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Reasons Why

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This story is No. 8 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 20 min. Forrest thinks about why he joined the Initiative.

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Movies > Lost Boys > Forrest-CenteredLucindaFR1519030198418 May 0418 May 04Yes
Author: Lucinda

a few bad words and mentions of sex, violence, and demons.

Main character: Forrest Gates

Disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Forrest (created by Joss Whedon) or to the Froggs, Santa Carla, Starr and David, all featured in the movie ‘Lost Boys’.

Distribution: Jinni, Paula, anyone else ask first.

Notes: 20 minutes with Forrest, slightly AU for Lost Boys.


Forrest closed his eyes as Professor Walsh started the briefing, explaining yet again that vampires were real, that it was their solemn duty to capture them. That they were defending innocent people from monsters that they didn't even want to admit existed. That they were this town's only defense, implying that other military operations like this were the only defense.

It sounded terrifying and impressive. It also wasn't precisely true. Oh, they were defending Sunnydale, and there were vampires elsewhere, probably other demons as well. But he knew about the vampires as a fact.

Forrest Gates had grown up in a beach town called Santa Carla, after all. They had an amusement park, a heavy tourism trade, and a staggering death rate. They'd called it the Murder Capital of the World.

It had been a sort of morbid arrogance, actually. And the result of the vampires that had made the city and the cliff-side caves their home. The vampires that preyed on the town, feeding on the tourists. So many bodies found drained along the beach, so many people who vanished, never found, never seen again... at least, not by anyone who lived to speak of it.

He could still remember the night that it had all become terribly clear. He'd always known that it was dangerous at night, that things weren't safe. Always seen the posts and walls festooned with posters asking 'have you seen this boy/man/girl/woman' But he'd never quite admitted the reason, never quite put the bits together to form the whole truth.

And then, his freshman year, when his parents had slipped away for the weekend, he'd crept out of the house, gone to the carnival. She'd been there, all dark hair and chiming jewelry, sparkling gauze and sad, tragic eyes. He'd wanted her so badly, filled with the hopes and lusts and fantasies of any other teenager. He'd followed her, been completely bedazzled by Starr and her soft voice, her words of fearful hope, how she saw in him 'a new chance, a way out'. A way out from a frightening boyfriend.

She hadn't mentioned the part where David was a vampire. Or the part where his gang of domineering near psychotic motorcycle fans were vampires. She hadn't mentioned the part where she was a vampire either, for that matter.

He'd nearly been eaten alive by that woman. Almost literally, she'd had these sharp teeth... He still had the thin lines over his shoulder where they'd grazed his skin. She'd seduced him, lured him away, nearly killed him. He had never quite been able to figure out why she hadn't drained him then, why she'd just... darted off into the depths of the cave. But he'd seen the teeth, could feel the tiny trickle of blood down his shoulder, over his chest.

David had tried to come after him then, tried to kill him for touching Starr. Tried to kill him for the audacity, for the amusement of it.

Thank God for the arrival of the Froggs. Not a pair of slime coated amphibians, but a pair of guys who were the co-owners of a comic store on the boardwalk. Comic store owners by day, vampire hunters by night... They'd saved his life.

It was the sort of thing that left a strong impression on a guy.

They'd managed to drive David away, killed a pair of his gang, and got him to the hopefully safe basement of their store. And after a huge lecture on the dangers of vampires and a couple really tense moments when they'd debated the odds of him being 'contaminated' by them, they'd decided that he was just a victim in all of this. They'd explained to him about vampires, about the ways to spot them and how to kill them.

He'd never been easy at night after that. But he'd been so damn glad when his parents had decided to move away, taking him to some boring, harmless little town inland. He'd attended a different school, floundering through the social circles, and joined the military.

After all, just because he'd been rescued once didn't mean that everyone was that lucky. It didn't mean that he'd always be that lucky himself. So, if he could learn everything that he could about how to defend himself, how to defend other from the same dangers...

It was the only thing that would feel right. It was what the Froggs did. Forrest didn't think that he'd be able to look himself in the mirror if he just turned his back on things, now that he knew. Hide for a while and learn, yes, but he was done hiding. Now, he was a trained soldier. Now, he had weapons, and backup. Now, he could kick vampire ass.

He could save himself now.

And Forrest Gates was determined to save as many others as he could. Which was why he'd joined the Initiative, why he helped train the newer members. It was why he was part of the top hunting unit.

Most likely, he'd have himself an early, and probably painful death because of it. You didn't see very many old heroes, after all. Especially not old demon and vampire hunters. Caressing the stun gun, he smiled. He'd just have to make every night count.


end Reasons Why.

The End

You have reached the end of "Reasons Why". This story is complete.

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