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Blind Faith

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Summary: Buffy/Gundam Wing. Faith/Duo pairing. The unlucky Duo has a task to set a ghost free but this ghost has another plan in mind.*Slow progress* Full summary inside.

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Anime > Gundam WingMystFR131663011,51831 Jan 0331 Jan 03No
Blind Faith (A Buffy and Gundam Wing Crossover)
by: Myst Lady or

Disclaimer: Buffy and Gundam Wing belongs to respective companies.

Dedication: Girl of Darkness Gd-chan, Ginny Starwind GS-chan, Doc "A test of Faith" and to all Faith fans out there. ^_^ I'm planning to write more fics for Buffy Crossover Section in the near future.

Warning: Faith and Duo Maxwell centered. Rating from PG13 to R is subject to change. A possible OOCs!!

Summary: When Faith is desperate for cash. She steals the infamous jewel, The "Blue Hope" diamond. Unaware of its mysterious powers, it is said to be cursed whomever possess the evil jewel. And unfortunate mishap brings the end for Faith's life... Hundred years had passed, the earth is colonized with advance technologies. The old days of demon hunting and magic spells have long since forgotten. Duo Maxwell, a Gundam Pilot stumbles upon this gem and sets a daunting task ahead to place this vengeful spirit to rest in peace...

Dead. Alone. A loser. I'm stuck in this forsaking hellhole, rotting away while Buffy and the rest of her super friends riding happily into the sunset. They'd say, "Payback's a bitch!" One day, Old Faith will rise again from the ashes and be reborn. Buffy Summers, you're gonna regret this...

Part 1 "Hella good"

(A continuation after the episode "Who are you")

Present day

It was over. The bitch has won again. Nothing in this stinking life could she ever do right? Past mistakes were hardly any accountable for. But she was not a quitter.

The train had finally stopped moving. Faith stirred slowly from her deep slumber and woke up groggily. It was a rough night, sleeping on a cold floor. Waking up with a sore muscle and aching back pain put her in a foul mood.

She scanned through the dusty, empty space of a freight car. It didn't have the first class amenities. She wasn’t complaining. It could have been worse if she surrendered to the authorities and an awaiting jail time for her. She shuddered at that thought.

Faith completely froze. "Come on, we'd better get our asses and clean up the place before Ernie comes back!" She heard a railroad worker complained to his companion. "You know what he's like!"

"Tell me 'bout it!" Another voice grumbled.

"Shit!" Faith cursed inwardly. She frantically searched for a hiding spot. It was wide space open except for a few patch of dry grass scattered on the floor. There was no way of escaping. The doors slid opened and the workers peeked inside.

"What the! A stowaway!" One of the workers exclaimed. His eyes flew opened in surprise. Faith kicked him swiftly in the face and the man stumbled back. He fell to the ground, blood dripping out of his nostrils.

"Frank!!" His co-worker shouted. He swung around and confronted Faith. Faith leaped down and she placed her hands in her hips. He eyed her critically.

"You little witch!" The man snarled. Faith was cautiously on guard. She was trained and a skilled slayer. Killing this man was going to be one easy blow. She grinned wickedly. She felt alive again. This self-assured girl was ready to kick some good old-fashioned fun.

"Uh ah! Play nicely!" She warned him, wagging a finger at him. He lunged towards her, trying to throw a punch in her face. She dodged his attack and slid her hand to get a spare knife hidden inside her jacket. He made a quick dash, almost crashing into Faith. She attacked with a vengeance, thrust the knife in the pit of his stomach.

"You...bitch..." He drew out his last breath, eyes widened in a horrified expression.

"Oopps.... Clumsy me!" Faith replied sarcastically. She stepped back, removing the bloody knife away. He swayed back and forth until he dropped dead on the ground.

"Bobby..." Frank, his friend stared in stunned disbelief. He stood there, rooted to the spot. Faith slowly descended upon him.

"No offense but I need you dead." Faith declared, raising the knife in the air.

The sounds of pitiful, tormented screams tore in the distance.

TBC... Stay tuned for Part 2 "Oh, the horror!"

Closing Notes: Arghh... I'm not too good at action scenes. -_- This is my first Buffy Crossover fic. Go easy with the flames if you can. I'm brainstorming for 3 stories: A Buffy/Xena starring Faith (of course) vs. Alti, Buffy/Smallville starring Faith (again ^_^) and DAWNONNOR (Dawn and Connor shipping).

The legendary "Blue Hope" does exist in real life and its resting undisturbed in the Smithsonian Institution.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Blind Faith" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jan 03.

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