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Action Figures Are Not Dolls

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Summary: 20 minutes w/ Andrew Andrew owns an action figure. Xover w/ Toy Story

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Movies > Toy StoryLynZFR71391031,09014 May 0414 May 04Yes
Action Figures Are Not Dolls

Summary: Andrew owns an action figure. Xover w/ Toy Story Andrew’s POV

Disclaimer: I still don’t own anything.

Rating: G

Spoilers: None really for Toy Story; Spoilers for seasons six&seven.

A/N: Thanks Sal. My beta will be on vacation for a while so if anyone is willing you can email me. Otherwise, I’ll just look someone up.

Feedback: Yes, please. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Action figures are not dolls. Dolls are for children. Action figures are for men. Or really manly-like women. Buzz Lightyear is an action figure’s action figure. Xander calls it a doll compared to my past collections of Han Solo and Yoda.

But look at those pecks- I mean jet packs. A helmet. The little laser on his arm and I can’t help but giggle a little when he says his mission is to protect the galaxy from the threat of invasion from the Evil Emperor Zurg, enemy of the Galactic Alliance.

Buzz makes me feel younger. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but Buzz makes me feel like everything is okay again. Like Warren is still alive and I didn’t kill Jonathan.

With all the potentials around I don’t really have a set bedroom. Wherever I go though Buzz comes with me. Warren must be laughing in his grave. Which made me wonder if he was buried and if so, what did the coroner do when he saw the corpse?

My palms started to sweat thinking about Warren, what else can I think about? I looked around the kitchen and found that out I was alone. They must all be outside training. Time for Hot Pockets!

I set Buzz on the windowsill and looked through the freezer.

*Five minutes later*

Xander and I just had a Twinkie match. I think I ate a few boxes. Time to take a nap except-

“Where’s Buzz?” I demanded. There was no one in the room. Xander probably stole Buzz to make me angry.

Then I heard voices out the window.

“C’mon Buzz, we need to go home-” Buzz?

“I can’t. Andrew needs me more than Andy. Some of the stuff these people have been through is unbelievable,” another voice said.

I was even more confused when the two voices continued to talk about me and the gang. We sound pathetic.

“See Woody, I have to stay, for Andrew.” Okay, I’ve had enough.

“Who’s there?” I jumped out onto the porch and saw Buzz laying on the floor with another figure next to him. A cowboy. And, oh, a string. I pulled it.

“There’s a snake in my boots,” it said. I started giggling childishly.

“Another ‘action figure’?” Xander asked, looking at me through the window. Stressing ‘action figure’.


The End

You have reached the end of "Action Figures Are Not Dolls". This story is complete.

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