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A Different World

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Summary: After jumping through the portal Buffy didn't end up in heaven, but in another world.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapenightowlfpFR1543,02601611,4559 May 0420 Sep 07No

Her Gift

Her Gift

Disclaimer: I own nothing sadly and am only borrowing the characters for my own amusement.

Summery: After jumping through the portal Buffy didn't end up in heaven, but in another world.

Reviews: Yes, tell me if you like it or hate it. This is my first story so I want to know what you think of it. ** means that, that person is thinking it



She sets Dawn free of her ropes and starts to move them away from the edge of the tower. Then Dawn looks

back and sees the demons coming from the portal that is starting to open and knows she has to jump to stop all the pain

and suffering that is sure to come with it. So she turns to start to run and jump from the tower into the portal of pain, but

her sister stops her by putting her hand on her sister’s arm and asking,

"What....what are you doing?" She asks in a shaking voice.

"I...Buffy I have to the portal....its opening. Only my blood will stop it you know that...I love you." She

explains also with a shaking voice and tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

Buffy stares at her and suddenly she understands it. Memory flashes of the monk telling her that Dawn was

made of her, of Spike saying it’s always blood, and of her spirit guide saying death is her gift. Now she knew she

misunderstood that message from the beginning. Death wasn't her gift to, it's her final gift to her friends,

sister, and to the world. Uderstandment fills her face and Dawn sees it and begins,

"Buffy, you can't," she begins, but her sister interrupts.

"Dawn I...I have to. This is the work I do. Tell Giles....tell Giles that I finally got it; he'll know what I mean.

Give my love to my friends. You have to look out for each other now. Dawn, the hardest thing in this world is to live in it.

Be brave. Live. For me."

"Awe, now isn't that just the sweetest thing. Sacrificing yourself to save poor little sis." Glory says wiping

away a fake tear and also breaking up their final good bye.

"Glory!?!," Dawn and Buffy both shout at the same time.

"Well yea." Then takes in their shocked expressions. "What you think that small stunt could keep me down.

Think again honey," she then proceeds to hit Buffy across the face, knocking her down on the thin walk way. "Now if

you will excuse me I have a nice home waiting for me."

"Dawn leave now," she grounds out*she is not going to lay a hand on my sister*. Dawn leaves quickly with

tears running down her face. With one quick glance back at her sister, knowing this will most likely be last time she sees

her alive. She manages to past the Hell God because her attention is now going through that portal. "Your not going

anywhere Glory," Buffy says has she gets up to stand between Glory and the portal that is suppose to take her to her


"Well isn't that just so .....Sweet," she spits the word out as though its poison. "You think you can defeat me.

Give it your best shot honey."

"Oh I will," Buffy says her voice hardening. "And guess what you will lose," she grounds out before the

fighting starts.


Meanwhile on the ground...

Dawn makes it to the bottom and looks upon their faces with such sadness. As soon as they discover she is

loaded with questions, questions she doesn't want to answer.

"What happened?"

"Where is Buffy?"

"Are you okay?"

She then explains to them what happened, what is still happening up on the tower. Give them her message.

Their faces go from the shock that she is about to die, to sorrow that it is too late to stop her, to understanding why she

is doing it. All of them knew that even as they looked upon the tower of the fighting figures that this was her last fight

and none could stop the flow of tears that came. Then it started to rain, as though the heavens knew they were about to

lose one of their most valuable fighters of the light.


Back upon the tower.....

Glory throws a punch, only to be blocked. Buffy grabs that hand twist it making Glory bend down on her

knees from the small pain. She is still weak from their earlier fight making it a fairer fight for them. Suddenly Glory

shouts out,

"You bitch, you broke my nail." *Bitch thinks she can defeat me, well I'll show her*Manages to get up and

backhands her getting her to fall once again on the towers thin walk way. Only this time it’s right on the edge. Glory

examines her nail, not noticing that Buffy had gotten up from her fall until she spoke.

"Yeah, well better me being a bitch than looking like you. Who by the way could only be called the God of a

fashion disaster," she replies sweetly.

"Oh, you bitch! dare you?" She manages to get out before she rushes her. When she hits her it

knocks both of them into the portal because the rain had made it more slippery. They scream a silent scream. Glory for

the unexpectedness of it, and Buffy from the unexpected pain.

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