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Fast Car

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Summary: Inspired by Jinni's 5 song challenge. Willow and Kennedy abandon Seacouver for the bright lights of St. Louis. BTVS/Highlander/AB crossover.

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Highlander > Willow-Centered
Anita Blake > Willow-Centered
mariahFR759,6093154,79713 May 047 Jun 04No

The Way It Is

Willow and Kennedy were standing in line outside Danse Macabre. Kennedy was dressed in a tight knee-length red dress that would put Cordelia to shame, and Willow wore a loose-fitting green man’s shirt, tied at the waist, and black leather pants, her hair tucked up into a tight-fitting black cap. Her hair was still streaked white, black and red. For some reason it had not returned to its original red and she felt self-conscious about it. Willow rubbed her arms in the chill night air. “Goddess, it’s cold out here. Why are we waiting here?”

Kennedy shrugged. “It’s the line. That’s just the way it is.”

“But.” Willow held up her clutch purse, “We have passes.” She looked up and down the roped line, trying to spot the security.

When a blonde man in a silk suit hurried by, Kennedy reached out and snagged him. “We want to go in, we have passes, is this the right line?” After she touched him, she snatched her hand back and hissed. “Damn! You’re a vamp!”

The blonde turned to look at the woman who had stopped him. His sky blue eyes bored into her dark brown ones. “Oui, mademoiselle. You have not seen a vampire before?”

Kennedy snorted. “Of course I’ve seen a vampire before. I’m just usually too busy trying to kill them to bother looking.”

“You cannot kill vampires here. It is illegal.” Asher looked the two over and shrugged, “You will not be getting in unless there is leftover space; you don’t look they do.” He indicated a group of men and women who were walking past the patrons in the line, dressed in leather and silk. The clothes of the favored patrons were skin-tight and full of carefully placed holes so that more skin showed than was covered. “Get a job, then perhaps you can purchase proper attire for Danse Macabre.”

Kennedy was flustered. “Hey, we have an invitation. We’re here just for fun and games – besides, we know the band.”

Asher dismissed her argument out of hand. “Everyone in the line, knows the band, mademoiselle. The Dingoes are quite popular. It’s quite clear that the two of you don’t know the band.” He sniffed. “No ladies in the band.”

Kennedy groaned. “How can you stand to think that way? I am so fucking sick of this! Yes, we are lesbians!” She threw up her hands in disgust and shouted down the line. “Hello! Out of the freaking closet everybody! If you’ve got a penis, we’re not interested!”

Willow’s temper had frayed to the breaking point. She unhooked the velvet rope and stepped outside the line. “Fuck this, Kennedy. Oz said we were sitting at the VIP table. Take your pass, I’m going to get us in.” Willow slid her hand into the purse, grabbing the pass and handing it to Kennedy. “Got a problem with that, fangface?” Willow stood tall, her eyes boring back into the face of the golden-haired vampire. Asher attempted to catch her gaze and stumbled a bit when Willow eyes turned to black. Kennedy tugged at Willow, trying to distract her, mouthing ‘Go, now.’ But Willow would not be dissuaded. Her voice full of contempt, Willow hooked one arm through the vampire’s. “Hey, old man, can you stand up? Because, just for that brainless little trick, you’re letting us in. Come on, Kennedy. ” Asher gave the smallest bow and conceded defeat.

Kennedy smiled and threw an arm over Willow’s shoulder. “Some things never change. Nobody messes with my Willow’s resolve face.”


Bruce Hornsby – The Way it Is

Standing in line marking time
Waiting for the welfare dime
'Cause they can't find a job
The man in the silk suit hurries by
As he catches the poor old ladies' eyes
Just for fun he says "get a job"


That's just the way it is
Some things will never change
That's just the way it is
Aw, but don't you believe them
They say hey little boy you can't go
Where the others go
'Cause you don't look like they do
Said hey old man how can you stand
To think that way
Did you really think about it
Before you made the rules
He said, Son


Well they passed a law in '64
To give those who ain't got a little more
But it only goes so far
Because the law don't change another's mind
When all it sees at the hiring time
Is the line on the color bar

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