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Master of Monster

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Summary: Willow gains a 'pet'... and control of the Hellsing Institute. Look out, England.

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Anime > HellsingGesshokuFR1832,93202010,98514 May 0425 Nov 04No

A/N - Disclaimer

This work is a piece of pure fiction, based on Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and the anime Hellsing.

Pairing starts out Willow/Oz, but ends up Willow/Alucard and Oz/Seras.

For B:tVS this takes place at the end of Season 2. Angelus has been resouled and sent to hell, Buffy's gone, and the remaining Scoobies are forced to deal with the Hellmouth on their own. For Hellsing, this takes place after Order 09: Red Rose Vertigo, but Integra doesn't go in to surgery. They're too late and she bleeds to death.

DISLCAIMER: One and only, so get it here. I. Own. Nothing. This includes Hellsing and B:tVS and sundry. That all belongs to different people, who make a lot more money than I do.
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