my dashing

Prince. Not long at all.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Hostile Takeover". This story is complete.

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