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Xander Half

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Summary: Xander's pops flogs him off at a young age. To about the only man who could be a worse parent.

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Anime > Ranma 1/2AlanPFR7108,32411116,02917 May 041 Aug 04No

Xander Half

Summary: Xander's pops flogs him off at a young age.

Crossover: Ranma 1/2

Disclaimer: I own nothing! You can prove nothing!

Feedback: Rein of the Coalm

Pre-fic Comments:

I have no idea why I'm getting all these ideas. Perhaps I'm
subconsciously trying to avoid working on that *&%$ing DSP.

As before, "* blah *" indicates foreign speech.

* * *

Genma sat at the bar, depressed. He'd come to this foreign land in order
for the boy to learn from the American Indians. Well, that was what he
had said to the boy. In truth, Genma had learnt of the great wealth of
the American government and was hoping that they wouldn't miss a few

It hadn't gone so well. His normal method of getting money fast didnt
work -- usually, he'd have arranged a marriage between some chit and the
boy, steal the dowry, then make for the next town. These gaijin didn't
go in for arranged marriage, it seemed. And the Government was extremely
fond of it's money, and didn't really feel like letting Genma borrow

So here he was, drinking away the last of his money.

"Stupid boy," he muttered, not quite sloshed enough for his English to

"Know what you mean," the man besides him said in mutual misery. "The
boy's mother keeps taking him to those karate classes. That's drinking
money she's using to pay for it. What's a six year old gonna do with a
karate chop?"

A possible solution to the problem of the Master glimmered in Genma's
eyes. He'd first sound out the man.

"I'm training my boy in martial arts," the fat man in the karate gi
said. "We're just in America to learn some things, then we're going back
to Japan. Or maybe to India."

"You can have mine as well," the American man said. "I mean it."

This was better than Genma had expected. "How about I train him, take
him with me, he'll go back to you when he's sixteen?"

Of course, he'd have handed him to the Master as a student of the
Anything Goes Martial Arts by then as a scapegoat, but this American
didn't need to know that.

"Sure!," Tony Harris said. "Bobby, get us paper and pen! I'm making this

"Let's drink to it!," Genma said.

Harris happily joined him, seeing a lot more beer money in the future.

* * *

to Alexander Harris and wife to the aforementioned Tony screeched.

The hung over man winced. "Hey, the boy comes back to us trained in the
martial arts in ten years!"


"Think of the savings! Think of the career for Alex!," Tony pleaded. "A
good sensei makes a lot of money, Genma said!"

Jessica was being convinced. This sounded good.

And her friend Jack D agreed.

* * *

"Xander, promise to come back?," Willow asked. She had just managed to
get a hold of Xander before he left.

"Sure," Xander said. "I'm gonna come back a powerful martial artist!"

The little redheaded girl gave him a yellow crayon. "You have to come
back to return that to me, now. I saw that in a movie, but with dog

Xander nodded solemnly, putting the crayon in his backpack.

* * *

"*I beat ya again!,*" Ranma said to his new friend. Pops had said that
they were training the new boy as well.

Ranma was better than him, but Xander was catching up fairly quickly.

"*Will win next,*" Xander said slowly. Full immersion seemed to be
working -- he was quickly picking up Japanese.

"*Enough of this girlish chatter!,*" Genma said in his 'wise sensei'
stance. "*Now, you are both learning a special technique today!*"

"*What's that, pops?,*" Ranma asked eagerly, Xander nodding.

"*The Neko-Ken for Ranma, and Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire for

* * *

Ten Long Years Pass.

* * *

The streets of Sunnydale felt the presence of a long gone person
returning. He had left a puny boy, and was returning a powerful man.

Well, not /entirely/ man, but no one knew.

"I still say we shouldn't've ditched the panda," Ranma argued with
Xander. Both were dressed in Chinese silks, Ranma in his black pants and
red shirt and Xander in black pants and shirt.

"You heard what he had planned for you," Xander said. "Ranko."

"Hey! I ain't no girl!," Ranma protested. "T-chan."

Xander's eyes narrowed. "Yeah? For all you know, Genma-sensei arranged a
marriage with a boy. He didn't say that Mr Tendo had any girls."

Ranma conceded the point. "Yeah, I wouldn't put it past the old man.
Where'd you say your old man and mum lived?"

"Here," Xander said. He knocked on the door, getting a fairly swift

"Who're you?," the man asked, can of beer in hand.

"I'm Xander," he said. "Don't you recognise me?"

"Bugger off," Tony said, "and don't come back."

The door slammed in his face.

"I'm not camping out again," Ranma said. "I'm starting to feel like

"Maybe Willow will let us stay at her place," Xander said. "I vaguely
remember her, she was nice. Kinda like your U-chan."

* * *

Post-Fic Comments:

Yeah, yet another plot bunny.
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