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The Alternate

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Summary: Forrest learns about alternate realities. (20 minute Forrest)

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Harry Potter > Forrest-CenteredechoFR1311,319021,38518 May 0418 May 04Yes
title: The Alternate
author: echo
rating: 13
summary: Forrest learns about alternate realities.
disclaimer: The BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon. The HP characters belong to JK Rowling.
challenge: 20 minute Forrest
note: The HP-verse featured here is slightly skewed.


Hermione Granger had explained it to him... A LOT. So had Luna Lovegood and Anya Weasley, Bill's wife.

But Forrest Shacklebolt was still having trouble with the fact that in an alternate reality he was a yank and a military man who apparently had no older brothers going by the name Kingsley who also happened to be his boss. He was further shocked that in this alternate reality he becomes some sort of Frankenstein's monster and tries to kill his best friend. Hermione had tried to placate him by reminding him that another alternate reality had her as a 'complete and utter dominatrix slag who was shagging Snape and Malfoy seven ways to Sunday'.

That had not helped.

It had only succeeded in making him nauseous.

Though the universe where Forrest was a Van Helsing-esque vampire slayer with Lucius Malfoy as his Igor-like sidekick and Ginny Weasley as his scantily-dressed love slave hadn't been bad. It had been very funny listening to Lucius call him master in such a submissive voice. The part Forrest hadn't liked in that one was when he turned out to be kinda gay. Not that he was homophobic or anything. Hell, he was best friends with Percy Weasley, wasn't he? Forrest just didn't like the idea of snogging Harry. Actually, in that particular reality, there had not been many people that that particular Forrest had not been opposed to snogging, be they male or female, so perhaps gay wasn't exactly right. After all, that 'him' had been tying Ginny up and shagging her.... but he'd also been tying Harry up and shagging him as well. And then they'd all shagged together. Plus, apparently, that 'him' had a crush on Remus Lupin... who was NOT a werewolf, but a vampire. Therein lied that Forrest's dilemma. In love with something he was chosen to hunt and destroy. It would have been beautiful irony if he hadn't been so disturbed by watching his image comply when Harry screeched 'Oh yes, Forrest, harder!'.

It was just too weird some of the things they were finding out.

The Ministry was looking into alternate realities because of a rumor provided to them by the Order, anonymously of course as the Order didn't REALLY exist officially. Rumor had it that Voldemort was to start using portals and bring allies in from other dimensions.

So a group had been assembled to look into it.

They'd just started looking 'in' today. The group was composed entirely of Order members, but the Ministry didn't know that. They had no idea who all was in the Order. Granger and Goyle had been the ones to figure out a way to get the thing done. It was like a combination of scrying and watching the telle. Some special potion brewed to perfection and sprayed on a mirror, some uttered words, a few swishes and flicks, and viola!

Instant bizarroland.

The first thing that had caught them was the alternate reality where Gregory Goyle was dumb as a bag of rocks and one of Draco Malfoy's cronies. Greg had been highly affronted by THAT one. The particular barb that had gotten Greg going was Malfoy's sneered "I didn't know you could read.". Percy's boyfriend could be so prissy sometimes. It HAD been kinda funny to see a brain like Greg as a big dumb lackey... not that Forrest would have said so. He had to have tact. He didn't want his best friend upset because he was upsetting said best friend's current boyfriend.

They'd also stumbled on a universe full of shrimp... and another completely devoid of it. It was strange, the little things. There was another that had made Blaise Zabini blink a whole hell of a lot. Seeing himself having very naughty bloodletting sex with a vampiric Ginny Weasley had been enlightening to say the least. Ron had gone red on the ears and glared at both of them. To Forrest's knowledge, Blaise had never even cast a side-glance at Gin.

Most of the group had gone home more than a little disturbed after their day of research.

"You're not going to sit in here all night are you?"

Forrest looked up at the sound of Percy's voice. "Nah. Go home to your significant other. He needs some huggles after today, is my thinking."

Percy raised a brow.

"And floo your mother."

"My mum?"

"How close were you to working for Barty Crouch? I know you turned the job down, but how close did you come to listening to that ambitious little voice in your head that told you to take it?"


"I just saw how some things could have gone. You like Harry, right? Wouldn't think of telling Ron to drop him?"

"What are you on about, 'Rest? Of course I like Harry. He's like a brother to me. You know that. Have you gone barmy?" Percy shook his head. "I knew it would happen working this closely with a sibling. Why do you think I'm NOT even remotely connected with the Auror department or misuse of muggle artifacts or magical creatures or curse breaking? I knew having your big brother as your boss would finally break you. Does Kingsley know? Mayhap I need to buy you a round before I go home to Greg."

"Shut it, you conceited twat."

Percy chuckled. "I'm off then. Are you sure about the drink? I was serious about that, mate."

"I'm fine, Perce. Thanks."

"Right then. Cheerio." He said with a very girlie wave.

Forrest rolled his eyes. His best friend was SO gay. He didn't think he should tell Percy there was an alternate reality with him married to Penelope Clearwater. Forrest cringed. Merlin, they'd both hated that arrogant little Rave in school.


Forrest looked into the doorway again. "Hey."

He was surprised to see HER here.

"Ron said you guys had a rough day. Want me to buy you a drink?"

Strange how he had not even considered Percy's offer, but this one was making him want to jump up and run out the door.

"Sure. Just let me straighten up in here."

She tossed some blonde hair from her shoulder, crossed her arms, and leaned against the door frame. She looked so casual, but all Malfoys managed to do that with little to no effort.

"So why?"

"Why?" She asked almost TOO innocently.

"You know what I mean. Won't your brother have a fit if he knows you're here with me now, much less about to take me out for a drink?"

"Draco'll get over it."

"Will he? Don't strike me as the type." Forrest quipped as he doused the wall sconces and offered her his arm.

They walked towards the apparating point.

"Where do you want to go?"

"Leaky Cauldron, naturally."


"You had somewhere else in mind?"


"Then why the griping?"

"I'm a Malfoy. It's what I do."

Forrest chuckled as he pulled her unnecessarily close to apparate.

"So... did you see anything about... me today?"

"Ah, we come to it at last."

"What?" She said, feigning innocence.

"Your reason for seeking me out."

"That is not the only reason I sought you out, Forrest." She purred, moving closer still. "I thought perhaps you'd like to get reacquainted. I've missed you."

"Won't that make Draco dear angry... like last time?"

"Last time I was a mere sixteen. He was just being all big brother-y. I'm all grown up now, Forrest. I make my own choices. I choose you... and don't even try to change the subject. I want to know what you saw today."

"Well, I did learn one slightly interesting thing concerning you."


"There's doppleganger of you out there that makes one hell of a vampire slayer, Buffy."

She flashed her inherited Malfoy smirk at him right as they apparated out.


end ficlet

The End

You have reached the end of "The Alternate". This story is complete.

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