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Of All the Places...

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Summary: HP: Thanks to a quirky idea of Dumbledore’s, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Professor Snape find themselves attending classes at a Muggle high school.

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Of All the Places...

Disclaimer: Not mine. All things Buffy belong to Joss Whedon & Co, as all things Potter belong to J.K. Rowling, etc.

Summary: HP: Thanks to a quirky idea of Dumbledore’s, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Professor Snape find themselves in Canada, attending classes at a Muggle high school.

BtvS: After Giles secures a training facility for all the new slayers, The gang find themselves uprooting and moving to Canada. While Buffy must stay at the training facilities in a remote region, she sends Dawn and Xander to live down on the Coast along with Faith, who has the job of patrolling the City and surrounding area.

Spoilers: The end of Buffy, and Order of the Phoenix for Harry.

Rating: PG-13

Author’s Note: I, as I’ve had the displeasure of noting on many occasions, am an Idiot. Yes, capital I. With this fic, I make my first foray into the realm of fanfiction. Of course I didn’t pick something easy, I’ve picked a crossover! I’ve got two universes to do justice. But I digress… I’ve written this story because I’ve noticed a distinct lack of Canada in fan fiction. So here we are! The high school in question does, in fact, exist. I went to this blasted school for 5 years, and I both hated it and loved it dearly. I’ve altered the actual names of the teachers, but they are all based on real people. Oh, and just incase you don’t figure it out, the Harry Potter books don’t exist in this universe.

Timeline: This takes place the autumn after ‘Chosen’, and 6th year for the Hogwarts gang. Also, this is an AU fic for Harry. Changes from OotP: No Prophecy, Dumbledore killed Voldemort at the Ministry of Magic. Oh, and Sirius wasn't killed. I don't wanna deal with angsty Harry.

Pairings: Dawn/Harry and Ron/Hermione. I’ll add more once I’ve decided upon them.


Prologue: You’re Sending Us Where?!

Dumbledore observed the expressions on the faces of the three teens standing in front of his desk with no small amusement. He reclined himself in his chair while he sat in the late July sun and waited for the shock of his statement to wear off. In the weeks after he had killed Voldemort, Dumbledore had been rather withdrawn, deeply regretful over his old student’s death. He had always regretted not being able to keep Tom from succumbing to dark magic. To get himself out of his slump, he had concocted this little scheme. And, since the danger of the Dark Lord seemed to have passed, he got to have his fun.

He looked over the faces of his students. They all had general expressions of shock, but each had different emotions mixed in. Hermione’s face showed bewilderment and a bit of excitement, while Harry’s held a look of anticipation and eagerness. When the Headmaster’s gaze swept over Ron’s face, he had to fight to keep from chuckling, as the redhead’s face showed sheer terror. Finally, Harry’s voice pulled him back to attention.

“So you’re sending us to…”

“Canada, yes.”

“Huh. Might I ask why, sir?”

“Because, Harry, I believe it will be a profound experience from which you will all learn greatly. Plus, it should be fun.” The last sentence he said with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes that made all three kids nervous.

“Headmaster,” began Hermione, “what about our studies?”

“Ah yes, I thought you might bring that up. You three are all exceptionally bright students. Yes, even you Ron.” He said with a grin at the tall boy. “I have faith that if you all submit to a small amount of reading throughout the year, you will be ready to join the rest of your classmates next term for your seventh year.”

“We get to skip a year?” Ron said excitedly, causing Harry to grin, and Hermione to frown.

“Essentially, yes.”

“Professor, let me get this straight. You have decided to send Ron, Hermione and myself alone to Canada to study in a Muggle high school for a term?”

“Heavens, no. Professor Snape will be accompanying you.

“SNAPE?!” This came from both Harry and Ron.

“Professor Snape. I do realize that you three may not enjoy his company so much, but I assure you, he was the most logical choice.”

“How so, professor?” said Hermione

“Simple, dear child, the school you will be attending had an opening for a chemistry teacher. Now we must get down to business. I have arranged for a house for you lot, and you have been enrolled in the school as exchange students. Before I send you off, we must get you sufficiently familiarized with the material that you would have covered to date in a Muggle school. Also we must educate Ron, here, in the ways of Muggles.”

He watched as the three youths absorbed what had just been discussed. ‘Oh yes,’ he thought, ‘this is going to be very interesting indeed.’

“Oh! One more thing. We must teach you how to drive an automobile!”


Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean, in Cleveland…


“Calm down Dawn”

“Calm down? You just drop this on me and you expect me to calm down?”

Buffy Summers watched her sister with a touch of sadness. She hated to have to uproot and move, but it was their only choice. They’d been living in a low-rent apartment in Cleveland for the last few months. They’d originally gone there to check out the possibility of another Hellmouth, but that had turned out to be only been a rumor. So they’d waited there while Giles and Xander had gone first to England to raid the Watcher’s Council bank accounts, then to find someplace where they could train the myriad of new slayers that had been created in May. Giles had called her that morning and told her that he’d found a place to train all the new slayers. It was the best he could find, as it was relatively inexpensive. They hadn’t yet found all the Watchers Council’s money, and couldn’t afford to build their own facility.

“Dawn, this is hard on me too. I hate having to move, but I have no choice. Giles found a place that works, so we go.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” said Dawn “But why Canada?”

“What’s wrong with Canada?” asked Willow, who had just entered the apartment.

“I dunno. It’s cold?”

Willow laughed lightly before going on, “Not where we’re going. B.C., uh, British Columbia is the westernmost province in Canada. The ‘Slayer School’ is in the Okanagan valley, a couple hours outside of the city of Vancouver. It can get pretty toasty in the summer, just about as hot as back in Sunnydale. In the winter, yes, it does get kinda cold and it does snow… and I am the biggest nerd ever.”

Buffy and Dawn both laughed at Willow’s last comment. Willow had been doing a lot more reading ever since Kennedy left her to go hunt demons in Europe. Willow had only been a bit sad at first, actually getting over it fairly quickly, but everyone could tell she missed having a girlfriend.

“You, Dawn, will be finishing school before you join us out there though.” Said Buffy.


“Will, you wanna give her the four-one-one?”

“Dawn, you’ll be going to school in a town called White Rock, which is by the ocean. When Giles was getting the Slayer School, Xander bought a house for you, him, and Faith. With the Council’s money of course.” She added with a wink.

“Why can’t I go to school closer to you guys?”

“’Cause apparently the schools are better where you’ll be, and because I want you to be able to finish high school without slayers running around. Don’t worry Dawnie, It’s not that long of a drive on weekends.” Said Buffy.

Dawn let out a huff before slouching back on the sofa.

“Fine,” she said resignedly, “when do we go?”

*End Part*
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