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Summary: Ye Olde Halloweene Fic. With vampires. (On hold.)

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Anime > Hellsing
Games > Horror > BloodRayne
AlanPFR725,337067,81517 May 0417 May 04No


Summary: Ye Olde Halloweene Fic. With vampires.

Crossover: Hellsing and Blood Rayne

Disclaimer: All I own are some bottles of whiskey and one of Galliano

Feedback: Sure!

* * *

Buffy looked over the grinning plastic pumpkin. It was orange, had a
gap-toothed grin and was utterly banal beyond a badly digitized scream.
Why was she looking at it again?

She put it down in favour of looking for Willow. Who then came to her.

"What'd you get?," Buffy asked. She couldn't wait to see what her clever
friend had chosen. A seductress of the night, or a raver... a complete
one eighty from her normal Willowy self.

The redhead grinned in triumph. "A time honoured classic!"

She held up a package with a ghost costume. A sheet with eye holes and
'Boo!' printed on it. Buffy groaned.

"Okay, Will, can I give you a little friendly advice?" Friends never let
friends dress badly.

"It's not spooky enough?," Willow asked, letting a little kid and his
frowning mother past to look at the demon costumes.

"It's just... you're never gonna get noticed like that. You're missing
the whole point of Halloween," Buffy explained. Willow was a smart
cookie, she'd've thought that her friend would've picked this up.

"Free candy?," Willow asked, her grin returning at the thought of
chocolatey goodness.

"It's come as you aren't night," Buffy continued. "The perfect chance
for a girl to get sexy and wild with no repercussions!"

"Oh, I don't--," Willow began, a frown creasing her face.

"Come on, we can look for another costume while I find mine," Buffy
said, convincing Willow to go along with her.

* * *

Elsewhere in the store, Xander Harris was looking for his. He had
initially planned on something like a soldier costume. But all of those
made in sizes for the over ten crowd were out of stock. So he was
'browsing' through the small shop. He felt like Cordelia. Ugh. What was
this rack? He looked at the label attached to the display. 'Cosplay'?
What was that?

The shopkeeper appeared at his elbow. He was thin, and had a baggy red
dress shirt on.

"What's 'cosplay'?," Xander asked. The term was weird -- he'd never
heard it, nor overheard any of the fashion junkies at school say it.

"Fascinating, really. It means dressing up as your favourite character
from a TV show," the man explained. He must be 'Ethan', Xander thought.

"Oh... say, what's this one with the long red coat and the hat?," Xander
asked. It had a shoulder harness with two large handgun mockups in it,
which had attracted his attention.

"Character called 'Alucard', from the Hellsing series in Japan. Most
people who've seen it like him," the shopkeeper explained.

Cordelia appeared out of nowhere, like a ninja at night.

"It would be a waste on you, Xander," she commented. "You'd manage to
make even this look bad."

"Hey!," Xander protested. "I could look good in this!"

"Yeah, right," Queen C snorted. "I'm just being honest here."

And with that, she was gone.

"So, that costume?," Ethan breezily chirped.


* * *

After finding Buffy and Willow in the packed little store, he'd
proceeded to watch Buffy pick out a dress that looked to be made of more
material than Cordelia's total wardrobe. Xander didn't really think that
the billowy dress was Buffy, but it was her choice.

"Now, for a better costume for you, Willow," Buffy announced.

"What? Has Willow suddenly lost her costume sense?," Xander asked.
"Maybe she could borrow some off Batman."

"There's nothing wrong with a ghost costume," Willow argued, then
blushed as she realised the disbelieving looks she was getting. "If, of
course, you want to go for the classic look. Which I thought might be a
good idea--"

"Okay, Wills, I think we can go a little better than that," Xander
replied. "There's a stand of great costumes over there, on the 'Cosplay'
display. They're all our size, and not kiddy sized."

"You could go on a diet," Willow teased.

"Take my life, but not my Twinkies!," Xander postured.

"This one looks good," Buffy said, pulling out a black and red leather
outfit. A pair of moving blades were attached to the gloves. "What do
you think, Xander, Will?"

Buffy held it up against the furiously blushing Willow.

"Well, well, well...," Xander mused. "You can do it!"

"Oh, please," Cordelia chipped in. "Willow, you'd manage to make this
look like a knitted cardigan. Of the Christmas present variety."

"Hey!," Willow yelled. "I could do this, if I wanted to. Which I might,
since it is nice, and a friend picked it out, and--"

"Whatever," Cordelia dismissed her. "I'm going to get my costume at a
better shop than this."

And she departed a second time, this time for good.

"Okay," Xander said, "That decides it, Will. I picked my costume because
she thought I couldn't do it. I'm going to prove her wrong, and I think
you should too."

Willow had her Resolve Face on. "I am! I'm--say, what is this costume of

The proprieter popped up again. "Blood Rayne, from the computer game.
Charming girl. In the game, she works for an organisation resembling a
Council, and kills zombie and vampire Nazis."

"Really?," Buffy says, curious. "Sounds interesting."

"And now we arrive at the crucial moment," Ethan said. "The moment on
which your happiness and trick or treating rest."

Xander blinked. "Ummm... do we have to do kareoke or some task to hire

"Cash, or credit card?"

* * *

Buffy looked through her clipboard, trying to remember the names of the
kids she had been assigned to look after. Snyder interrupted her
perusal, bringing the children.

"This is your group, Summers. No need to speak to them. The last thing
they need is your influence. Just bring them back in one piece and I
won't expel you," the short, balding man snapped. "It's good to know
that you, at least, can be trusted to not dress as a troublemaker."

The Slayer bent down to greet her charges. "Hi, I'm--"

"Ah, ah!," Snyder said.

Further down the hall, Xander had his group in a line. Well, an almost

"Okay, for extra candy, tears are good. You can try 'you missed me', but
that only works well for old people. Understood?," he said, adjusting
the widebrimmed hat.

The kids nodded, even if it was teaching kids how to cadge more free

"Okay, let's go," Xander commanded.

* * *

Willow had managed to avoid Xander and Buffy once they'd gotten to
school. She selfconsciously adjusted the closefitting leather singlet,
trying to get it to show less than it actually did. And reminded herself
to be careful with her arms, so the blunt blades wouldn't catch on

The jewish girl still wasn't sure how Buffy had managed to talk her into
it. The costume was worth it, though, just to see Queen C's face.

So far, her kids had made quite a respectable haul, almost filling their
loot bags. The only low point of the evening had been at Mrs Davis'
house -- the old woman, as always, was handing out toothbrushes in stern

"C'mon guys," Willow encouraged as they came to one of the last houses.

A kid in a green mask pushed the doorbell, then stepped back. Once the
old lady opened the door, the children chorused "Trick or treat!"

"Oh my goodness! Aren't you adorable?," the old lady said, reaching for
her bowl of lollies to hand out. "Oh dear! Am I all out?"

She looked around, drawing a blank. "I'm sorry, Mister Monster. Maybe

* * *

Xander jerked to a stop, feeling something strange pass over him.

The grey suit under the long red coat shimmered slightly. Suddenly the
plastic handguns were a lot heavier in the weapons harness, and he could
feel the weight of things in his pockets. Something made a gentle
sloshing noise.

Alucard blinked. What was he doing in some town? North America, by the
look of it. One with hellish monsters on it. Ah well -- he was a monster
himself, he could kill them with impunity.

The tall vampire drew his Casull from under his coat, lining up the
barrel with the small fiends before a young woman in a... cat costume?
grabbed his arm.

"Hey! Xander, you can't kill them! They're just little kids!," the girl
screamed at him.

"They're monsters," Alucard pointed out. "And who's Xander? I'm Alucard,
of the Hellsing Institute."

Cordelia blinked. "No, you're not. You're Xander Harris, under a spell
or something."

The old vampire paused, spiritually feeling his energies. They were
strange, as if they didn't belong to him for some reason. He thought on
it for awhile, stretching his senses to the rest of the small town. He
could feel a female like him, and a very weak male vampire. Both had the
strange not-fitting energies.

There were numerous other vampires in this small town, but none worthy
of his attention. Except for a few, most were less than a century old.

"Perhaps," he agreed. "Come. It's a beautiful night tonight."

"Just great," Cordelia muttered. "I get landed with the bloodsucking

Alucard, hearing this, just grinned.

Cordelia spotted what was Willow. The girl with shoulderlength carrot
coloured hair was dressed in tight leather and silk, lines of flesh
showing where her leggings met the singlet part of her costume. Fangs
showed as she snarled at a small demon that she had kicked onto the
ground, and was about to decapitate with her blades.

Cordelia screamed, "STOP!"

Rayne looked at the woman in the cat-suit. "What?"

"They're humans under a spell," Alucard explained. The vampire was
finding all this exceedingly amusing.

"You're kidding," Rayne said. "Where's the spellcaster?"

"What's with all this killing?," Cordelia asked no one. "Am I the only
non-homicidal person here?"

The two vampires looked at her, a grin on their faces.

"Okay, ignore that. Everyone, to Summers' house. She's the Slayer, she
can handle this," Cordelia decided.

Alucard pulled out a bag of medical blood, idly sucking on the contents.
"Want some?"

Rayne nodded, draining the bag then tossing it aside.

"Rayne, I can bring the people that we're supposed to be back," Alucard
said to his fellow bloodsucker as they followed the cat lady.

Rayne nodded. "Sure. As long as I don't die."

* * *

The Lady screamed. She was alone, there was no man to protect her, and
/monsters/ were running loose! She'd narrowly avoided a screaming demon
with brilliant lights, and was catching her breath leaning against a

"Buffy?," a man approaching her asked. "What's going on?"

"Who... who are you?," the Lady asked. "I don't like this place! I want
to go home!"

"You don't remember who you are?," Angel wondered. "Let's find Giles."

* * *

At the school library, Giles was sorting the card catalog, when Angel
and Buffy in a gown and wig burst in the doors. It would be more
accurate to say Angel burst in, dragging Buffy behind him.

"Good heavens, what is the matter?," Giles asked.

"She's forgotten who she is," Angel explained, "and so have all the
other kids who have dressed up."

* * *

A peroxide blonde vampire in a black longcoat wandered down one of
Sunnydale's streets, in wonderland. Monsters and the odd vampire were
running past him, chasing terrified people.

"Well! This... this is just neat!," the British undead exclaimed.

The sight of Buffy in a red gown, appearing utterly terrified with Angel
pulling her along caught his eye. He'd have to have some fun. But first
things first...

He grabbed one of the monsters, changing to his game face.

* * *

"So, where is the rest of the group?," Giles asked Angel. Buffy was of
no use, refusing to research and refusing to help plan.

"I don't know. My first guess would be Buffy's house," the Irish vampire
thought out loud.

"Well. Off we go then," Giles said, grabbing some stakes and a crossbow
from the cabinet in the book cage.

* * *

Cordelia and Joyce looked on the two vampires in the back yard,
clutching some steak knives that Joyce had had in the kitchen. Alucard
was causing some red lined designs to appear in the air, like a drawing
on a huge piece of transparency paper. The red lines flared as the two
appeared to turn solid black.

The two vampires, one female in leather, and the other male in a suit,
coat and hat, fell to the ground, memories and personalities merging.

Giles, Angel and Buffy appeared, the two mortals breathless from the
run. After Cordelia filled them in on what had happened, the Lady
decided she had had enough.

"I hate this place! I hate you all, and I just want to go home!" And
with that, she burst into tears.

Alucard/Xander got up, rubbing his head.

"That hurt... ow. Will, remind me never to buy possessed costumes
again," Xander said. He felt something tickling his mouth slightly, and
ran his tongue over his teeth experimentally.

"Uh... Giles? We seem to have a problem," he said nervously.
Rayne/Willow had reached the same conclusion after a moment.

"Uh, what has happened now?," Giles asked. This was getting strange.
Well, stranger than normal.

"I still seem to be a vampire. But a Xander-like vampire, with
Xander-like memories as well as Alucard memories."

"Me too," Willow chipped in. "Well, except for the Xander-like part.
Mine is more Willow-like, since I'm Willow and all."

Giles took his glasses off, rubbing the bridge of his nose in an attempt
to stave off a headache. "Cordelia, you don't seem to be affected like
all the others. Why is that?"

Queen C looked triumphant. "/I/ don't shop at crummy places like Ethan's
Costumes. /I/ shopped at Partytown. Not that I'll get my deposit back --
did you see what Jo Jo The Dogfaced Boy /did/ to my costume?"

"Er, here you go," Giles said, taking his jacket off. Cordelia accepted
the thing, as it warmed her slightly. She'd never admit to wearing it
afterwards, of course.

"Well, if it's only people who shopped at Ethan's, let's go break some
heads," Xander said, vestiges of Alucard showing.

"I'm sure that I'll be able to handle it. The rest of you, guard Buffy
until she... well, until she can look after herself," Giles commanded.
"She will make quite a tempting target to others until then."

Angel gave Xander a look as Giles left. "So, how're you going, Deadboy?"

"Shut up!," Xander yelled. His voice was now quite deep compared to
normal Xander.

Willow looked up.

"What about us if Giles can't change it back?," she worried. "What if
none of our ID works?"

Joyce asked unsurely, "So... you're Willow?"

* * *

Spike crouched, talking to the child-monsters he had gathered.

"Now, the Slayer is around here somewhere," he said. "The juiciest,
tenderest meat you've ever seen, and we just have to find her first!"

After a moment's thought, he realised that she would be home, next door.
A quick look over the fence showed her to be off to one side, almost
catatonic. Spike hated women that couldn't take care of themselves.
Well, except for Dru -- but that wasn't her fault, was it?

He jumped over, grabbed the Lady, and hit the ground running.

* * *

"Hello, Ethan."

"Hello, Ripper."

After a few moments talking, and a few fighting, Giles had managed to
get the mage to tell him how to break the spell. All it had taken was a
few broken and bruised organs and bones.

He lifted the statue over his head, then threw it to the ground to

* * *

Spike grabbed the Lady's hair, pulled it so her neck was easily
accessable. He was about to bite when the door broke down.

A wind rushed through Sunnydale, as all the monsters changed back to
scared children and student escorts. Except, strangely, for
Alucard/Xander and Blood Rayne/Willow.

"Hi, honey. I'm home," Buffy wisecracked as she slipped out from Spike's

She proceeded to beat him up, before he beat a hasty retreat.

"Hey, Buffy. Welcome back," Xander said.

Buffy looked at Xander and Willow, puzzled. "Didn't you guys change back

Xander shrugged. "Your Xander-shaped friend no longer seems to be

"It must have been that ritual you did, you know, as Alucard," Willow
thought out loud. "It's weird. I can remember killing Nazi's and mutated
rednecks, but at the same time, I can remember growing up in Sunnydale."

"I know," Xander said. "It's weird. Most of my memories, though, are
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