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Mug Me

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Summary: Connor is sent back to 1863. Xover w/Gangs of New York

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Movies > Gangs of New YorkLynZFR1317450194010 May 0410 May 04Yes
Pairings: Connor/Jenny

Summary: Connor is sent to New York, in 1863. Crossover with Gangs of New York. Before Amsterdam showed up.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters in this story. I don’t even own the watch.

Rating: PG- tiny bit of violence

Spoilers: Minor Gang , but major spoilers for Angel. Mostly season 4.

A/N: Thanks Sally, my beta, who forced me to finish this small fic. Luckily no one was harmed...

Mug Me

I am Connor, the Butcher’s Turtledove. My job is to go into houses, pretend I’m a servant of some rich, fat guy and steal as much of his stuff as I can carry. That’s how guys like me make a living. There is a major lesson from this form of thievery: Never look back or feel guilty about it. If you stole a locket from a lady, she can buy another. If you take a gun from a rack, it would be replaced the next day. The people who owned the stuff deserved it. They never shared or cared for their fellow citizens. Did they fight any wars? No. Did they participate in stopping Five Point’s crimes? No. They could rot for all I care. A true American would die for his country. That’s what Bill always taught me.

Bill is a father to me. A lot better than that no good vampire. I can still remember the last time I saw him perfectly. Cordelia was in a coma and Jasmine was dead. The only two people I actually believed when they told me they loved me. My lover and my child. I knew what I had to do to be together again. To be a family. Cordelia and I would have to join Jasmine. Dead. Angel figured it all out though. I had the detonator in my hand and was going to kill Cordelia, myself, and everyone in the sports store. Maybe we would have felt happiness again, if we were all dead. Long story short, we fought and I lost. He lied to me. He told me he loved me and he’d prove it. Then he slashed my throat. I didn’t feel it though. There was a white light and I ended up here. In Five Points, New York. In 1863.

When I first got here someone tried to mug me. He ended up with a broken hand and nose. Bill heard about it and soon I started working for him.

Today was a good day. With a beautiful, golden watch in my jacket I was walking down the street, towards the Butcher. He’d be pleased with all the things I looted.

There was a tapping on my shoulder.

“Sir, may I please have the time?” I turned around and looked into the face of Jenny. Beautiful Jenny, another Turtledove.

Her red hair reminded me of a witch I once met. Named after a tree, well, I can’t remember it right now.

“Ah, Jenny. I know your tricks, but you are not going to rob me today,” I said, shocking myself when I almost winked.

She raised her hands so I could see. “I could never cop you Connor,” she purred.

“Oh yeah, then why are you wearing my watch?” I demanded, pointing to the gold on her wrist.

Jenny’s eyes widened and she briskly walked away from me. I followed her as she walked into a little cave, that was near an under-developed church.

I walked into an area that resembled a bedroom. It had a bed. It also had skulls on the walls and brown dirt on the floor. But no Jenny.

“Come any closer and I’ll shoot. Go away,” she said. The redhead was behind me holding a small pistol.

“Just give me my watch.”

“You’ll have to pry it from my hands,” she challenged.

“I’m not going to hurt you Jenny,” I started to plea, “that’s not my watch, Bill will have my head on a platter if I don’t give it to him.”

“That’s your problem,” Jenny commented.

I quickly spin-kicked the gun out of her hands and grabbed her shoulders.

“Give me the-” she suddenly kicked my leg so I tackled her onto the bed. Jenny started to scratch me or do whatever she could so I could let her go.

“Watch.” She stopped wiggling and trying to get me to let go. Instead she looked at me funny. Like Cordelia did. Before Jasmine.

Then she kissed me.

I remember walking out of the cave, forgetting all about the watch, which Bill forgotten about too. Forgetting that Jenny might have done that because she knew I’d forget about the watch. I knew that wasn’t true. She looked at me in a way that people who love each other should. All I could think about was, oddly, my father. For sending me here, with Jenny, I realized that he did prove his love to me.


The End

You have reached the end of "Mug Me". This story is complete.

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