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Just Keep Swimming

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Summary: 20 Minutes w/ Faith Faith gets some pets.

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Movies > Finding NemoLynZFR181445071,87512 May 0412 May 04Yes
Summary: Faith has two pet fish. X-over with Finding Nemo. Nemo’s POV

Disclaimer: Once again, I own nothing. Happy now? I know I’m not.

Rating: 18- Violence and Character Deaths (?) *breathing easier*

Spoilers: None really. Maybe a few for Finding Nemo, but it wouldn’t ruin the movie for you.

A/N: This is kind of a dark fic. Why did I have to ruin a child’s movie? I just needed to write this. It was stuck in my head. Oh yeah, thanks Ragdoll, my beta. How do you put up with me?

Feedback: Sure, why not? Without feedback I won’t improve. And we all know I need the improvement.

She talks to us sometimes. About how fish are suppose to bring her peace, make her calmer. She also talks to us about her ‘job’. The brunette fights scary monsters. With big pointy teeth, like sharks! Her eyes remind me of Dory’s. I miss her a lot, but she managed to escape getting caught. Dad says that he hopes she forgot about us. Dory is very forgetful. Sometimes she used to call me Fabio or some other silly name.

My dad and I live in a tank, no one else is here. Its small and has a little wooden cross in it. She told me it wards off monsters. Dad says she’s crazier than Dory. I think she’s tough. Like Gill. Dad doesn’t know where we are. He said he can’t remember how we got here. He always says that’s the worst time to have a Dory moment. I think we are in her home. She eats and sleeps here. There’s a man who comes in asking for rent money every once in a while. My dad doesn’t know what rent is. Or money.

We don’t want to leave her though. She needs us. We are her shoulders to cry on. Well, we don’t actually have shoulders. Besides Dad thinks of this as a break. After we get some rest, we’ll try escaping.

Her name is Faith. She told me when I first met her. It’s a nice name. Mine's boring. Ne-mo. Shark-bait was better. I sounded tougher. Once when I told Bruce, one of Dory’s friends, he wrinkled his nose and said he was late for a meeting. My dad told me to be careful whenever I talk to sharks. And if I don’t know the shark, run away.

Today Faith is sad. Actually she’s more angry than sad. Faith is pacing back and forth holding her arm. It’s bleeding.

“Damn vampires,” she keeps repeating, “I’m getting lazy.”

“Dad, wake up. Something’s wrong with Faith,” I’m shaking my father with my good fin.

He opened one of his eyes and looked out of the glass. “Nemo, what happened?”

“She’s hurt.” We swam closer to the wall to see more clearly.

“What are you two staring at?” Oh no. She’s heading toward us. With her good arm she threw our tank. Our home.

Now it’s so dry. It’s getting darker. My dad is next to me, holding my small fin, and gasping.

Faith is punching the wall, getting even more upset.

I began to sing.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . . ”


A/N: I would write more, but twenty minutes is the limit. So you will have to come to your own conclusions.

The End

You have reached the end of "Just Keep Swimming". This story is complete.

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