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Feel the Power

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Summary: *sequel to Battle Mode* The X-Men makes an unpleasant trip to Bahamas. W/Logan/Spike

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Feel the Power

disclaimer : BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and mutant enemy. X-Men belongs to Marvel and the company which did the movie.


Part One


There was a school at the end of a lost road in the woods outside of New York. At the end of the road a visitor could see a high rock fence with a small inscription beside the two metal gates :

The principal was Charles Xavier, an old man that provided all the financial needs of the students and teachers. He curently sat in his weelchair and showed some teens diagrams on the board. It was a electrical circuit, very basic physics.

In an other part of the school, two supernatural beings were fighting under the very attentive eyes of their public. The two of them were tall and muscular. One had dark hair, the other, light one. The two were older than they appeared to be. And just to make the list of similarities continue on and on, they shared the same lover, a cute little red head.

In the basement, a series of highly protected doors and hidden passageways lead to a complete lab. There, near the table, were standing two women, one younger than the other. The first one was black with striking white hair, the second wore long gloves and had two spot of white in her brown hair. A book on physical energy lay opened before them.

On the ground level, the main hall lead to a small cafeteria. Near the fridges stood two of the older students, or X-Men in training, a blond boy and a red haired girl. “You know, I don’t even want to know what they put in those FROZEN lunch for microwave,” the girl said in a teasing voice. The boy glared at her when she continued. “At least, I’m sure it’s better for my wealth then Mr. Freeze.” She laughed out loud and the boy finally gave out too.


A brown haired woman was laying on her back on a towel spred on the white sand of the beach. A man with red sunglasses coming out of the sea looked at her long tanned legs. He got to where she was laying and sat down on his own towel next to her. The woman turned toward him. “Maybe we should take vacation like that more than once per year... or lesser than that since it is my first vacation ever.” The guy laughed and slapped her leg lightly.

* * *

“We’ve got two mutants on our tracer, sir.”

An old man came toward the small guy that worked on the tracer. “Where are they?”

“The two of them are on a beach a couple of miles from here. Should I deploy the team?”

A gleam of pleasure appeared in the older man eyes and he nodded. “Oh yeah! Bring them back and put them with the others in the basement.”

“Yes sir.”

* * *

Jean suddenly sat up on her towel. She looked around her in distress. Cyclops looked at her strangely. “What is it, Jean?”

The brown haired woman shook her head. “I don’t know. ‘ Just had a weird feeling, that’s all.” But still, she tried to see something through the trees behind them. She saw something metallic flash because of the sun. Her eyes narrowed. “Oh shit! Up!” She pulled Cyclops up with her, just giving him the time to see the same thing as her. They ran to the path that led back to the hotel.

Cyclops looked in the bag he’d grab when standing up. “Damn!”

Jean turned her head. “What is it, Scott?”

He cursed again under his breath. “I forgot my visor in our room.”

“Than run faster and we will get it faster!” she yelled. She accelerated her rythm. She screamed when something came out from the forest just in front of them. It was a car. Some guy ran toward her but Cyclops tackled him from the side. Jean looked back at the car and saw one of the men leveled a dart gun at her. She lift up her hand just as he pulled the trigger. The dart stopped right in front of her face, turned around and went straight back to the ‘owner’ of it. He fell asleep immediatly. She never saw the woman with an hypodermic needle come behind her until she felt it in her neck. [Professor!] She fell to the ground, unconscious.

Cyclops stopped beating the guy to a pulp and started toward Jean when another man with a dart gun stepped out of the trees. He felt the dart enter his chest just before slipping asleep.

* * *

Wildcat suddenly stopped laughing at Iceman when she felt something go through her. She closed her eyes and heard it : [Professor!] It was like a plead and it was Jean’s voice. Startled, the red head opened her eyes and dropped her lunch down. She turned toward the boy beside her. “Professor’s office. Now!” She ran out the cafeteria down the main hall directly to the gym class and burst through the door... litterally. Pieces of wood flew everywhere but she didn’t even noticed, nor did she saw the students looking at her strangely.

Without any explanation, she grabbed Spike and Wolverine’s hand and pulled them behind her. They did their best to keep up with her but the fear in her was making the wildcat in control and her speed was too great even for them. Spike tried to ask her what was going on. “Red, was is it?”

She didn’t turned her head. “Shut up, run and you’ll know!” she yelled. She just kept on running.

The door to Xavier’s office was already opened. Last time there was an emergency meeting and they’d kept it closed, Wildcat had burst through it and the office had been opened for a couple of days. She entered the office in a hurry and saw that Storm, Rogue and Iceman were already there. Two tired body bumped in her and she glared at them. “Sit down you two! You look ready to drop.” When they did nothing, she pointed the chairs. “Sit!” They sat down.

Rogue chuckled. “Do they roll over and play dead too?” she couldn’t help but ask.

Wolverine grinned. “Spike’s already dead.”

The blond vampire pouted than faced Rogue and flashed her a smile. “It depends on the reward.”

Rogue heard Wildcat gasp and laughed out loud. Those three always teased each other. It was in their nature it seemed. Spike was a vampire, so it seemed normal that he always made sexually tinged jokes. A vampire was overly sexed by definition. Wildcat and Wolverine were ‘beast’ in a way. Their mutation made them in some king of animal. They were running on instinct. Everybody knew the three of them were ‘together’. It wasn’t a secret and nobody really cared anyway. After all, it was mutants in this school so a 'ménage à trois' wasn’t very abnormal in this atmosphere.

Xavier looked at the small redhead. “You felt it didn’t you, Willow?”

“Yeah. Before I came here about two or three years ago, I was into witchcraft, I told you that. I’ve still got some power even if I stopped practicing.”

The others looked puzzled, exchanging glances. “What happened?” Storm asked.

Wildcat looked at the other oldest X-Men that had been friend with Jean and Cyclops for years. “We received a distress call by telepathy a couple of minutes ago. Jean sent it.”


Xavier’s broke it. “I’ll plug myself to Cerebro. I’ll do my best to find them. It may be vague since they are far away, but it’s a start. Willow, I want you on the net. Try to find anything, everything on what happened to them. Bobby, I’d like for you to make a call in Sunnydale to see if is anything prophetic or demonic. Rogue, Logan, Spike, bring equipment and weapons in the basement just in case we have to leave in a hurry.”

Spike stood up. “I just have a phone call to make before I do that. Start ahead and I’ll join the two of you as soon as I’m finished.” He headed toward his room, Rogue and Wolverine toward the training room, Wildcat toward the computer room, Iceman to the public phones and Storm with the professor to the secret passageway that lead to the basement.

* * *


“Here’s the deal,” Wildcat explained, facing the other X-Men from this morning meeting. “Professor’s try on Cerebro was successful but very vague. The only thing we know is that they are still on Bahamas island. My research on the net came up with a big fat zero. There’s absolutly nothing about it on the net. Iceman made a call to Giles in Sunnydale and it wasn’t very fruitful either on the side of the Hellmouth research center. Giles says there’s no prophecy for the moment and there’s no powerful event in the south. So I’d say it is not something that scares the demonic population or the rumor would have made its way up to Willy’s bar. As for the good news, the jet is ready as well as our small weaponry that might be useful on a rescue mission. I thought we could go there and search on the Bahamas island. The problem is we have nowhere to stay because we don’t have any connection there, no house and I doubt there is place for all of us in an hotel, so that isn’t such a good idea after all.”

Spike stood up and walked beside her. “Then maybe I can bring some hope... or not if you consider the news.” All heads turned toward him. “I made a phone call in South america this morning. My contact has a house on the island and is willing for us to use it on the condition that he is allowed to help us. The other thing, not so good this one, is that it’s a demonic/mutant thing going on. None threatening to the world. That’s why there is no rumor about what happened to Jean and the pillock, I mean Cyclops.”

Xavier thought for a few moments, then agreed. “I suggest you get on that jet and bring the two love birds back home. Good luck!”

They walked to the basement in direction of the jet. Wolverine stayed in the back with Spike. “Who did you call, Blondie?” he whispered so the red head couldn’t hear him.

The vampire whispered back. “Drusilla’s new demon lover.”

Wolverine chuckled. “I’d say it’s going to be fun seing Willow’s reaction when she sees her.”

“Indeed.” The two men shared a smile.
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