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A Different World

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Summary: After jumping through the portal Buffy didn't end up in heaven, but in another world.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapenightowlfpFR1543,02601611,4599 May 0420 Sep 07No


Chapter 1

They saw her rush Buffy, and before anyone knew it they were both falling off the tower. And into the portal
of pain as they know that no good can from it. Demons were escaping and they knew that they should try and stop them,
kill them, something, but they were too caught up in their grief.

Then they heard screams, the last screams of what some would call the last battle cry of a fighter before their
death. They could see their savior, and to them she looked liked an angel surrounded by light. The portal was starting
to get smaller and smaller and it seemed that the slayer and hell god just kept falling and falling. Then the portal is gone
and there is no sign of either of the blondes.

"Giles, Giles where is Buffy? Shouldn't her body be here? What happened?" Dawn asks in a voice that
conveys her panic of Buffy not having the peace she deserves.

"I don't know Dawn. Maybe the portal somehow pulled her body in with glory," Giles replies in a weary
voice. Everyone could see tiredness in his face.

"Do you think she went to hea...heav.....heaven?" Willow asks and no one could deny the hopeful
look in her eyes.

"Of....of cou...course she did, sweetie. She was full of life, she......she wouldn't end end up anywhere else," Tara
says and everyone agreed with her thinking that she finally got her peace.

"Always knew she'd die a fighter, doing what she does best," Spike can't help but say in a soft voice that no
one has ever heard from him and they can't help but see how much he really did love their fallen friend.

They all whispered their final thanks and good bye to their friend and savior.

Two days later.....

They all sat around the dining-room table. Trying to figure out what they were going to do about letting
everyone know of her death. None could bring themselves to say that she died out loud, but somehow they had let the
people that loved her know about it. They have decided to have a ceremony so people could have their chance to say
good-bye. It would be held in a couple of days. So now they sat their knowing they should start preparing for the
ceremony, but not having enough energy.

"We...well we should start I suppose," Giles finally breaks the silence in a soft voice. "Willow, Tara could
you two take of the decorations?"

"Yea, we can do that," Willow says in a strained voice, and Tara holds her hand in support and nods also.

"Good, good. Xander, Anya why don't you two take care of the food?"

"Sure thing G-man," Xander says quiet, and Anya can't help but wonder if Buffy's death had finally broken
him after all.

"What do you want me to do? What about Spike? What...." Dawns voice breaks and she can't finish.

"Dawn, why don't you get me your address book and I will call your family and I will let them know?" Dawn
smiles a painfully sad smile and gets the address book from the counter and hands it to him. "As for Spike.......Why
don't you go down to the basement and let him know of our pans, and I will make sure he will be able to attend."

Dawn can't help but feel grateful that Spike will be there because she knows that he did truly love Buffy and
loves her like a sister.

After the ceremony.....

Dawn felt like she was drowning, halfway through the ceremony Spike took her away from everyone to give
her the space she needed. She was grateful he did that. They had met with lawyers the day before and was surprised to
say that Buffy had all left them a good-bye not. But what surprised them most was what the lawyer told them. That
Giles was to move in with Dawn and Spike to look after her, and that Spike was to look after her because he was her

Now they all stood over her grave saying good-bye once again and saying they would keep their promise to
look out for each other and that they would always be together.

"Good-bye, Buffy," was all that was said before they all left her there to rest in peace. But little did they know
that this isn't where the story of her life ended, no it continued in another world.
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