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Fuzzy Tree

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Summary: 20 minutes w/ Buffy Buffy meets the Lorax. Xover w/ The Lorax

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Author: Dr. SeussLynZFR714590286015 May 0415 May 04Yes
Fuzzy Tree

Summary: Buffy meets the Lorax. Buffy’s POV

Rated: PG- tiny violence... just want to be on the safe side.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I wish I had a Truffula tree.

Spoilers: None really for the Lorax, it’s the plot of the movie. Some for Buffy.

A/N: I highly recommend watching or reading ‘The Lorax’.

Feedback: Yes please. I’ll love you forever! Or at least thank you.

Tonight the graveyard is dead. No pun intended. No vamps. No demons. No teenage couples making out (I don’t understand how that is romantic). Nothing.

I started walking into a part of the graveyard I rarely go into. Mostly because it’s old and no vampires usually are there.

Then I saw a beautiful tree. Or at least it looked like a tree. It was up to my knee. In the place where branches and leafs would be there was a soft and looked like fur. There was a lingering scent of milk.

Maybe this is a new species of trees, and I could be the founder of it. I’ll call it Fuzzy. Kids will love it. They could make blankets, towels and other cloths with it. Finally, I can give Dawnie lunch money. Oh! They could make-

“Hello there, Slayer,” I turned around and saw a male, dark-haired vamp.

“Can we make this quick? Things are starting to look up.”

He kicked me in the shins and I fell forward.

“Then why are you looking down?” He started laughing.

“I was distracted, it wont happen again,” I got up and looked for my stake.

The vampire started waving it in front of my face.

I looked at Fuzzy, wood is wood. After breaking it in half, I staked the vamp.

“Told ya.” Poor Fuzzy.

“Oh no what have you done Once-ler!” A little, brown, bald, mustache-ed creature shrieked.

“Who are you and what’s a Once-ler?”

“I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues,” it said.

I stuck out my hand, to shake his little one. “I’m Buffy, and what kind of tree was that?”

He didn’t shake my hand, just stared at it. “Truffula. And that was the last one. You just destroyed a once well-populated and beautiful tree.”

“I’m so sorry,” I gasped, looking at the remains. “Wait, look.”

The Lorax looked at the remains and saw a seed. Actually, two seeds.

“Mr. Lorax, sir, I’m not really a bad person. Please let me take one of these seeds and I’ll take good care of them both,” I pleaded.

He thought to himself and finally decided. “I’ll take one and you shall take the other. Take care of it because if I found out you mistreated that I’ll-”

“There wont be any mistreating, I’ll even leave it here, in this graveyard. I’ll water it, and take good care of the Truffula seed.”

He nodded and bowed. Then, with his seed, he left. And I never saw him again.

I walked to my mother’s grave and planted the seed next to it. A beautiful person deserves this wonderful tree.


The End

You have reached the end of "Fuzzy Tree". This story is complete.

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