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Fast Car

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Summary: Inspired by Jinni's 5 song challenge. Willow and Kennedy abandon Seacouver for the bright lights of St. Louis. BTVS/Highlander/AB crossover.

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Highlander > Willow-Centered
Anita Blake > Willow-Centered
mariahFR759,6093154,79713 May 047 Jun 04No

I'll be (part 1)

Buffy rolled over in the bed, propping herself up on one elbow. “Did you win?”

“I’m here, aren’t I?” Duncan looked up from the seat across the room where he was polishing his sword. “Stupid kid.”

“Are you all right?” Duncan’s response was to shrug and continue polishing. “It’s hard, to kill the young ones. I had to kill some kids I went to high school with, you know, after graduation.” Buffy watched quietly as Duncan worked, his mind on his task and his grieving. One strap of her pink silk gown slid down her shoulder as she crawled to the end of the bed to be closer to her lover. “Some of them were friends, sort of.”

When he answered, Duncan’s brogue was thick. “It’s not the same. She was a little girl. Barely twenty. Too young to die the first time, never mind the second.” The sword was returned to its sheath. “If she’d only asked, I would’ve tried to help her.”
“I never did kill Harmony.” Buffy’s eyes followed Duncan as he strode across the room. “She ran. Well, she ran after her little shagfest with Spike. Willow says she works at Wolfram and Hart now.” Buffy gave a bitter laugh.

“They are vampires. Evil. This girl was stupid, but human.” Duncan sat on the edge of the bed near Buffy running his fingers through her hair and pushing the strands in her eyes back from her face.

“Drusilla and Darla were evil. Didn’t stop you from toying with them.”

“I never said I did anything with either of them.” Duncan pulled off one loafer, dropping it to the floor, then pulled off the other.

“Oh, please. Who do you take me for? I know Angel and Spike, and if they didn’t know you, they wouldn’t come over here to save me. They’ve let me go. The stink they made wasn’t because I am with somebody, it was because I am with you.”

Duncan rolled his eyes. “They came to retrieve the head of that demon clan master.”

“It would have been nice to see them, you know. We could have at least said hello.” Buffy sat up on her knees, rubbing Duncan’s shoulders. “So tense.” Duncan leaned back, letting her reach around and snuggle against his throat. “I love you, we belong together. If they saw that, things would be fine.”

Her reward was a doubtful look, followed by a tender kiss. “I think those two vampires are a bit more territorial than that.”

“How about you?” Buffy slid into Duncan’s lap, straddling his hips, and loosened his tie while peppering his face with kisses. “Are you territorial?”

“Very.” Duncan flipped Buffy on the bed, earning a squeal and a giggle. “You’re my living proof.”

“Planning on marking your territory any time soon?”

“Mmm. Quite soon, I believe.” Duncan slipped a hand up her gown. “I believe my territory starts right about here,” he ran a finger up her freshly revealed stomach, “and continues across here,” the finger continued up to cover her heart, “Bloody hell!” Duncan rolled off Buffy to catch the phone. “Duncan MacLeod.”

“Duncan, it’s Joe. Hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“No. I’m on my honeymoon. What could you possibly be interrupting, Joe?” Buffy giggled, and straddled Duncan again, unbuttoning his deep violet shirt to reveal his chest. She ran her fingers lightly over his chest. “Yes, you say Willow and Kennedy are missing?” Duncan stilled Buffy’s hands by catching them in his own. “What do you want me to do?”

“It’s quite simple, find them. Can you have Buffy attempt to call them? They won’t return calls from us. We’ve tried, for the last half-hour. They haven’t returned calls for the last four days.”

“Where are they?”

“Adam thought they went camping, but apparently not. Wyndham-Price tried to call them and managed to reach a French vampire.”

“So you think they ran off to Paris?” Duncan shook his head, kissing Buffy’s nose when she looked very worried.

“No. We don’t. They didn’t have enough money to get to Paris. Willow gives most of her earnings to help support the girls here. Adam is trying to track their credit cards. But they haven’t used them.”

Buffy whispered to Duncan. “They might be with Oz, if they aren’t using their own money. He’s gotten pretty chummy with both Willow and Kennedy lately. Comes through Seacouver a bit when he’s playing the west coast with the band.”

Duncan looked puzzled. “I cannot get over that Slayer hearing of yours. Buffy says to try looking for an Oz. He might know where they are.”

Joe called across the bar. “Do you know an Oz, Rupert?”

“Yes, Daniel Osbourne. He has a band called Dingoes Ate My Baby.”

“Adam, try looking for a Daniel Osbourne.”

Adam’s voice sounded through the receiver to the hotel in Paris. “Bingo! We got him. They’re playing at a club the next three weeks – Danse Macabre in St. Louis. Who’s the master of St. Louis, Rupert?”

“Jean-Claude. He took back a captured vampire named Asher from the Council some two hundred years ago. Killed forty watchers and a slayer when he did. They rivaled the Scourge of Europe in their viciousness.”

Duncan heard Adam breathe a panicked “Good Lord, I remember them.”

“Rumor has it that they are even more powerful now. Jean-Claude has taken two human servants – a lycanthrope and a witch.” Buffy heard a squeaky sound as Rupert cleaned his glasses. “It’s very possible that Asher could be targeting Willow and Oz, if they are together. It could be a set up.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Fast Car" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jun 04.

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