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First Contact

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Summary: When searching a uninhabited planet Teal'c & SG1 find a visitor that will shock and surprise

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Stargate > Anya-CenteredautumnrosesFR131268045,52316 May 0416 May 04Yes
Disclaimer/Author's Note: I do NOT own Anya from BTVS or any characters from SG1 although I REALLY wish that I did. Its not set durning a definate timeline

Near the end of their of their most recent mission through the stargate to an uninhabited planet Jack observes Teal’c running quickly back towards the group.

“Teal’c what’d you find?”

“I have found a woman Colonel O’Neill.”

“Really? You found a woman on a deserted planet full of sand?” Jack asked with a smirk. “So … Who’s the lucky girl?”

“I left her over there behind the sand dune where I first encountered her.”

“I thought this planet was uninhabited?” Asked Daniel coming up behind Jack.

“It is.” Replied Teal’c. “She told me that she is mearly here on holiday.”

“Holiday? Teal’c, big guy, I think that we’ve had you in the sun too long today.”

“I am perfectly fine O’Neill although I suggest that we leave this place.”


“HEY BIG, STRONG AND NON – TALKING! IS YOUR SEXY BUTT OVER THERE?” Anya yelled from the top of the sand dune.

Teal’c, Jack and Daniel looked up at her.


“SAM!” Jack called out “Start dialing….NOW!”

“What? But sir…”

“Just do it now Carter!” Jack screamed as he, Teal’c, and Daniel began running towards the gate, Anya running the dune behind them.

“HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? DON’T YOU WANT ORGASAMS? She yelled as the members of SG1 bounded through the stargate to the safety of Earth.

“Oh well maybe I’ll catch them back on Earth.” She finished with a smirk.

The End

You have reached the end of "First Contact". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking