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Summary: Faith and Willow discover another kind of vampires when they land in the middle of a war between the actual leaders of Montreal city and a pack of rogue vampires. But the rabbit hole goes much deeper than they thought...

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Games > Horror > World of DarknessSerenaFR1878,148054,57131 Jan 0329 Oct 03No

Sebastian Grant

~Sebastian Grant~

Cedric waited and waited at the front door, but it wouldn't open.
The redhead had told him to go to the door and would be shown the way
to the Prince's office, but nobody came. He was quickly loosing

He looked around him and found a way up by the lattice. It led to a
small balcony. Not thinking twice, he climbed up and jumped on the
balcony. There was a glass door unlocked. He pushed it open and
stepped into the house.

He didn't have time to make it to the hallway that he was knocked to
the floor. Cedric quickly stood up in one graceful move. A tall man
with brown hair tied in a ponytail stood there with a lance in his
hand. It looked like a weapon taken straight from the fourteenth
century. "Who are you? What purpose do you have in breaking an
entry inside the Prince's mansion?"

"I'm not breaking anything!" he exclaimed.

"I meant what are you doing entering the house by the balcony without
announcing yourself?"

"The front door wouldn't open," he answered, like it was the most
obvious thing. "I was brought here by three pretty young things to
meet the royalty of Montreal. Please announce to your master that
Cedric de la Rochelle has arrived."

The man snickered. "I'll tell him, I'll even show you the way to his
office, but he's not my master. I'm not a servant in this house.
Come." He motioned for Cedric to follow him. Going to the stairs,
they passed an armour and the brown haired vampire put back the lance
in place by its side. "Sebastian Grant is my sire. My name is
Edward. If you need anything, just call. I'm always around."

"Thank you."

Edward opened a door and ushered Cedric inside before closing it.
The Toreador admired the statues and paintings for quite a while
before he noticed someone standing in the shadows. "Who are you? I
demand that you show yourself!"

A small laugh answered him. "No need to take that tone, Mister de la
Rochelle. But if you insist, I am Sebastian Grant, the master of
this city." He stepped into the light coming from the window. He
has spiky blond hair and dazzling green eyes. His accent was proof
that he came from England. He was quite tall, just like his childe,
and everything around him cried power and respect. This vampire was
a force to reckon with.

"Ah! Monsieur Grant! I was impatient of being introduced to
Montreal's royalty."

The Prince smiled. "If you say so." He sat behind his desk. "I'm
sure you're asking yourself what you are doing here, why I summoned
you when you were peacefully sleeping in a crypt. All your questions
will be answered as soon as Willow and Faith arrives." He crossed
his legs and studied the Toreador while they waited for the girls to
come up.

* * *

"What are we supposed to be doing with her?"

"Beats me. Let's get her inside and hand her to Edward. I'm sure
he'll know what to do."

Faith nodded and pulled the blank Malkavian out of the car and swung
her in her arms. She was as light as a feather. She sighed. [She
sure knows how to pull the innocent and helpless girl act with a
physic like this.] She kicked the door opened. "Edward! Get your
ass down here!"

Willow hissed. "Not so loud! I've got the super hearing too, you

"What is it, Faith?"

"Can you take care of Héloïse? We have to go meeting the big boss
upstairs and we're not sure what to do with trance-girl here."

"Sure. Let me handle her." He gently picked up the cellist from the
Gangrel's arms and left for her bedroom.

Willow and Faith climbed up the stairs to Sebastian's office.
Inside, a few lights had been turned on and the master of the city
waited patiently just in front of Cedric. "So nice of you to join

"Whatever," Faith said before plopping down on the couch. Willow
politely nodded to Sebastian before sitting down beside Faith. "Kiss
ass," the brunette whispered to the redhead.

The Ventrue stood up. "Let's see how I can explain the situation.
For the last fifteen years old, we've had trouble with rogue vampires
playing havoc in our city. All actions taken to take down those
rogues have been total failures. That's why the council of Montreal
thought it wise to organise a group with low profiles to search the
area for the leader of the rogue kindred. It will be you three with
another, whom I haven't been able to contact yet. That's what I want
for you to do tonight. He lives in Vieux-Montreal. My car is at
your disposition. Don't worry. He'll find you," he added with a
mysterious smile. He left the room by the side door leading to his

"And me thinking I might get out for some fun tonight," Faith

Willow stood up and pulled the brunette with her. "Come on, you
two. If we're lucky, we might even pick up a fight."

"Really?" Cedric asked.

Suddenly, both the Toreador and the Gangrel were pulling her
downstairs and up to the car. Faith climbed in and Cedric turned to
the redhead. "Let me assist you." He didn't wait for her answer to
help her get in, `accidentally' brushing the side of her breast.

Willow rolled her eyes. "Men," she whispered. "So, lets get this

"How do you know his name?" Faith asked suspiciously.

The Tremere shrugged. "He let me read his mind. I thought he wanted
one of us to know who we were looking for."

"And who is this?"

She smiled wickedly. "A master of the shadows."

"Great," the brunette grumbled. "Stuck on a mission with a Lasombra."

"What's a Lasombra?"

Willow ignored Cedric's question. "Don't tell me you've never heard
of Mika Stephez!" She sighed when Faith shook her head. "Faith, he
is The spy of Montreal. He is a legend among even Nosferatu, and
that's telling something."

"Whatever. Let's find him so I can go play after."

"You're impossible!"
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