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A Knight's Night

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Summary: A Quake crossover, for Halloween.

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Games > Horror > Doom / QuakeAlanPFR71957021,6348 May 048 May 04Yes
Summary: Guess.

Crossover: Quake

Disclaimer: I own naught. Heck, I don't even come up with these things.

Feedback: Please!

Pre-fic Comments:

In the finest tradition of Simone.

= = =

Xander picked up the long sword, painted with splashes of fake blood.
The weight of it indicated that it was made of steel, and not plastic.
The fake blade was simple in design, indicating function over
appearance. "Cool!"

The shopkeeper approached him, smiling. "If you're after a matching suit
of armour, we have a special on them today. Three dollars for a complete
suit with fake chainmail, dependant on an unblemished return."

"Really?," Xander asked. "Utter shades of neat... which order of Knights
is it from?"

"Not the Knights Templar, or the Round Table," the thin shopkeeper said.
He guided Xander to a suit of armour on a stand. It was designed for a
tall, thin person, unadorned with spikes or any decorations, and the
shoulder guards were painted red with fake blood. "The Hellknights."

Okay, this officially got his stamp of approval for the night. The whole
Highlander sword thing, combined with The Shadow's using the darkness to
fight it thing.

"So that was five bucks for the lot?," Xander asked, wanting to be sure.

* * *

The Knight looked around. Weird... the castle was not anywhere near him.
One moment he had been patrolling, the next he was in some strange land.
Perhaps one of the Dimensional Shamblers had reassigned him to another
area. Clearly, more observation was needed. The Knight decided to watch
for awhile, not blindly charging in. He sheathed his sword in it's
scabbard on his back, the point of it around his knees and it's hilt
around his neck.

"Sir! Sir Knight!," a female voice called out, almost like one of the
maidens he had protected before his Lord had given his Order to a Hell
Lord for power. The Knight missed those days.

"Milady?," he asked. "What dost thou require, madam?"

"Sir Knight, protect me from these low peasants and creatures!," the
lady ordered. While she was slightly overbearing, she was not snotty in
the least to a knight, who was clearly of noble blood.

The Knight bowed in accordance. "Might I suggest we find a safer haven,

The Lady nodded firmly. "Yes, so I might send a missage to my father. He
will be most vexed with my abduction."

* * *

The Knight glared at the vampire. Stupid shambling undead thing, barely
a step above the rotting zombies!

"Degenerate fool! Scaring our Lady like that! Ignorant peasant! Come, we
must find her anew!"

Angel blushed. The Knight had a point, he shouldn't have scared Buffy
like that. It wasn't her fault that she had the mentality of an easily
frightened noble lady.

* * *

They caught up with her in a dark, dirty alley. A pirate was about to
attempt to rape her, so the Knight hit the cur in the head with his
steel covered fist.

"Sir Knight," the Lady gushed, "thank you for saving myself and my
virtue! You shall not find my father to be a stingy man when he rewards

The Knight smiled, slightly, under his tall helm. He let the blood dry
on his gauntlet to clean later. "May I suggest we retreat to a more
defensible location?"

The Lady nodded firmly. "Yes, Sir Knight. Lead on."

Now that the Knight had returned, she had no fear of the vampire. The
Knight would defend her.

* * *

The Knight was getting confused.

It had been two hours, at least, and no Shamblers, no Ogres, no Death
Knights had come to relieve him or give him his orders.


Perhaps he had been discharged from his grisly duty? In the absence of
any proof otherwards, he would act as his code of honour dictated.
Before, he had been forced to soil his honour due to his orders from his
sworn liege.

"You can't kill the little monsters!," a lowborn prostitute in clinging
clothes gasped, catching up with them. "They're little kids, changed
into their costumes!"

The Knight groaned. Sometimes, honour could be a pain. So he settled for
kicking the little fiends in the head as a horde rushed them, scaring
them back with his longsword, and whipping them across the head with the
pommel of the blade.

"Look at you, Slayer," an unfamiliar voice called out, in an accent that
he couldn't place. "Terrified. Shaking. Lost little lamb."

The Knight's head whipped up from the melee, seeing the black clad
vampire menacing the Lady. He commanded the lady's vampire servant to
hold off the smaller demons, while he engaged the blonde vampire.

Ripping the thin corpse from the Lady with a chainmaille'd fist, he
threw the dog to the ground as he grasped his longsword in both hands.

"You will suffer for menacing my Lady, and daring to lay hands upon her
person," the Knight said.

"Ooo, I'm scared," Spike taunted.

The Knight decided to let his actions speak for him, and attacked the
vampire with a powerful slash. The vampire didn't manage to duck in
time, and a thick gash was scored along his left arm and upper torso.

Unfortunately, the wretched coward decided to run in dishonour, rather
than face the Knight.


A ripple ran over them, and the longsword lost it's edge, and most of
the patina of blood lost it's shimmer.

"Xander?," Buffy asked weakly.

* * *

Post-fic Comments:

I had to invent backstory for the Knights in Quake. In effect, the
Knight was caught between his sworn duty to his liege (who gave him and
his order to a Hell Lord, so he *had* to obey the demons) and his

If enough people nag me, this might go past a drabble. It's not very
likely, though. I've got enough on the go. I had fun googling about
armour, though, and going through

The End

You have reached the end of "A Knight's Night". This story is complete.

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