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What She Needs

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Summary: A slightly vindictive, and slightly delusional Spike notices Willows odd behavior after the Gentlemen's visit. He of course comes to the obvious conclusion that she is in love with him. :COMPLETE:

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Spike-CenteredalltherealiceFR1557,996022,30716 May 0416 May 04Yes

What She Needs

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all the inhabitants of it’s universe do not belong to me. It’s sad, I know, because I could make them do such funny things, but the fact remains that if I was charging you admission to read this story, and claiming I owned it, I would be sued and that would be sad. They all belong to Joss Whedon.

A/N: Takes place in Season 4 after the Gentlemen. I know Spike should probably be living with Xander or in his crypt, but I don’t want him to, so he and Giles are still living together.

I want to thank my beta Missy, whose help improved this story a lot more than I would of seen had she not offered to help. Thank you!!

What She Needs

By Alltherealice

Spike looked over at The Witch, that’s what he called her in his head, and whenever he referenced her in the conversations with his cohabitants. Well, really only The Watcher was an official cohabitant. He chose to call their living situation that, because there was no way he was calling Rupert Giles a flat mate, or god forbid a room mate which conjured up images of giggling teenage girls who painted each others finger nails.

The others he referenced as cohabitants, because they were there often enough to consider paying The Watcher rent. Just as a courtesy. Which they should have as they were the "good guys" the bleeding white hats and all.

The Witch had been acting weird ever since the Gentlemen arrived in town a few months earlier. But then if he really thought about it, he would have to say that the Witch was usually acting weird. 'As she is weird and all,' Spike thought.

She seemed to get lost in her thoughts a lot more; she would fidget and blush, and avoid looking at any of the others in the room while she had these thoughts.

Spike was pretty sure he knew what the reason behind all this was. She had a crush on him. He didn't blame her as he was a prime example of what a real vampire should be; at least he had been before he got the chip tucked snugly into his brain.

PC (Pre Chip) he had been a gorgeous, evil, undead creature of the night who killed puppies and virgins and had sex. A lot of sex.

And now, while he was still gorgeous, and evil, and undead, he had adapted to the Scoobie teams hours. It was hard to get any bleeding sleep while they were stirring up a racket over the evil of the week. And he killed, but his kills were now more of the puppy killer and virgin killer variety. And the sex part was kind of lacking.

He still had sex, mind you; it was just usually with himself.

If his current line of thinking was correct, and he was practically positive it was, he was having a lot of sex currently, just in the Witch's mind.

Then again the Witch was so fluffy, and non evil, and sweet that they were probably just holding hands and saving babies and watching Interview With a Vampire.

Spike sighed and meandered over to the couch, a mug of blood warming his undead hand as he settled on the couch, for what promised to be a *fun filled* evening of ‘Guess Which Demon Needs to Be Killed Tonight.’

Or Early Tomorrow Morning, Spike amended as they crack team of demon experts continued to come up with nil on the slimy creature 4 hours later.

It almost made him want to tell them that it was a Dibner demon, his name was Earl, and he was planning on feasting on the elderly in less than 24 hours.

It was really kind of sad when you lived a vicariously evil life through someone named Earl. Though he realized this, it just made him madder, and made him want to tell the Slayer even less.

'Take that you annoying bint,’ he thought angrily and glared at the Slayer over the rim of his empty mug as he got up off the couch and went to refill it.

The fact that Chubs was cursing at the books and had yet to find Earl, didn't hurt either. Smirking as he entered the kitchen he stashed the book he'd been using as a coaster in a random kitchen drawer.

Yeah, he was still evil.

When he returned to the research room he noticed that the Witch had taken up residence on his couch, obviously in an attempt to sit by him without being obvious. The fact that the arm rest easily served as a makeshift computer table only served to solidify the fact to her friends that she was just there out of necessity.

He knew better, he was older and wiser, and he noticed the slightly glazed look in the Witch's eyes. It was lust; he could read it a mile away. Again he really didn't blame her.

Sighing loudly to convey the fact he was not pleased to be stuck in a study session, he settled onto the same couch closer to the Witch than was probably necessary, but no one noticed as they tended to ignore him anyway. Which only worked to his favor as a plan of evil deviousness quickly built itself in his head. Casually laying one arm over the back of the couch he leaned over to get a look at the Witch's laptop. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow, scooting over so she was pressed fully against the arm rest so there was more space between them.

She obviously didn't trust herself near him.

He gave her a genuine smile, but one that looked like it was forced, so she didn't get suspicious or anything. It was a kind of, I really hate being here, how 'bout you? She just gave him a near smile which made her look vaguely nauseous, before turning her full attention back to the computer screen and scooting further away from him. He watched her covertly out of the corner of his eye and noticed a few minutes later that she started blushing as she hit the keys on her laptop furiously before closing the screen down and standing off the couch in a hurry.

"Hey Buff. Since we're not really finding anything, and I have class early tomorrow, I'm gonna head back to the dorm and try and get a few hours sleep. Ok? Ok." She didn't wait for a response just shoved her computer book into her bag and headed for the door. Spike stood as well and headed for the kitchen, dumping his mug in the sink he retrieved the book from the drawer and casually deposited it on one of the many stacks as he retrieved his coat from where it was draped over a chair.

"Where are you going Spike?" The Watcher asked, barely glancing up from the book he was studying.

"Who cares?" The Boy interjected from where he was sitting on the floor with his legs spread out beneath the coffee table. Demon Girl was sitting back to back with him, she was asleep.

"Well," Spike answered, a lie quickly forming itself in his mind, "I wasn't aware we were just allowed to up and leave when we got bored, so as I'm bored, and have been since the moment I woke up this morning, I figured I would go find something to kill." And with no more ado he high tailed it out of The Watchers apartment heading in the direction he saw the Witch shrinking into.

He quickly caught up with her, as he was preternaturally fit and all. She was only walking at a brisk pace in the direction of the campus. The Witch jumped when she saw him appear by her side silently. "What do you want?" She asked, somewhat nastily. He mentally frowned at that, because girls weren't generally nasty to the boys they liked.

'Men.' He amended.

'Vampires.' He re-amended. 'Nasty, evil, infuriatingly handsome vampires. Yeah, that sounded right.'

"What? Isn't this a free country? Isn't that what your whole country was built upon? Freedom of life and speech for it's citizens?" He demanded.

"You’re not a citizen Spike. You’re British and you’re dead. You’re probably here illegally as well." She reminded him, all of that was true. He technically was an "illegal alien" as they generally didn't hand out passports to the walking dead, but he didn't worry about semantics, he was an evil mastermind after all. That’s what minions were for.

"Well that was kind of hurtful Pet." He called her pet when he was talking to her because he occasionally had trouble remembering her name and he was pretty sure she wouldn't appreciate being called The Witch.

"So," She said, giving him her best imitation of an evil glare. "You're evil you probably enjoy hurtful things." She started walking faster, muttering something under her breath which sounded like something along the lines of "something, something, something Vampire something else Freak." He smiled to himself and walked a little faster to catch up with her.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" He questioned and heard her sigh in response and turn a corner sharply.

"Why are you following me?" She asked suddenly stopping and turning to look at him, he ground to a stop next to her and rolled his eyes.

"I'm not following you," He informed her, "I'm heading to the cemetery to kill some nasties, and I figured since we were going in the same direction we could walk together. I could protect you should some nasty vacate the cemetery bounds, and you could have the pleasure of my company." He shrugged, "It's a win, win situation as far as I can see."

"Well, Spike, as much as I enjoy being insulted and intimidated by you, I think I can make it back to campus on my lonesome. Seeing as I have survived in this town a lot longer than you. Thanks for the offer though."

Spike smiled as he watched her walk away, shrinking into the distance. She was a good block away when he started following her again, watching with a shake of his platinum blond head as she cut into the cemetery for a shortcut.
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