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What She Needs

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Summary: A slightly vindictive, and slightly delusional Spike notices Willows odd behavior after the Gentlemen's visit. He of course comes to the obvious conclusion that she is in love with him. :COMPLETE:

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Spike Lurks

Authors note at the end because it contains spoilers for this chapter, and if I put it at the top there, well that would kind of defy the point of having actually written a chapter that I'm actually proud of.

Claudia6913 you have my sincere and undying thanks for all your help. I bow at your feet because you deserve it. :bows:


What She Needs
Chapter 5

"So, you know I've been thinking," Tara said as she and Willow pulled to a stop in front of the apartment. It was where Willow's defacto father figure lived and where Willow's super powered friends were waiting for them. Well, where they were waiting for Willow and her big announcement, which was Tara. Only they didn't know that. Tara gulped before continuing, "Maybe we shouldn't do this."

Seeing the hurt look on Willow's face, Tara rushed to explain, "Not us!" She reassured her girlfriend, who's expression softened with relief, "Just this whole telling your friends thing. Keeping us a secret wasn't so bad. I mean, I got to keep you all to was nice."

Willow smiled and leaned across the seat to give Tara a reassuring kiss, "It'll be fine. It's not like their going to kill you. I'm mean it's not like your one of Xanders girlfriends!" Tara, strangely did not seem all to reassured at Willows words. Willow seemed to have reached a level of peace and calm on the whole situation, which did help Tara's confidence some.


He was lurking in the kitchen. He wasn't even trying to deny it. He was lurking and he was proud. 'Well not exactly proud. More like I've accepted the fact that my time among the good guys is slowly turning me into Poof Jr.' Spike sighed and glared at the wall separating him from the good guys, and then smirked as a solution presented itself, 'I'll just have to kill them more violently than originally planned.' Spike shrugged smugly, 'Which, recalling my original plan, is going to be hard to top. It's a good thing I'm me then isn't it?'

Spike cocked his head to the side as he heard a car door close out front. And then frowned when he heard a second door close. 'Must be a neighbor.' Demon Girls predictions surely weren't accurate. Someone knocked on the front door and it opened before the Watcher could get to it. Spike wandered out to the hall that connected to the living room to see what was going on.

'Hmm... guess it was the Witch.' He watched with a small amount of disgust as the Witch and her friends reunited like they'd been apart for years rather than a little over a day. He was watching as Demon Girl stood back from the group with a similar look on her face. He frowned at the sight of someone else, another blonde, standing in the doorway looking like she'd rather be taking a swan dive into an empty pool. Blonde No. 2 looked around the apartment from her position at the door, her eyes landing on him and lighting up in recognition.

'Am I seeing things? Or did Blonde No. 2 just glare at me?" Spike asked himself and found himself returning said glare, his was superior of course, if her backing up the slightest bit was anything to judge on. The Witch introduced her new friend to everyone.

Everyone except him.


"So, yeah... Why don't you all take a seat?" Wilow suggested as she walked to the couch. She saw Spike hovering in the hallway and made a quick introduction. She hadn't seen him. "Tara, this is Spike. Spike this is Tara." They didn't shake hands with each other like all the other Scoobies had done. 'Not that Spike's a Scooby. Just in the same room with them.' Instead they regarded each other coolly for a second before Willow and Tara returned their attention to the group of people now seated around the coffee table.

"So how was everyones weekend?" Willow asked receiving a few strange looks from her friends. From their slightly suspicious sounding responses Willow got the impression that their weekends didn't suck, but they knew Willow didn't call for a meeting and introduce someone new, just to see how they were. That was good.

"Well that's good." Willows answered a little to enthusiastically. She carried on as if she didn't notice, "Well, you know I have something to tell you all. Thats why I went to LA."

"Are you sleeping with Angel?" Anya interrupted, Xander looked scandalized, and Buffy looked... a little angry. Like she actually believed it was a possibility. Giles hand was moving for his glasses.

"What? No! Why would you even? Never mind. No, I didn't even see Angel this weekend."

"Wesley then?"


"What Xander? She's sleeping with someone. What is it you?" Anya asked looking at Tara. Everyone in the room except Willow, Tara, and Anya laughed at the very idea.

"Well..." Tara replied, "Yes."

The laughter immediately stopped. The sound of a door slamming and the slight squeaking of Giles eye glass cleaning cloth were the only sounds in the room for a long while.

Finally Buffy said, "Oh. Well... Oh." She repeated that twice more.

Xander kind of squeaked.

Anya looked pleased with herself for figuring out the mystery. She finally broke the silence, "Well I think thats great Willow. Now I won't have to worry about you stealing Xander like a tramp." She stood up, "I'm glad for you. And me." She turned to Xander, "You should be glad too, now I won't have to find some way to eviscerate you. Can we go now?"

Xander stood, looking like he didn't quite realize what he was doing. He nodded, probably in reply to Anya's question about their departure, and walked over to Willow. He gave Willow a very tight hug, "I'll process this and then we'll talk." He told her.

"I wouldn't ask for anything else." Willow replied hugging him back, "Thanks Xander." They released each other and Xander walked over to Tara, he made as if to pat her shoulder, as he always kind of envisioned himself doing to Oz, had he not been so... Oz-y, and then he pulled back his hand to rub the back of his neck. Tara smiled at him sympathetically and held out her hand to be shook again. He seemed pleased by that option and shook her hand before leaving with Anya.

After they left there was more silence, Willow took Xander's vacated seat.

"So." Buffy said again, she opened her mouth a few times and looked looked towards Tara significantly and then looked away.

"Um, Mr. Giles? Do you have a restroom I could use? Please?" Tara spoke up. Giles nodded and directed her down the hall. When they heard the bathroom door close, Buffy spoke up.

"So then Willow," Buffy stared at Willow as if trying to gage whether it was truly Willow. Willow smiled in response. "Your gay then?"

"Oh dear." Giles muttered to no one in particular.

"Yep. That would be me, Gay Willow, the lesbian."

"But what about Oz? And Xander? And your crush on Giles?" Buffy demanded, sounding near hysterics.

"Oh lord. I'll be leaving the room for the moment. Go on as if I made a valid excuse." Giles all but ran into the kitchen. The sound of cupboards opening and glasses clinking soon reached them.

Willow shrugged in response to Buffy's question, "I'm not sure. But I know I... well I'm pretty sure I love Tara. Or I could in the near future." She confessed, leaning towards Buffy as she confided her feelings. The way she did when they talked about boys. Or the way they used to. Buffy leaned in to, before realizing they were talking about a girl and not a boy and she leaned back the slightest bit.

"You don't like, like me do you? You know, like that?" Buffy asked looking a little worried.

"What? Of course not! No! Eww." Buffy looked affronted at Willows adamant refusal, and Willow squeaked out an apology.

"Why not? Wait, no. Don't answer that."

"So, are you okay with this?" Willow asked after a time, "I really want you to be alright with this."

Buffy Summers took the time to consider the question. She looked at Willow, her best friend, and looked towards the bathroom, where her best friends girlfriend was, and then back at Willow, who was ringing her hands and looking very worried. But calm, and happy.

"Are you happy?"

"I am." Willow answered quickly nodding her head in the affirmative.

"Well thats what really matters. And you know I love you. Not like that." Buffy rushed to elaborate, "But I do as a friend, and in time, once I process, I'll be okay with this. But for now I will be happy that your happy." Buffy nodded her head decisively, "Yes. I am happy for you. This is me, happy for you."

"Happy and not weirded out?" Willow tried.

"Happy and mostly not weirded out." She smiled at Willow, "You can probably tell your, uh, girlfriend it's okay to stop hiding in the bathroom now."


"So I think this was one of your better ideas." Tara informed Willow, they'd returned the car to the rental company, and now they were walking back to the college campus.

"Yeah well, that's what I'm known for. My good ideas."

"Oh I bet." Tara teased, swinging their linked hands the slightest bit.

"So this is nice." Willow announced, "Walking down the street in broad moonlight, together, snuggly walking. To bad no ones out to see us. Sunnydale kinda dies at night."

"Ha Ha."

"I thought so." Willow smiled as she continued, "We could walk through the cemetery. People could see us then. People who we'd probably have to kill, cause you know, evil, but still..."

"No, I think this is nice. A vampire free walk home." Tara replied, quickly curbing Willows thought process.

"Well I wouldn't go that far." A voice commented behind the couple. Making them both jump and spin around, Willow's hand going for the stake she carried in her purse. She halted that movement when she saw who it was.

"Spike. Hey! You disappeared!" Willow noticed for the first time. She hadn't seen him since she had introduced him to her girlfriend. 'My girlfriend' Willow mentally squealed tightening her hold on Tara's hand in giddiness. "Why'd you do that?"

"I figured it was a friends only conversation. Hey." He nodded at Tara. Who nodded back, and likewise tightened her grip on Willows hand.

"Oh well, your a friend." Willow looked at Spike apologetically as he grimaced at her words, "Our scary only there to tease and to exploit our weaknesses friend." She quickly added, he looked mildly appeased at that.

"Well, I'll let you be on your way now." Spike pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his duster, he shook one out and lit it, "I'll see you later then."

"Bye Spike." Tara waved with her free hand before they turned around and started back towards their destination. They'd only gotten a few feet when Spike called after them,

"Hey! Congratulations, Willow." He had ducked down an alley and disappeared by the time Willow had opened her mouth to say thanks.


The End

Authors Note: That was the end. For now at least, I'm planning a sequel. I'm sorry this story didn't end up completly as promised. It's more Willow/Tara than Willow/Spike I'm not sure how it ended up that way. It just did. Think of it as a prequel to a story set in the future of Buffyverse, wherein (I promise) Willow and Spike will get together.

The End

You have reached the end of "What She Needs". This story is complete.

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