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Interlude of Conspiracy

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Summary: company piece of my fic Conspiracy. It's Héloïse's past.

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Games > Horror > World of DarknessSerenaFR1311,066016761 Feb 031 Feb 03Yes
author: Serena
rating : PG13
original story with notions of Vampire : the Masquerade in it. If
you read Conspiracy, this might interest you. It's the past of


One year. Twelve months. 365 days. 8760 hours. It was the time
Agneshka Kourkova spent working on her new project. A very strange

~Germany, 1939~

She had been alone for too long already. She couldn't bare the
loneliness anymore. Her project came to her mind when she began to
teach singing at the local night course school. All the students
were under her charm. All the students were talented. But only one
seemed worthy of her talent. A 19 years old woman. A German. A
cellist. Héloïse Narech.

During six long months, she became the study subject of Agneshka, the
beautiful blonde Russian, who was nothing else than a Daughter of
Cacophony, one of these vampires that had the devil's voice. A
seductive voice. After six months of studying the young woman,
Agneshka finally started to work. The melody that always played
itself in her head was now transferred in Héloïse's mind. A true sin
for the ears.

But no matter how much effort she put, the German couldn't play the
melody with her cello. It haunted her dreams, her thoughts. Héloïse
cut herself from the world and she was given the title of suicidal.
For six months, the melody grew stronger, clearer in her mind, but it
was still impossible to play, to her despair.

~Germany, 1940~

One years. Twelve months. 365 days. 8760 hours. It was the time
spent since Agneshka, the angelic voice, and Héloïse, the cello's
virtuoso, first met. The time had come.

The night had fall. Cut from the world, Héloïse stayed sitting on
the bench she liked the most in the most gorgeous park of Berlin.
Once again, the melody played itself in her mind, this time with an
incredible clarity. It was her song. Nothing could take it away
from her. She would have chose death before giving in to her
parents' wishes to see her take piano lessons. She was a cellist,
not a pianist. Behind their back, she enrolled in the evening
lessons at the local musical school. She always brought the cello
with her, at her mother's exasperation.

Héloïse always felt that someone was watching her, but she became
used to it. It had been more than nine months that she felt
observed. Now, she felt secured, safe, whenever she felt the
presence. She didn't have to fear anything. She closed her eyes and
let herself be carried away by the melody, her hand and fingers
playing in the air, trying desperately to reproduce the notes on the
invisible cello's strings.

Suddenly, Héloïse felt the strange presence very near. When opening
her eyes, she saw the singing teacher in front of her, Agneshka, the
angelic voice. The cute Russian cocked her head and smiled. Héloïse
startled when the melody didn't come from her mind like she thought,
but from the blonde's one. She gave the cellist a scroll and it's
with a trembling hand that she accepted the gift. She almost crumbled
when she saw what was on the scroll. Notes. Staves. Notes and
staves written in silver ink. It was a melody. The melody. The one
that haunted each and every minutes of her life for the last six
months. Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks. She could follow the
melody in her head with the score.

Héloïse lifted up her head and her eyes met hers. A voice
accompanied the melody, the call of an angel. [Héloïse… be
immortal…] Agneshka whispered those words in the cellist's mind,
whom couldn't do anything else than let herself go with the flow.
[Héloïse… be immortal… just like the melody.]

It's in a strange state of mind that Héloïse returned home that
night. Agneshka's words haunted her, just like the melody. She
walked with her cello on her shoulder, the score carefully pressed
against her breast, protecting it. She didn't sleep that night. All
night and day, she stayed seated behind her cello, stroking the
strings with each passage of the bow, drowning in the silver inked
notes of the scroll opened before her.

It's was like this that her mother found her at dusk. No matter what
horrible things she yelled, the young woman played. Nothing existed
except the music. Her father didn't understand it. Hearing is
little girl play cello instead of piano, he walked in her room in a
rage and slammed the door shut, making Héloïse jump. The bow hit the
strings and no sound could have been more displeasing to the woman's
hears. It's with a scream of rage that Héloïse broke everything
around her, making her parents flee the room. She grabbed her cello
and the score and flee into the night to never step back in the house
of her parents.

It was a Malkavian who found her first. Willem Mortag was crazy to a
point where even his own clan fellow were scared of him. His red
eyes followed the young woman from under his cloak. When he jumped
on Héloïse, the cloak fell back and the woman couldn't push down the
scream of terror. He violently pulled her to himself and sunk his
fangs in her neck. She cried in pain and fright.

But a presence calmed down her soul. The melody started in her mind,
accompanied by the angelic and hypnotic voice of Agneshka. "Héloïse,
don't be frightened. I'm here. I'll protect you. Be immortal… like
the melody."

It was with a peaceful soul and a smile on her lips that Héloïse
collapsed on the ground and swallowed the elixir of immortality
flowing in her throat.

The melody stayed with her until she woke up from the sleep of the
dead. It was the blue eyes of Agneshka that she saw first : blue
against violet. She took the offered hand of the Russian, helping
her to stand up.

That very same night, they had left the city. For the students of
the musical school and Héloïse's parents, the young cellist had
killed herself and the beautiful blonde had left Berlin in hope of
forgetting the violet eyes of her soul mate.

The End

You have reached the end of "Interlude of Conspiracy". This story is complete.

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