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Different World

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Summary: A response to Jinni's five song challege- Willow has had a wake up call.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JasonkumagorouFR1342,466034,28212 May 0414 May 04No

Different World

This is a really long Author’s Note. Sorry.

This is a BtVS/Anita Blake story. I do not own either group. Please do not sue me, I am a terribly poor college student with no real assets...unless you count my Columbia action figure. ^_^

I have no beta reader. If you want to help me out, go for it! All mistakes are mine.

For now it’s a G rating...that might change but I’ll let you know if it does. The pairing will be W/?. I know who it will be, but you’re welcome to take guesses.


A new kind of challenge for you guys.

Turn your radio to whatever station it is that you listen to on a regular basis.

Write down the names/artists of the next 5 songs that play. Don't skip a song.

Those 5 songs form the basis of the challenge. The challenge will, obviously, be

different for everyone, unless we somehow miraculously happen to be listening to

the same thing.

Now - with those 5 songs, find the lyrics (unless you know them all by heart) -

and do the following:


Use the song lyrics as dialogue in your fic. At least one line from each of the 5 songs you wrote down! The more the merrier, after all.

TTH - Fic should be a BtVS or AtS crossover.

At the end of the fic please enlighten us with the song name, artist name, and the line(s) you used from each one. Be creative! This isn't a "Songfic" - you're not just using the lyrics as a divider in the fic. The character isn't listening to the song or SINGING it. They are speaking the words as a matter of dialogue. Don't chooes the easiest line in the song. Make it believable. Sure, if you listen to a hardcore rap station, that might be tough - but I have faith in you guys.


Have at it.


I will be using a song per chapter, so in theory this should only end up being 5 chapters long. Wish me luck. If my 5 songs strike you as an interesting mix go to It’s my all time favorite local station and it has free streaming music off their site. Very cool. Very different.

Thanks and Enjoy! ~ Kumagorou
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