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I Dream of Family

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This story is No. 6 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 20 min w/ Cordelia - A trip to visit relatives, before a girl named Buffy ever arrived in Sunnydale.

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Television > I Dream of JeannieLucindaFR131852051,89919 May 0419 May 04Yes
Author: Lucinda
harmless silliness.
Main character: Cordelia
Disclaimer: I do not own Cordelia (creation of Joss Whedon). I do not own Major Nelson and Jeannie (characters from the ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ television show.)
Distribution: Jinni, Paula – anyone else ask.
Notes: 20 minutes with Cordelia crossover challenge. Set before Buffy came to Sunnydale.


Cordelia crossed her arms, wishing yet again that she didn't have to be here. That they weren't going on a family trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. Her mom's parents were just so... uggh. Okay, Grandpa wasn't quite that bad, he'd been in the air force, and helped test out some new things with airplanes and early space shuttles, but... How in the world had he ended up with Grandma? The woman was just... bizarre.

Of course, Grandma Nelson looked absolutely great for her age. You'd never be able to tell that the woman had given birth and raised five children, not with that flat tummy and her smooth skin. Except for the fact that her hair was almost silver, she could probably pass for twenty something. It wasn't fair... except for the hope that it was something that her mom and therefore herself would inherit.

Of course she still had nightmares from the time when she'd found a pair of harem pants and this little vest in the laundry basket. At first, she hadn't know how they could have gotten there, but when the gradual realization had dawned that these were Grandma's, and that she probably wore them to... ugghh! No, she did not even want to think about that!

Eventually, they made it to the place, pulling into a driveway of what looked like a sleepy little ranch house, with an expanse of gorgeous lawn that flowed in waves under the wind, with bright flowers lining the sidewalk. It looked perfect, like something from a movie, a sad contrast with most of the dried up area. Summer wasn't kind to lawns. But Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's place was always perfect like that.

"Muriel, Richard... so good to see you. And there's Cordelia. My how you've grown!" Grandpa's voice rang out, cheerful, happy.

"I told you, She's going to be wonderful. You'll have to watch out for the young men soon." Grandma's voice was teasing, with the fading traces of some accent that Cordelia had never been able to place.

"Of course." She smiled, and made a slight shrug. "I am Cordelia Chase, after all."

And while her parents talked about dull things like vacation and savings plans, Cordelia wandered inside, looking at the tall curio cabinet along the wall. There were such interesting things inside. A gleaming golden cat statue that looked Egyptian. A long line of carved elephants that started as tall as her hand and ended up the size of her thumb, carved from a single elephant tusk. A set of those nested Russian dolls. An elegant glass bottle in shades of blue, purple and pink.

"Jeannie? Did we have something planned for dinner?" Grandpa's voice rang out, making Cordelia look up.

"Of course we do." There was a gold edged mirror on the wall, showing her Grandmother as she stood in the hall. Grandmother made a sharp nod, her silvered ponytail bouncing. "We have turkey."

Cordelia was about to protest when she realized the house was now filled with the smell of roasting turkey, with stuffing, and potatoes, beans, bread... the whole works. She had no idea how she could have missed the smells before.

"Is there dessert? Maybe something with chocolate?" Cordelia asked, wondering just how many kitchen wonders her grandmother could accomplish.

"Of course there will be dessert, Cordelia. The meal wouldn't be complete without it, now would it?" Her grandmother was smiling, and tucked a strand of pale hair behind her ear.

Cordelia wondered why Grandma Nelson's hair looked darker at the roots than at the ends. Harmony had the same problem, but that was because Harmony dyed her hair blonder. Grandma wouldn't need to do that, and her hair was already gray anyhow. Didn't most people try to dye the gray away? The only explanation would be if Grandma was coloring her hair gray, which wouldn't make any sense at all.

"And how have you been? Your parents said that you had a vacation earlier in Roma?" Her Grandmother's accent had made the city sound almost different, as if it ended with an 'a' instead of an 'e'.

"Rome was interesting. Lots of old buildings, great stores, the food was a bit weird though." She shrugged, wondering how to explain things. "Mom and dad stayed in most of the time, so I got to do a lot of exploring on my own."

"But what... oh. They decided that it should be another honeymoon trip? But then, why wouldn't they have made some arrangements?" Her Grandmother looked as if the news saddened her.

Cordelia shrugged. "I don't know. Sometimes I think they'd like to pretend I'm their niece or something... they couldn't be old enough to have a daughter my age... Oh no, not that. Bit it's okay, I know how to handle people." Cordelia tried to smile, tried to make it look as if everything was alright.

"Oh, sweetie..." Her grandmother hugged her, rubbing over her back with one soft hand. "Things will get better for you."


end I Dream of Family

The End

You have reached the end of "I Dream of Family". This story is complete.

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