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Summary: Faith and Willow discover another kind of vampires when they land in the middle of a war between the actual leaders of Montreal city and a pack of rogue vampires. But the rabbit hole goes much deeper than they thought...

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Games > Horror > World of DarknessSerenaFR1878,148054,57131 Jan 0329 Oct 03No

One Cript this Way

disclaimer : I don't own Faith and Willow neither the clans of
Changeling and Vampire. The original characters belongs to me as well
as the plot. Nothing else so don't sue.


~One Cript This Way~

“Héloïse! What are you doing here?”

The beautiful woman turned around when she heard her name. She smiled brightly when she saw Willow rushing toward her. “Willow! I’m so glad to see you! You look wonderful!”

The redhead blushed… well, as much as a vampire can blush. “You didn’t answer me. What are you doing in Montreal? I though you went back to Berlin.”

“I did. I’ll have to tell you a story some time. Now, I live in Chigago with the master.” She looked around her, seeing if anyone was listening in their conversation. “I’ve found Agneshka,” she whispered.

The redhead’s eyebrow shot up. “Really? I though she was dead.”

“She is, but is not. She’s in my head.” Héloïse giggled madly, then bounced away, hopping up the stairs to Sebastian’s office.

Willow sighed. She truly liked the girl. Unfortunatly, she was quite mad. Héloïse was a cellist in Germany just before the second war. She was turned by some Malkavian at the insistance of Agneshka, a Daughter of Cacophony. The pretty vampire had been killed by a Ventrue in New York. Possessed by rage, the lovely Malkavian with violet eyes and raven hair left to find the killer hiding in Berlin. Apparently, he had been delt with. In a sense, Héloïse’s story was quite sad. Her parents hadn’t love her, her clan doesn’t love her because of her renegade sire that she never saw after being embraced and her soulmate had been killed because of her. It didn’t help the matter that she had one of the most disturbing mental illness Malkavians could have.

Still smiling, the Tremere left the entryway and went up to Faith’s room. “Faith, we might have to leave soon. Prepare yourself.”

“Why’s that Red?”

“I doubt Sebastian will let Héloïse go alone wake up a four centuries old Toreador.”

The brunette sat up suddenly. “Héloïse’s here? When did she get back from Berlin?”

“A couple of weeks ago, I think. She lives in Chicago with the master.”

Faith winced. “I don’t know how she can stand that guy. He gives me the creep. Fucking old Lassombra,” she muttered.

“She probably likes it there since he’s as allergic to light as she is. I don’t kow how she can stand to always wear sunglasses. I think I’d go mad… which she is. By the way, remind me to ask her what she meant by having Agneshka in her head. That didn’t make any sense.”

The Gangrel laughed. “Since when does anything the Malkavians say has to make sense? Come on Red. Lets get out of this house for a while.” The two left the room and were quite surprised to see the small black haired girl waiting for them in the hall. “Waiting for us?”

The Malkavian nodded and motioned them to follow her. A black car was waiting outside for them, Sebastian’s own driver holding the door open for them. “Wow!” Willow exclaimed. “He sure gives the top!”

Faith sneered. “Like you haven’t had the chance to go in a limo or BMW since you got turned. Your sire is rich!”

The redhead stuck her tongue out. “You’re just jealous because I’m Tremere and you’re not.”

The brunette laughed. “I’d prefer being feared because I’m wild every day than because my clan has the reputation of double crossing everyone.”

“Very funny,” the redhead said, pouting. Faith just continued laughing. She climbed in the car and seated herself just in front of Héloïse while Willow followed her inside. They left Westmount for Mont-Royal, where was situated the cript of the vampire they needed to wake up. “So, what is it about that guy that makes him special?”

“He was a musketeer before being turned, so he knows a great deal about fighting the good fight. Sebastian warned me though : Cedric de la Rochelle went to sleep after being turned so he doesn’t know anything about the vampire community. The good point is that he doesn’t have the prejudices on other clan that some might have. But he might not like the fact that Montreal is both a french and english city. Also, he might freak out. He’s been asleep for four centuries. Technology is unknown to him.”

“Sounds like fun,” Faith grumbled.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped and the three girls stepped out. An old decrepit crypt stood there. Héloïse marched up and knocked loudly on the door. Nothing. Faith knocked louder. Not a single sound. Losing patience, the reven haired girl pounded on the wooden door, not stopping for one second. Willow and Faith smiled at the Malkavian’s antics and they tried their best to hold on their laugher when they heard someone groaning on the other side of the door. The Toreador had awoken.

The door was opened and Héloïse stopped knocking on it. She gave the man a huge smile. “Hi! I’m Héloïse.” She gave him her hand to shake.

The man just looked at her hand before taking it in his own and bringing it to his mouth, kissing it lightly. “Bonjour! I am Cedric de la Rochelle. It’s a pleasure making your aquaintance, Héloïse,” he said with an heavy french accent. “Please come inside my humble crypt.”

Smirking, Faith and Willow followed the Malkavian inside, seeing the looks Cedric sent Héloïse’s way. His eyes widened when he saw the two other girls. “I am pleased. It’s not every day that I receive such beautiful women in my house.”

Héloïse suddenly turned and glared at the wall beside her. “Sshh! It’s not nice saying things like that.” Faith sighed while Willow rolled her eyes. Their host seemed more confused than anything else. The Malkavian giggled. “We came bearing the message of the city’s Prince. He needs your help.”

“I was not aware that Montreal had royalty.”

Faith chuckled darkly. “Vampire Prince, Ced. The vampiric community has changed alot since you hid away in your crypt.”

“Ah! Then I shall be delighted to meet this vampire Prince.” He picked up his few belongings, which consisted of his clothes, his tunic and his rapier, then left the crypt, following the three girls to… a horseless carriage? “What is that?”

Héloïse frowned. “It’s a car.”

“It doesn’t have any horses.”

Faith smirked. “There are about two hundreds of them inside.” Willow snickered and climbed in, followed by the Malkavian. The brunette gestured toward the car. “After you, Toreador.”

As the car left the graveyard, Cedric asked the question that he had wanted to ask before. “What’s a Toreador?”

The three girls shared a look and Willow sighed. “You never did learn anything about the vampiric world before going to sleep, did you? There are many clans of vampires. Toreador is one. They are mostly artists, but there are some exception : you for example.” With that, she proceeded to describe him the clans and the vampiric politic system.

All the way to Sebastian’s mansion, Cedric kept glancing at the beautiful raven haired girl… until she started staring off into space. “What is happening to her?”

Faith and Willow looked at each other before turning toward the Toreador. “Malkavian,” they said at the same time. Faith continued. “Héloïse has a mental illness called schizophrenia. She sees things and often goes into that kind of trance.”

Finally, the car stopped and the door was opened by the driver. Willow stepped out first. “Well, here we are.” Cedric stepped out after her. “Go on. I’ll stay here with Faith until Héloïse ‘wakes’ up. Just go at the door. Sebastian is waiting for you in his office.”

Cedric slowly walked away from the car and closer to the door of Montreal’s Prince mansion.
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