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Immortal Beloved

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Summary: Buffy Season 7. An old friend and lover comes back to Sunnydale. How will the scoobies react?

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Immortal Beloved

By Willowfan

Disclaimers: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Highlander: the Series are not mine. They belong to their respective owners. I do not make any claims on them or their copyrights. I am just using them to tell a story.

Pairing: B/S, X/A, W/K, W/T

History: This takes place after S6 Buffy. Everything you saw, happened. As for Highlander…well, I don’t follow it that closely, so give me some room there.


Rating: 15 for violence and adult themes.

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Duncan Macleod stood over the new grave and shook his head. His oldest friend was buried here, and even though it had been over fifteen years since the man had died, Duncan still missed him. He read the letters on the marker and sighed. Dugan Maclay was one of the few men who did not shy away from Duncan when he approached. He and the man had been friends since they had met on a battlefield and Duncan had taken an arrow meant for Dugan’s gut. When Duncan miraculously healed from the fatal wound, the town talked of devils and of evil, but Dugan would hear none of it.

“I have been given a guardian from God himself, and you dare call him evil?!” he shouted at the gathered crowd. “I live because Duncan took the blow that should have been dealt to me! I live by the grace of God, and so does Duncan! The next man who speaks of him as a devil will die on my blade!” he shouted, raising his sword for emphasis. Dugan was the most skilled swordsman in the clan, and none would dare to challenge him.

Duncan smiled. They had been fast friends, even after Dugan learned the secret. “What ye are, is the man that saved my life. That’s all I care about.” He said.

Dugan and Duncan kept in touch, and finally, the word came that Dugan was on his deathbed. It was in 1765 when Duncan made the trip from India back to the highlands to be by his friend’s side.

“Duncan? Is that you, lad?” Dugan asked as Duncan entered the room.

“Aye Dugan. Tis me.” He answered, kneeling next to the mans bedside.

“I ask of a boon from ye, Duncan.” The dying, aged man asked. “Look after me kin. If they be anything like me, they will need a steady head to keep them in line.” He laughed, the laugh turning into a cough. “Say you’ll do it, old friend. Just…stop in every ten-year or so, make sure they have na killed anyone…or each other.”

Duncan nodded. “I promise.” He said as Dugan’s hand tightened on his own, and then fell limply against the bed.

Sunnydale-May 10th, 2002

Duncan fished the small, silver bracelet from his pocket and laid it on Tara’s headstone. That was when he felt the flash, the sudden jolt that told of another immortal in the vicinity. He looked at Ritchie, who already had his sword out.

“Holy ground, Richie.” Duncan said quietly, gently reminding his protégé of the most sacred rule, after ‘There can be only one.’ rule.

Richie nodded. “Right. Sorry Mac.”

Both men looked around the cemetery and frowned. Neither saw anyone.

Richie saw it first. At first, he thought that maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him. But it was real and he scrambled to the grave. “Mac! It’s her! She’s the immortal!” he said, clawing at the dirt.

Duncan frowned, but knew his pupil would not be desecrating a grave without a damn good reason. He dropped down and began digging as well.

They didn’t have to go far, only about a foot, when they uncovered a wriggling hand. Grabbing it, Duncan pulled, managing to pull part of a slender arm from below the surface. Ritchie kept digging and found another arm. Together they pulled, heaving the form from below the surface. Soon a face broke the surface, gasping for air.

“Easy. We have you. You’ll be fine.” Duncan said, shaking his head. ‘Why did it have to be her?’ he said to himself. Duncan wrapped the girl in his coat and looked at Richie. “She’s gonna be in shock for a few days, Ritchie. And we can’t just leave her here.” He said.

Richie nodded. “Yeah. I remember what this is like.” He frowned. “And I knew about us. Think we should take her back with us?” he asked.

Duncan nodded. “I said I’d look after them.” Duncan said softly.

“What? Mac?” Richie said, not quite hearing.

“Yes. We’re taking her.” Duncan said, scooping her into his arms.

“Right. I’ll try to make this look a little less…like something clawed it’s way out.” Richie said, gesturing to the grave. “Get her to the car.”

Duncan was already off. “Take it easy Tara. You’ll be fine now.” He said.

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