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Caged Hearts

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Summary: Logan was looking for a one night stand. Buffy was looking for an escape. Could it be they really were just looking for each other?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredAgentAeonFR1833,9170156,60113 May 0414 Jul 04No

First Encounters

Title: Caged Hearts

Author: AgentAeon (aka Mary)

Rating: Most will be PG-13, with slight Rs...I'm not big on writing smut, but foul language and violence are more adult content, eh?

Pairing: Buffy/ Logan

Genre: BtVS/ X-men Crossover

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. I don’t have anything to do with Buffy or X-Men or Angel. If I did, my hands would be all over Hugh Jackman….I mean err…. Joss Whedon, Marvel Comics, and all others own these characters.

Author’s Notes: This takes place after X2, and the end of Buffy Season 7. The events that brought Spike back have happened in Angel, but as I don’t really follow that show I’m just going to make the rest up. The Scooby Gang (or what’s left of it) all went to Europe and Buffy decided to come home when Dawn decided to go visit Hank Summers. She’s gone to Canada to focus on being her own person and get over some personal drama (Spike dying for her). Logan left the Mansion after Jean’s death and is trying to forget the pain of her death.

Also, I'm a first time writer to this fandom so please bear with me. I'll try and update as quickly as possible, but I can't make any promises especially if I get horrid writer's block. I've outlined about half of this story so the first half should go up pretty quickly, but there's this problem where I don't know where to go after the first half.Of course, when writing this first part I didn't expect it to go in the direction it did so who knows? But anyways cowriters are always welcome. As is a Beta since I'm quite shaky with grammar and everything.

Oh and feedback would be great! It'll keep me writing!


She walked into the bar. It was her first night in town, and yet it was like every other town she had just been to. She had sunk into a slump. She needed something to snap her out of this funk. She saw a cage and people lining up to fight in it. They would place bets on who would win the fight. She smiled to herself, knowing she could easily win a fight should she step into that cage. Yet, that would go against her blending in. And she never wanted to fight a human she didn’t need to fight. She sat down at the bar. She was not unaware of the fact that she was the only female in the bar. She ordered a Jack Daniels straight up. She downed the shot and immediately ordered another. “But this time make it a double.” She told the bartender, her eyes revealing she could hold her alcohol. Despite her size and the feminine blonde hair and the curves revealed by her tight jeans and tight shirt. She heard the shouts behind her indicating there was about to be a fight. She turned around and saw the man step into the cage. He was gorgeous, in a rugged, masculine way. Standing there in his jeans and shirtless, he looked like a predator about to kill the prey. The prey in this case was the man who had just entered the cage. He was tall, by no means skinny, and had a tough look on his face. However, anyone who saw the sheer strength exuded by the other man, knew the flannel-jacket man was going to lose. Quickly. The two men fought violently, punches thrown, kicks delivered, and the flannel jacket man was thrown to the other side of the cage and promptly was knocked out by the metal cage. The larger man, who was being called Wolverine, picked up his jacket,collected his money and walked out of the cage. She was slightly surprised when he sat down next to her. He immediately lit a cigar and then ordered a beer. Oh, what she didn’t know….

He came here, night after night. Escaping the moments from the recent past that haunted him: Jean’s final mission with the X-men. Every night he looked for a woman who wouldn’t remind him of Jean. The woman he could never and would never have. In fact he was looking for women who bore no resemblance to anyone back at the mansion. And every night he had been successful. Though tonight, looking at the blonde girl next to him, she gave off a certain innocence, a certain class that all the other women had lacked. All they gave off was boredom with life. He knew there was no way she could be as young as she looked and this was confirmed when he looked into her eyes. He saw in those eyes a woman who had fought many battles and lived to tell the tale. This was how it started every night. He sit next to a girl at the bar. She would have another drink. He would stand up to leave and she would ask to come with him.

Buffy eyed the stranger, getting a nice glimpse of the man. He was muscular, older, powerful looking, and to her, unfortunately had a shirt on. And she had yet to detect a single evil bone about him. However something was different about him. He didn’t remind her of her exes or anyone she had ever met before. Which was definitely a good thing in her opinion. She knew where this, if this could even be called anything, would ultimately lead. This type of guy wasn’t looking for romance or love. He wanted a one night stand. She decided that it had been too long and that maybe she needed a fling with no strings. It wasn’t as if she would see this man again. She’d be gone in the morning. She smiled seductively at him and then turned her head to listen to the conversation next to her. The man next to her was hitting on a woman and was trying to convince that woman to go with him into the back alley. Buffy focused on the man and realized that he was indeed a vampire. She rolled her eyes. Not again. Not here. She watched them walk out and then waited a few moments before standing up and leaving herself. She walked out to the back alley. “You know, it’s really too bad you had to show up here.” She told the vampire, who was about to bite his victim. Buffy shook her head as the vampire looked up at her. “I thought I could have a normal night out- one complete with getting drunk and then doing something I would regret in the morning. But no. You just had to come and wreck my plans. And do it in the vicinity of where I could hear you.”

The woman took the opportunity of the vampire’s confusion with Buffy to run away. “Looks like it’s just you and me now.” Buffy told him as she walked over to him and kicked him in the stomach, causing him to double back. She was glad that she had decided to bring a stake with her tonight, even though she had hoped she wouldn’t need it. The vampire hissed at her and came back with some punches of his own. As the fight progressed and got more violent, Buffy didn’t realize that the Wolverine had come out to watch the fight. Buffy pulled the stake out of her sleeve and slammed it through the vampire’s heart. Buffy sighed as the vampire turned to dust and called out to the night, “Are there any others of you out here?” When she got no response, she turned around to head back to the bar and that’s when she saw the Wolverine. She bit her lip. “How much of that did you see?” she asked, wondering how much she was going to have to explain.

“Enough to wonder what the hell that guy was that you turned into dust.” Logan responded. He wouldn’t be surprised by what she told him, he was just curious. And he wanted to know if she was a mutant too. Not that it mattered, but she had shown more strength he would have thought possible in a tiny little girl.

Buffy looked him over, trying to figure out if he would believe her or just laugh. “He was a vampire. That’s what happens when they die. Cool stuff, isn’t it?” She asked with a roll of her eyes. He hadn’t laughed yet. Just nodded. Maybe he had seen his share of strange shit in his life. “Well….good night.” Buffy said to him, before turning to walk away. As she walked away from him, she wondered what might have happened if she hadn’t left to follow the vampire out. She also wanted to know why he had followed her out. She heard his footsteps behind her. She turned around and glared at him. “Is there a reason why you are following me?”

“You’re just going the way I happen to also be going.” Logan responded. When she had left the bar, he saw no reason to go back in. After all she was the girl for the night. And all the other girls had cleared out. It looked like he’d be spending a night alone.

Buffy nodded. That was acceptable. After all she didn’t know the town very well and it was likely that where he lived was near here. She paused, hearing a noise coming from behind the dumpsters. The demon that had been hiding behind the dumpster lunged out and landed on Buffy, knocking her to the ground. Before she could kick him off of her, the demon managed to bite her neck. Buffy winced in pain and called to the Wolverine, “A little help please!”

Logan grabbed the demon off of her and threw him against the wall of the nearest building. His claws slid out of skin and into the skin of the demon. He retracted his claws and the demon’s lifeless body crumpled to the ground. “You okay?” Logan asked Buffy.

She stood up and dusted herself off. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Her hand went to the bite on her neck and she commented, “Though it might have been nice if you had given me some help earlier on.” She started to walk back to her hotel, when she noticed everything starting to get blurry and then she met with darkness. Her body crumpled to the ground and she laid there still.

Logan looked at the girl as she passed out. Did the bite hurt that much? He walked over to her body and tried to shake her back away, but she was out. Sighing, he picked her up and carried her back to the motel he had been staying in. It was only one bed and he decided the petite blonde girl could have it. He had slept in worse places before. He placed her down gently on the bed and slid the blankets over her. He sat down on the chair and watched her lay there so peacefully. If he had known this would have been the extent to which he was taking someone home with him, he would have laughed.
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