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Sharing the Good News

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Summary: (X-over with Drumline) After a decisive victory, the good news MUST be spread to all important to you.

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Title: Sharing the Good News
Author: Ped
Summary: After a decisive victory, the good news MUST be spread to all important to you.
Rating: PG
Crossover: BTVS/Drumline
Disclaimer: Nothing familiar here belongs to me. Not Forrest Gates from BTVS, nor Sean Taylor from "Drumline". Forrest's character belongs to Crackhead Joss Whedon, Mutant enemy and Fox Studios; and Sean's character belongs to Tina Gordon Chism, Charles Stone III, and Fox Studios. The acting behind both characters, which made me want to write this piece belongs to Leonard Roberts. The words herein and the story concept are mine all mine.
Challenge: TTH 20- minutes with Forrest

A young man dressed in Yellow and Purple, especially a letterman style jacket with the words "Cougars" on the back walks up to a funeral marker. "Hey, Cuz."

He smiles to himself and sits down beside the marker, putting a newspaper article against it. "Just wanted to let you know that A and T won the Big Southern Classic this year. Lots of hard work and Mini-me and I worked well together for the first time all year. I told you about Mini-me, right?"

He smiled again. "Yes, Forrest, I know I stole your nickname for me, but it fits Devon rather well. I think this kid's going to rule the Drumline when I graduate next year. Anyway, back to Mini-me, he's a scholarship kid from Harlem, and didn't start learning how to read music until we started putting together the Big Southern Classic music arrangements. I think you would've enjoyed it, Forrest. I mean we were playing 'ABC' after all." he stopped to smile at the way he used to tease his older cousin about liking THAT particular Jackson Five song.

"So, I was talking with Aunt Teresa last night, and she STILL hasn't gotten your body from the Army yet. Makes it sitting on the ground here talking to an empty grave seem stupid, doesn't it? But you were always my favorite cousin, Forrest, and I know you would've taken me out to get me drunk last year when I made Section leader... just like you did when I made P1 just before you shipped out to Sunnydale."

He stops a moment and looks at the marker. "Forrest, I can hear you now, 'Mini-me stop being an idiot and go celebrate the victory. A&T hasn't won in a few years, and the Alma mater needs to celebrate.' Yeah, I'll do that, Forrest, right after I leave here. Thanks for listening, Cuz. I'll probably be back on your birthday." He stood up and walked out, brushing a single tear from his right cheek as he left the cemetery.

Back at the grave marker a man similar in appearance to the one that just left, but slightly more rugged appears and looks after the departing man. Then he turns to look at the newspaper clipping. "You're right, Sean, I'd have said that. I'd have ALSO asked you when you started violating common sense dress codes and wore your letter jacket out in public. Definitely see you on my birthday, Mini-me."

A whiff of air lifted the newspaper cliping from the grave marker... and the cemetery was quiet once again.

"Lt. Forrest Gates, US Army
November 17, 1976 - May 16, 2000
He is gone from our lives... but he is still leading the line in our hearts."


The End

You have reached the end of "Sharing the Good News". This story is complete.

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