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Summary: Faith and Willow discover another kind of vampires when they land in the middle of a war between the actual leaders of Montreal city and a pack of rogue vampires. But the rabbit hole goes much deeper than they thought...

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Games > Horror > World of DarknessSerenaFR1878,148054,57131 Jan 0329 Oct 03No


author : Serena
rating : probably 18 later on.
crossover between BtVS (Faith and Willow), Vampire : the Masquerade (not to be mistaken with K:tE, original characters) and Changeling (original characters :it's the faeries).
disclaimer : I don't own Faith and Willow neither the clans of Changeling and Vampire. The original characters belongs to me as well as the plot. Nothing else so don't sue.
spoilers : BtVS season 6. I changed a couple of things.



Faith’s POV

We are vampires.

I know. Kind of blunt. Not my fault. It’s what we are. And honestly, I don’t see why I should lie about it. I’m proud of what I am. She is too. I’m sure you’re wondering why. You see, we’re not like the evil bastards we slayed back home in Sunnydale… or in LA. We’re different. We still possess our soul. And the no game face thingy is good too. Want to know what happened? Let me tell you a little story about Willow and me.

After Tara left Willow, the redhead came to LA. She had tried giving up on magic, she really did. But it felt unnatural, like she was trying to go against her nature. She was a witch. She didn’t want to go back to being the useless nerd or just research girl. I know how she felt. Once you have power, you don’t want to give it up.

I made her feel welcome in the city of the lost angels. Cordelia was glad to have some help in the research and filing department and I had someone to start apologizing. I had finished my time in prison, but that doesn’t mean I had been forgiven, by the redhead in particular. I did threaten to slit her throat. So I groveled… for weeks. But I think at the end, she had already forgiven me and was just playing with my nerves. I don’t think Cordelia stop snickering for a whole week. I did get back at her for that.

All was good in Los Angeles until Angel decided to send me and Red on a trip to Montreal. My first reaction was to ask What for? Apparently, some artefact that he needed was located in that city. He didn’t really *needed* it, more like wanted it for his personal collection. God I hate it when he does that! Do I look like some artefact bringer? I’m a slayer for god’s sake! But a was still doing the redemption gig and I did what good little girls do. I packed my bags and Red and I were on our way to Canada.

I liked it. I really liked it. It was much more fun than I thought it would be. You could walk on and on in the underground city. And I got to slay a vampire during the day. How cool is that? This place is a dream to every vampire. But there was still some things that stumped me. Willow felt it too. Something was definitly off in Montreal.

One night, after patrolling the Côte-des-Neiges graveyard, I found our appartment empty. Willow was gone. She had left for the local library in the afternoon and hadn’t come back yet. It was midnight. But I told myself that she may have wanted to go for a walk or something.

I waited ‘till the next morning. I was very worried. She hadn’t come home yet. So I visited a place I hadn’t visited yet in Montreal : the police station. I filled out what was needed to find Willow, but my instinct told me they wouldn’t find her. It was my job to do it.

I paid a visit to a local club that night. My spider sense was telling me it was filled with bloodsuckers. The problem was, noone had ridged faces and it really didn’t look like a vampire club. The thing off in Montreal hit me full force in the face. Those weren’t the vampires I used to deal with. For the first time in my life, I realized that not unly humans or animals came in different shapes and sizes. Vampires did also. I was in a club full of vampires of another kind.

In my urge to find information about Willow, I bumped into an handsome guy. He looked a bit wild, but who cares? I like wild. I especially liked his eyes. They were orange with a weird pupil. The guy had cat eyes. That was a surprise. I certainly didn’t expect that when I came looking for Red. Apparently it was turning out for the better.

Cat eyes helped me find Willow. I don’t think surprised is a strong enough word to describe what I felt when I saw her all happy being a vampire. Yep! A bloodsucker had gotten to her. I just had to look at her to know she still had her soul. Didn’t take a genius to see that. She was still Willow, but a little more dead.

I’m not really one to be left out. I like to join the fun. So that’s what I did. I took on Cat eyes’ offer and joined in the party.

Willow and I are still learning the way of this kind of vampires. We met the Prince of the city. We had his approbation to stay in Montreal. He was a looker. Sebastian Grant sure knows about fashion and what to do to make girls swoon. He was gorgeous! We also learned that there were different clans of vamps. Sebastian was a Ventrue, traditionalists vampires coming from high class and mostly the one clan that ruled the Camarilla, the ‘good’ association of the undead. Wilow had been brought over by a Tremere. I think I saw some guards shudder at the name. Apparently, Tremeres were tradionalists but devious. They were really powerful… Now I knew why they picked Red. She was one hell of a powerful witch. There were the Nosferatu : nasty buggers but useful in the information department, Brujah : rebels no other way to describe them, Malkavian : Drusilla would have fit in well in that clan, Toreador : pansy souls who liked to read poetry and look at paintings. As for me, I was a Gangrel, the wilder Camarilla clan, those close to their inpulses and instincts. I learned there was other clans, but didn’t learn them or met any members of those.

What troubled Red and I was the *recent* history of the city. Fifteen years ago, a group of rogue vampires thought it would be fun to take Montreal as their playground. They did what they could to fight them off, but no matter how much they killed, their number seemed to grow. Two years ago, Sebastian had enough of the lazy butt that called himself the Prince and kicked his ass, taking hold of the city. His master plan was to discover the leader of the rogues. Without him, the undead rebels might move away.

Every attempt at discovering the real identity of the ruler failed. The Ventrue Prince thought it was time for the big guns. No playing around anymore. It was time to go straight to the core, head first. The rogues were slowly bringing more trouble in the city, especially since Sebastian had taken control of it, for some unknown reason. He called in for a council meeting. Me and Will were invited for he had plans for us.

We just learned that we will be part of the master plan to drag the bastard’s ass in the sun… or light. Once again, our mission was to fight the forces of ‘evil’.

It finally felt like home.
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