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Falling Into Temptation

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This story is No. 11 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 20 minutes - Forrest spies Faith across the dance floor...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralLucindaFR1519130193018 May 0418 May 04Yes
Author: Lucinda

Contains suggestive behavior and a few bad words.

Distribution: Jinni, Paula, Cat – anyone else just ask.

Disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Forrest, Faith, or Sunnydale.

Main characters: Forrest Gates, Faith

Response to Jinni’s 20 minutes with Forrest challenge.

5: 38

Forrest blinked, wondering if he'd somehow managed to miss the dark haired girl in the past few months that he'd been in Sunnydale. She wasn't particularly tall, but she moved like she was, as if she was the biggest, toughest person in the club as she twisted and danced to the music. Leather pants hugged her legs, skimmed so closely over her that he knew that there was nothing between her and her leather. She was sexy, she was confident... He just hoped that she wasn't underage.

Offering up a feeble hope, he started across the floor, certain that he was going to talk to her no matter what. Finally, he reached the area where she whirled and bumped, her hair whipping in the face of anyone who dared come to close.

"Hey. Need someone to dance with?" As lines went, it was bad. He knew that it was bad.

There was a confidence in her eyes as she looked at him, and a fine sheen of sweat gleamed over her skin, highlighting the tattoo encircling her arm. Her tongue slid over her lips in what might have been intended as seduction, it was clear temptation "Are you offering to dance with me?"


Her eyes roamed over him, and he could almost feel the heat of her gaze wash over him. It was intense, almost predatory. With a smile, she reached out, grasping his shirt to pull him closer. "Let's dance then."

The feeling of her dancing with him, her hands skimming his body, her hips brushing against him, her hair connecting with his chest, his arms, his neck... It was temptation and heaven rolled into one.

"Who are you?" He murmured, uncertain of the fiery temptress would even hear him over the pulse of drums and blare of the music.

She turned, her breasts pressing against him as her arms encircled his neck. Lifting onto her toes, she leaned forward, whispering into his ear. "I'm Faith."

Forrest made a little noise, not quite growl or moan, and kissed her, hoping that she was flirting as much as it felt like she was. Hoping that he wasn't about to get hammered for being a pushy bastard.

Instead, her lips parted beneath his, and her tongue brushed over his, teasing, tasting, demanding that he move closer, that he open to her. Demanding more. Her hands played over his back, exploring muscles and firing his nerves into near bliss.

Eventually, the kiss broke, to catcalls and whoops from the onlookers. He was glad that nobody could see him blushing in the darkness of the club, and grinned at her. "Now what?"

"How about we go back to my place?" Her words were purred out as her fingers trailed over his collarbone.

As Forrest turned to follow her from the club, he spared a moment to hope that she wasn't some sort of Hostile, not a vampire or demon intent on killing him. Then again, if things got quite as heated and intense in the privacy of her place as they had been on the dance floor, he wasn’t certain that he really cared. All he could do was hope, and have faith. Actually, maybe it would be more accurate to say that he was hoping to have Faith?

Oh yeah, he was a man easily tempted into all sorts of things. Tiffany, Aura, Bev, Candy, Shelly... all his lovely, passionate exes. The military and then the Initiative. And now, he was being tempted by Faith. Honestly, it looked like falling could be fun.

"There she is! Let's teach her who runs this town." The snarled words had a slight distortion, as if something wasn't quite right with the speaker.

Turning, Forrest saw a pair of vampires glaring at Faith, their yellow eyes almost glowing in the dim light as the one smacked a baseball bat into his hand with soft thumps.

"Yeah, let's show her that this is our town." Bat-boy growled, sounding like a bad imitator of the hired thugs of crime movies.

"Damn it all, I was trying to pick up a guy!" Faith glared at them, unphased by the sharp teeth or the yellow eyes.

"Die!" The one with the bat lunged, and Faith twisted, her foot sending him into the wall beside Forrest as the other one tried to catch her by her long hair. Forest grabbed the bat that had fallen from the first vamp and slammed it into the back of the slightly stunned vampire's head. It might not kill him, but if it could keep him down for a little bit... Faith had pulled a sharp bit of wood from somewhere, and part of him was really curious where on earth it could have been hidden. Moments later, the vampire in front of her was falling to dust as she pulled the stake back out of his chest, and she spun, the stake half raised.

"He's down, for the moment." Forrest gestured, stepping aside so that she could stake the second.

"Good. Still want to go to my place, even after the interruption?" She sounded a bit tired, and as if she half expected him to run.

Chuckling, Forrrest leaned forward, touching her cheek. "Still sounds good to me, Faith."

"Wicked." She smiled, and pulled him close, kissing him again. "Follow me."


End Falling into Temptation.

The End

You have reached the end of "Falling Into Temptation". This story is complete.

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