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Heroes and Gods

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Summary: All traits are products of either environment or genetics. When Willow's new found power can't be explained by the hellmouth, she turns to her heritage for answers.

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Heroes and Gods

Heroes and Gods

Chapter One

Author: Cameron

Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss and the world of Merry Gentry belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton. I’m just borrowing for a bit, I’ll promise to return them relatively unscathed, please don’t sue?

Summary: All traits are products of either environment or genetics. When Willow's new found power can't be explained by the hellmouth, she turns to her heritage for answers. Crossover with the Merry Gentry series.


Stone of destiny, hand of fate,

Source of all life,

Once a symbol of all great,

Fairie lost to strife.

Child of both ocean, fire and ground,

Child of prince doomed to fall,

Lost and not yet found.

Queens to rule them all.

Except old seers do feign,

And wizards' wits be blind,

The Sidhe in place must reign,

Where they this stone shall find.

. . . . . . . . . .

Andais hurled her goblet at the mirror in front of her as soon as the conversation with Taranis ended. The sound of shattering glass did nothing to help her temper.

"That damn idiot! How dare he?" the queen fumed, as her Ravens exchanged wary glances. "How dare he demand that I send one of my men to his court as a glorified hostage to insure that bitch Besaba’s safety at my court! One of my Ravens! The nerve!" She glanced over her guards, and her frowned deepened. "You! Ivy! Bring me my Darkness! And call Barinthus to me as well!"

. . . . . . . . . .

Barinthus glanced around him, not impressed by the all the splendour of the Seelie court spread in front of him. He knew the only reason that he was there was because Taranis insisted upon it. After several months there, he knew that the Seelie nobles would never accept him. Nevermind the fact that he was older than any of them, and not Unseelie-born. The fact that he chose the other court was enough to permanently damn him in their minds. Well, most of their minds…

"Lord Barinthus, I hate to interrupt… you looked quite mentally occupied… but might I have a word with you?" asked the shy girl Barinthus had befriended, one of the few Seelies who didn’t sneer down her nose at him.

"Yes, Princess Sheila? Pray tell, is there a problem?" he responded.

Sheila looked down, and then shyly looked up at him from under her eyelashes. "There’s no problem, milord, I just… I just wanted to talk to you. Can you please tell me some more about the Unseelie court? I doubt my uncle will ever let me visit your court, so I have to learn about it this way." She hoped that he didn’t notice her nervousness, or guess her reason for nervousness. If her feelings had been directed towards any other Sidhe, Sheila wouldn’t have been so nervous – but all knew that the Ravens of Queen Andais were untouchables. She could never hope that he would return her feelings and act on them.

. . . . . . . . . .

The lovers were hard pressed to find a meeting place and time… they dared not stick to the shadows or the night time, for Andais would hear all said between them. Both of their lives were at risk… she would quite merrily kill both of them if she knew her Raven had touched another woman. As would Taranis if he knew that another of his Seelie princesses was involved with a Unseelie Sidhe. He had become quite… unhinged… when he heard of the impending marriage of Besaba and Essus. It was wonderful that another Sidhe child would soon be born; however, he was quite unpleased that the child would be half-Unseelie, even partly human.

"Lord Barinthus!" barked a man from outside his bedchambers.

Sheila pulled the sheets closer to her, and looked wildly at Barinthus. "Do you think… have we been discovered?"

Barinthus motioned her to hide, quickly dressed, and ran to the door. He threw it open to see one of the courtiers.

"Sir, the King demanded I deliever this message to you. Your queen strongly ‘requests’ your return, you are to leave the Seelie court immediately."

Barinthus closed the door, and turned to see Sheila staring at him blankly. "You’re leaving?" she cried, looking completely stunned. "You’re leaving me?"

"Sheila, darling, understand.. that was an order from my Queen, I must go. I cannot stay, and you cannot come with me" he replied, as he quickly packed his belongings. "Taranis would not let you leave, and we cannot let my Queen know about our affair. I must leave, I must leave now."

Sheila sunk to the bed, crying so hard she barely saw Barinthus glance back at her once more, then walk out the door. She wouldn’t see him for several more years.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Besaba slammed open the door to her cousin Sheila’s chambers, and started immediately shrieking for her. Sheila knew something must be wrong if Besaba would throw away her carefully constructed image of being an absolute lady. Gone were the dulcet tones that Sheila often associated with Besaba, as she once again cried out for Sheila.

"Yes, Princess Besaba?"

"Have you seen the news Sheila?"

"I’m sorry, what news?"

"I didn’t love him, everyone knows that, I couldn’t stand him after he trapped me that marriage, but I never thought… he’s gone, Sheila, he’s gone!" Besaba sobbed.

"Prince Essus? He’s dead? Where’s Princess Meredith, is she ok?" Sheila cared little for her cousin, but she did have feelings for little Merry. Few others at the Seelie court felt that way, which was why Merry was being raised in the mortal world by Essus.

"Who cares about that brat? Do you think that the King will try to have me remarry now that I’m no longer married?" Besaba asked.

Sheila wished she had a nice wall to bang her head against… Besaba would never change, would always be so self-centered.

. . . . . . . . . .

Merry was a small child, very short and a bit more well-rounded than most Sidhe children. Sheila could see her clearly, being comforted by her Brownie grandmother and… was that Barinthus? No one else could possibly have that distinctive hair. She never thought that she’d see him again under these conditions. Sheila pulled her hood lower over her forehead, trying to hide her own hair. Barinthus would immediately recognize her own chesnut hair, with fire red curls interspersed throughout. She was too late though.

Barinthus had noticed Sheila as soon as she walked into the graveyard, and wondered why she was there. He gently removed his arm from around Merry, and walked the short distance to Sheila. He put a finger under her chin, and lifted her head. "Princess Sheila, why are you here?"

"Milord, I wanted to check on Princess Meredith, and also on you. I know Prince Essus and you were close, and I doubt that any of the Princess’s other Seelie kin will be checking on the child."

"Thank you for coming, milady, and I thank you for your sentiments. I am fine, but Merry-girl is not. She was unfortunate enough to see her father, and there are some atrocious media pictures taken of her and the body. Won’t you walk with me, and talk to the child?"

. . . . . . . . . .

Sheila and Barinthus walked along the edge of the cemetary. Merry had been taken home by her grandmother an hour earlier. The former lovers walked in silence, close but not yet touching.

"Sheila, thank you again for coming, but you did not have to do that."

"No, milord, I did have to. I still love you, and I wanted to make sure you were holding up ok."

Barinthus reached over and grabbed her hand, and they continued walking.

. . . . . . . . . .

Morning broke over St. Louis, and Sheila woke too early. Her eyes opened just in time to see the swirl of Barinthus’ hair as he walked out of the hotel room and closed the door behind him. She knew he couldn’t stay, but she never thought he would leave without a word. They had risked their lives yet once more, Andais would never forgive them. She closed her eyes, and drifted back to dream of a time when she and Barinthus could be together.

. . . . . . . . . .

She looked up at the healer again, in disbelief. "What did you say? No, no, no, that can’t be, no!" she cried out as her eyes rolled up and she passed out again. The healer covered the princess with a blanket, and left the room. The King must be told.

. . . . . . . . . .

"Princess Sheila, congratulations! A child! There hasn’t been a Seelie child, much less a princess, born in centuries! My dear, congratulations! We have a wedding celebration to plan!" The normally reserved Rosmerta chirped as she warmly embraced a pale Sheila.

Sheila groaned, and wished she could just go back to bed again. This must be some sort of nightmare. Normally a child was reason to celebrate, but Andais and Taranis would kill her. There could be no marriage, no celebrations. Not only was he Unseelie, he was a Raven. To make things even worse, he wasn’t even Sidhe – he was beyond Sidhe, originally so much more, but that also made him so much less in their eyes. She didn’t dare risk having his child at court. As badly as Merry was treated, she was still the niece of both Taranis and Andais. Granted, her own child was related to Taranis, but she wouldn’t have the protection of also being related to Andais. Taranis feared few, but he did have grave concerns and suspicions about Andais.

She would have to leave, have to hide… this baby, her baby, must be kept safe.
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