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A Different World

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Summary: After jumping through the portal Buffy didn't end up in heaven, but in another world.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapenightowlfpFR1543,02601611,4599 May 0420 Sep 07No


Chapter 2

Buffy caught just a glance of her friends below. Barely long enough to see their sorrow, but she knew that
they would be safe they had to be. Even has the pain spread throughout her body she knew that they will honour her by
moving on. By living the life that she wanted for them.

Now all she feels is the pain that this portal is causing her. Can hear the screams for pity, surrender, and
their cries of help, but she cannot save them. Not from this. It's slowly pulling away her energy. It seems to her that the
more she fights it the more painful it gets. She doesn't know weather to keep fighting it, surrender to it, or embrace it.

She is getting too tired to fight this pain. Never has she felt this kind of ..........painful sadness is what you could
call it, I guess. But she isn't the surrendering type, so she embraces it. Now it seems ....well its the pain she
fought against is healing her wounds. She is confused, wondering what is happening to her. Little does she know her
death is further from her than she thinks. Death will not claim her this day.

Glory was expecting the pain, but for her it was joy. Pain is happiness to her, more specifically others pain is
her happiness. But she is also surprised by the .......... harshness of it all. Did not know what to make of the little needles
it seemed that was poking at her skin. She embraced it, not knowing why she is feeling it only knowing this was the way
home. And home she must return. She refuses to live within the body of a mortal and die within that boy. She will show
her brother and sister, they will pay. Now she wonders how much longer till she is within her home land.

There were people gathering around, about to discuss their success. Then there is a portal opening above, with
the most light they had ever seen. Then from it dropped a sword, and after that two blond women. They all just stared
frozen in their shock. No one dared to speak, as though under some sort of spell. Then the women started to awake, and
then it began.

"uggggh" Buffy moaned. Starting to awake, almost forgetting what happened, but she will never forget it.
She sees that Glory is also awake and jumps to her feet, surprising the people there.

"Well, well, well," Glory draws out the words for affect. "Awe, is the little slayer all worn out?" she asks a
little too sweetly. "Well then I guess I will just have to kill you quickly now. Won't I?"

"Never Glory, I will never be too tired to fight you," She says her name with disgust. "Now are we going to
fight or talk about how trashy you look?"

"Why you little bitch! How dare you this is a..." she never finished because Buffy smashed her fist into her
face. "Fine you want to fight then we'll fight little girl."

And that is how they went on for hours it seemed. Throwing and blocking punches, kicks, and even slaps.
Then something catches Buffy's eye, it was the sword. She manages to get to the sword.

"Hey! That’s no fair!" Glory shouts.

"Who said anything about being fair?" Buffy retorts.

Glory tried to stay away from the sword and trying to remove it at the same time, but to no avail. Then Buffy
manages to cut Glory's arm, stunning her for a moment, and finally stabs her in the heart. Glory being a god was turned
into stone. Buffy watches in shock as little by little she turns to stone then walks up to it and demolishes it then and there.

It was then that someone cleared their throat. She spins holding up the sword again in case of an attack, but
instead she found were people who were no threat, she could feel the light within them. She looks confused for a minute
and then understandment comes across her face. She must be in another world, but she knows that she cannot return
home. But when she speaks her voice sounds just like bewilderment that she feels,

"What the.....huh?" she asks more to herself than others.

AN: I still a little unsure as to whom she is going to be paired with but I’m thinking it will be with Snape. 'Cause those are
just fun to read lol. R & R :)
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