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One Wrong Move

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Summary: Future fic. Dawn's relationship problems lead her into someones elses arms. Will she be able to get back on track?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry Potter(Past Donor)KiaraFR1549,7830114,28321 May 049 Jun 04Yes

The Choice

A/N: My sort-of muse (who gives me an idea for a story and then deserts me to finish it) gave me this idea, and I just had to get it down! Anyway, this is going to be a fairly short fic, not like the Witches Watcher (or as I’ve so fondly named it, the bane of my existence), probably about 5 chappies.

Disclaimer: It’s mine! All mine, dammit! OK; I own nothing. Happy now?

A huge thanks to Jillian and raven for the reviews.

Follows strait on and the LAST CHAPTER!!!


“Pregnant? How pregnant?” Dawn squeaked.

Willow shrugged her shoulders. “No more than three months… I think.”

“So it could be anything under that? Anything at all, I don’t know, say, about a week ago?”

“Sorry Dawnie. I really can’t tell.” Willow said apologetically.

“I don’t believe this. I don’t want to be pregnant, I can’t be pregnant. You must’ve made a mistake.” Dawn looked accusingly at Willow.

“Dawn; I’m-“

“No!” Dawn interrupted her. “I’m not pregnant, OK? And don’t tell anyone!” The brunette stormed out of her room, slamming the door as she went.

“Well, that went well.” Willow muttered sarcastically to herself.


Over the next few days, Dawn was still adamant that she wasn’t pregnant and told Willow so every time she tried to bring up the subject. She blamed the sickness on a stomach bug until it vanished about a week later. Willow was beginning to doubt herself. Maybe she had made a mistake.

Dawn was still avoiding Harry, but she didn’t have to worry about Draco anymore; Dumbledore had sent him to Paris to help prevent an uprising there as dark wizards heard about Voldermort and began to follow him from all over the world.

Harry had been spending a lot of time away; more so than when he was with Dawn, so he did not have to see her much. He had joined Ron and Hermione for a few days, but they were too lovey-dovey for him at the moment, so he joined Moody and Kinsley Shacklebolt in Cornwell.

Dawn had been spending a lot of time just sitting in the lounge with whoever was about. As long as it wasn’t Willow. Today she was spending some quality time with Spike, without Buffy for a change, and they were watching some crappy old British black and white film.

“Who’s that?” Dawn asked for what seemed like the fiftieth time that day.

“That’s Juliet’s brother; the one who’s secretly in love with the maid.” Spike explained with the patience of an immortal vampire, which wasn’t as much as it should’ve been really.

“Oh.” Dawn snuggled closer to Spike who put his arm around her, grateful for the peace. “We should do this more often, like we used to.”

“Sure nibblet; now shut up and let me watch the film.” They sat there for a few moments before Spike bolted upright throwing Dawn to the floor.

“Hey watch it!” She exclaimed angrily. But the blond vampire didn’t respond. He sat there, his eyes glued to her not-quite-flat belly.

“I can hear it.” He whispered, his eyes as round as saucers.

“Hear what?” Dawn squirmed under his stare.

“Dawn; you’ve got two heartbeats.” Spike said very seriously.

“Two heartbeats? That’s impossible.” Dawn said unconvincingly.

“You knew!” Spike accused.

“Knew what?” Dawn’s voice trembled slightly.

“Bloody hell, nibbet. What didn’t you tell anyone?” He could always tell when she was lying; he said he could smell it. Dawn found that a bit gross though.

No point in pretending anymore, she’d known deep down that she really was pregnant ever since Willow had told her. Spike would tell Buffy who may be able to keep her own secret identity but when it came to other people’s secrets, she was a blabbermouth.

“I don’t want it.” Dawn whispered quietly so that if it weren’t for Spike’s supernatural hearing, he wouldn’t have heard her.

“What did Harry say?” The vampire asked uncomfortably. He was a big bag vampire dammit; he couldn’t do the teenage angst thing.

“I haven’t told him! I don’t even know it it’s his!” Dawn cried.

“Oh God! How long were you sleeping with the blond git? Or was it someone else?” Spike groaned, hitting his forehead with the palm of his hand.

“It was just the once! God, Spike, do you think I’m some kind of whore?” She glared at him, hands-on-hips.

Alarm bells went off in Spike’s head. ‘Red alert! Red Alert! Pissed off nineteen year old! Red Alert!’ There was no good way to answer that question.

“Of course not. But it was just a one off with that prick then it must be Harry’s.” He reasoned.

“How do you know that? It only takes once you know!” Dawn was getting more and more pissed off and desperate.

“Dawn, calm down and listen to me. I heard the heartbeat. Vampires don’t hear heartbeats until you’re at least two months up the duff.” He lit a cigarette and sat back down leisurely.

“Really?” A spark of hope returned to Dawn’s eyes.

“Would I lie to you? Well, ok, maybe I would, but not about this. Trust me. All better, now?” Dawn nodded with a slight smile and roll of her eyes at his choice of expression, she wasn’t a baby! “Good. Now I’m gonna have to rip his skinny little arms off his body and beat him into a bloody pulp with ‘em.”

“What? Why?” Dawn said alarmed.

“No-one touches you without my say-so!” Spike raged.

“Spike, please.”

“Don’t you turn those eyes on me!” He backed up a little; that look was bloody powerful and Dawn knew it. 'Stupid Summers women and their stupid eyes!'

Dawn pouted even harder “Please!”

Spike threw his arms up is resignation. “Fine. The little twerp lives…for now.”

“Thank you, Spike!” The pouty eyes vanished as quickly as they came.

“Yeah, yeah. Just go upstairs and talk to him before he leaves again.” He watched her climb the stairs and smiled encouragingly when she looked back at him. “Kids.” He muttered after she had gone.


“Come in.” Harry said wearily when he heard the knock on his door. “What do you want?” He asked coldly when he saw who it was standing there.

“I need to talk to you.” Dawn entered the room. “Please, Harry.”

He indicated a spot on the bed he was sitting on and Dawn moved sat on it.

“I’ve missed you.” Dawn said simply.

“Is that was you came here to say?” His voice was still harsh and unfeeling.

“No. I’ve got something to tell you, but I’m not sure if you’ll like it.”

‘Here we go,’ Harry thought, ‘she’s seeing Draco. I knew this would happen.’

“Harry, I’m pregnant.”

“What? I mean, I’m sure you and Draco will make great parents.” Harry fiddled with the bedcover, not looking at Dawn.

“It’s not Draco’s; it’s yours.” She said surprised that she would think that.

“That’s impossible; we were always careful. I’m not taking the blame for his mistakes.” Harry said savagely.

“Harry; I’m 100% positive that it’s yours. I only slept with Malfoy once, I told you! And those dates don’ add up.” She said desperately.

“How am I supposed to believe you? Get out; I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

Dawn felt tears welling up in her eyes and fled out of the room so he wouldn’t see. Harry couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty as his ex ran from the room, but she had brought it on herself.

“Dawn, what’s the matter?” Ginny quite literally ran into the crying Dawn as she ran towards her room.

“He wouldn’t believe me! I told him it was his, but he won’t believe me!” She sobbed into her friends arms.

“Who wouldn’t believe you?” Ginny asked; Dawn wasn’t making any sense.

“Harry wouldn’t; I told him it was his!”

“I don’t understand. What’s his?” Ginny questioned, even more confused.

“The baby.” Dawn said before breaking down completely in Ginny’s shocked hug.


When Dawn had calmed down, she explained everything to Ginny.

“He’ll come round eventually.” Ginny said soothingly after she had finished.

“No, he won’t. He really hates me.” Dawn said dejectedly.

“He loves you, he’s just really mad.”

“There’s only one thing I can do. I can’t bring this baby up on my own and Harry won’t help.”

“I’ll help and Buffy will help too.” Ginny promised.

“No, I can’t do. I have to get rid of it.”

“You mean have an abortion?” Ginny asked aghast.

Dawn nodded, fresh tears falling down her cheeks. “I have too.”


Two days later, Dawn was sitting in the termination clinic. Ginny had been sworn to secrecy and no matter how much she tried, Dawn couldn’t be talked round.

“Dawn Summers?” The receptionist said friendlily.

“Yes?” Dawn replied nervously.

“If you could just fill in this form and then you’ll be called for a preliminary examination.” She smiled kindly at Dawn. “And remember, you can change your mind at any point.”

Dawn hesitated, and took the clipboard offered to her and returned to her seat in the bright white waiting room.


Ginny hesitated before knocking on the door. She had promised Dawn. But Harry was her friend too, and he deserved to know. But still…

She shook herself, both mentally and physically and rapped sharply on the door.

“Come in. Ginny, what are you doing here? If it’s about Dawn then I don’t want to know.”

“Sit.” She commanded. He did; no-one messed with Ginny Weasly when she was in this mood. “It’s Dawn-“

“I don’t want to know.” Harry interrupted.

“Tough. She’s having an abortion.” She got strait to the point as per usual.

“So?” Harry said sullenly.

“Don’t you care? This is your child, Harry! Not Draco’s or anyone else’s, yours!”

“How do you know?” He asked helplessly. “How do you know that she wasn’t sleeping with Malfoy for months?”

“Do you hear yourself right now? It was a one off! How many times do you have to hear it! And right now Dawn thinks you hate her and is terminating your child because you’re to pig headed to admit you still love her.” Ginny ranted.

“She lied to me.” Harry said meekly.

“And then she told you the truth. Get over it!”

“It was really just a one off? It’s really mine?” He asked, barely daring to hope.

“An empathetic yes to both questions.” Ginny assured him.

“I’ve got to stop her. Ginny, where-“

“Oakville Road, number 126.” She answered before he even finished the question.

“Thanks, Ginny.”

“It’s OK, now go!” She smiled as he ran out his room, and then frowned. What id he didn’t make it on time?


“OK, everything seems to be fine, Miss Summers. If you’d just take a seat in the waiting room and you’ll be called through shortly.” The young doctor who had given Dawn her preliminary exam said whilst writing something in his notes.

Dawn nodded mutely and headed back out into the waiting room. There was a ‘quit smoking’ poster on the opposite wall and she stared at it without really seeing it.

“Dawn Summers? Come this way please.” Dawn followed the doctor out and towards a room at the end of the corridor.

Meanwhile, Harry was racing across London. The clinic wasn’t too far from Grimmuld Place and he’d gotten to know the area well over the years he’d lived there.

He ran past the sign that said ‘Oakville Road’. ‘126, 126, 126’ he repeated over and over in his head.

“100.” He muttered. “110, 112…118, 120…124, 126.” He ran up the stairs and found himself in a waiting room, but Dawn wasn’t there. There was a kindly looking woman on reception and he ran up to her.

“I need to find Dawn Summers!” He gasped.

“You might be too late. She’s just gone through there.” The woman pointed towards the end of the corridor and Harry set off at a run towards it and burst inside.


“Harry? What are you doing here?” Dawn exclaimed.

“Am I in time? I can’t let you do this!” He panted.

“Can I have a minute?” Dawn asked the doctor who nodded and went into a side room without a word.

“I’m sorry.” Harry said. “I should have supported you.”

“No, I’m sorry. I just dropped this enormous bomb shell on you and expected you to deal.”

“I can. Deal with it I mean.”

“Really?” Dawn asked hopefully.

“Yes. It’ll be hard work, though. I shouldn’t have gone away so much.” Harry admitted.

“And I shouldn’t have bottled up what I was feeling.”

“And you shouldn’t have slept with Draco.” Harry pointed out.

“That too.”

“You have to promise me…Dawn do you want to make this work?”

“More than anything.” She replied simply.

“Dawn; I don’t want you to have an abortion.” He took her hand in his.


“OK? That’s it?”

“The only reason I was having it was because I didn’t think you would be there for me…for us.” Dawn said softly.

“I’m sorry.” Harry looked down and scuffed the floor with his toe.

“You don’t have to be; I’m the one who’s sorry. If I hadn’t been so stupid, then all of this,” she gestured around the room, “wouldn’t be happening... I never stopped loving you.”

“Me neither. We can make this work.” Harry assured.

“I know we can.” Dawn smiled genuinely at him.

“Are you ready to go?” Harry asked, holding out his hand.

Dawn slipped her hand in his. “Definitely.”

As they left the clinic, a new thought, a much more worrying thought, occurred to Harry.

“Oh, Merlin. Buffy’s gonna kill me.” He groaned.

Dawn giggled and slipped her arm around his waist. They would be a family; the three of them. Everything was back to how it was meant to be.



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The End

You have reached the end of "One Wrong Move". This story is complete.

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