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One Wrong Move

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Summary: Future fic. Dawn's relationship problems lead her into someones elses arms. Will she be able to get back on track?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry Potter(Past Donor)KiaraFR1549,7830114,27821 May 049 Jun 04Yes

The Mistake

A/N: My sort-of muse (who gives me an idea for a story and then deserts me to finish it) gave me this idea, and I just had to get it down! Anyway, this is going to be a fairly short fic, not like the Witches Watcher (or as I’ve so fondly named it, the bane of my existence), probably about 5 chappies.

Disclaimer: It’s mine! All mine, dammit! OK; I own nothing. Happy now?


Dawn Summers smiled as her glass automatically refilled itself. She was sitting in the kitchen of 12 Grimmuld Place at her laptop, researching a weird demon who likes to steal tennis racquets and baseball bats. The rest of the Scoobies and herself had been part of the wizarding world for nearly two years now after having ‘regrouped’ in England about a year after Sunnydale went below sea level.

After the first’s defeat, the Scoobies had all separated; Buffy and Dawn went travelling, Xander went to Africa, Willow went with Kennedy to Brazil, Giles went to Cleveland and Spike was in LA.

Once everything was sorted at the new hellmouth in Cleveland, Giles returned to England to restart the watchers council, leaving Faith and Robin in charge of the newly called slayers.

Buffy and Dawn joined him in time for Dawn to start school and so that both girls could be close to their father figure. For Spike, old habits die hard, as he followed Buffy to England. But it paid off; the slayer and the second vampire with a soul were an item and had been for over a year.

Xander was asked by Giles to be a Watcher (well, he had enough experience of working with slayers and fighting demons) and had settled in England after going there to train. Finally, Willow had returned to her family-of-spirit after a messy break-up with Kennedy.

The red-headed Wicca got a job teaching a ‘Wandless Defence’ class at a wizarding school. She had soon recognised the signs for an apocalypse happening in the world that was so new to her and found out about Voldermort and the Order of the Phoenix.

She told Giles, who told Buffy, who told Dawn, who told Andrew, who told Spike, who told Xander, who told the slayers in Cleveland, who told Robin, who told Faith, who told Angel, who told his team and voila! You’ve just added an extra army or two to the war. The Cleveland slayers were on red alert, Angel and his team moved over to England and the Scoobies moved into Grimmuld Place.

Two years on, the war still hadn’t come to a head; and it didn’t show any sign that it was going to. The slayers in Cleveland were still ready to come if there was an attack, but it wasn’t a priority. Angel and his team had returned to Wolfram and Hart after a couple of months. The Scoobies, although still living at the ‘centre of operations’, had stopped devoting all their time to the wizarding world started fighting demons again.

And that is where the story begins.

Dawn was now research girl. Willow was concentrating on having as much power as she did when Tara died, but good power not evil-dark-veiny power, so Dawn had taken over. Xander was also getting good at the research, although he didn’t enjoy it as much as Dawn. Anya’s death had made him more serious; he was still Xander, but he was more mature now.

Also, both he and Dawn had been able to use a wand and that made them more useful in fighting the good fight. Well, it did make sense…how else could they have stayed alive for so long on a frigging hellmouth without any magical protection? Some of the teachers at Hogwarts had started teaching Dawn and Xander how to ‘work the mojo’ in private lessons as Dawn was way behind her age group and Xander was too old for Hogwarts.

Between their frequent visits to Hogwarts and being members of the Order, Dawn, Xander and the rest of the Scoobies had gotten to know the ‘golden trio’, some better than others, and they had formed a close friendship (or possibly more?) over the course of the year-and-a-bit.

“Hey Dawn.” Harry sat next to his girlfriend, dumping a bag on the floor. He had asked her out just over a year after she moved into the order headquarters and they had been dating ever since; or they had been ‘sex partners’ ever since as Ron so delicately put it.

“Hi.” She replied curtly.

“Come on Dawn,” He whined, “I’ll only be gone for one night!”

“Only one night…but you disappeared for a week last month and then for a few days last week. It seems like you’re never here.” Now it was Dawn’s turn to whine.

“I’ll make it up to you.” He said suggestively. “Will you forgive me?”

“Don’t I always?” She leaned over to give him a chaste kiss on the lips, but when she went to pull away, Harry pulled her back. He deepened the kiss and she slid her arms around his neck. They were interrupted by a cough/ gagging sound from the doorway.

“Draco! It’s great to see you…don’t you knock?” Dawn gave Draco a quick hug before remembering, and ignoring, Harry’s ‘five foot rule’.

“Knock? To come into the kitchen? I don’t think so Summers.” He turned to Harry, who was glaring at the arm he had slung around Dawn’s shoulder, and greeted him in their usual fashion. “Scarhead.”

“Git.” Harry replied in the same icily polite tone with a barely visible nod of his head. Despite working for the same goal, they still couldn’t get along.

Draco had become a spy for the order in his sixth year at Hogwarts. The children of death eaters didn’t have to take the mark until they left school for fear of it being discovered. So after leaving Hogwarts, Draco moved into Grimmuld Place and only went out under one of Willow’s heaviest glamour spells.

“Any word on Granger and the Weasel?” Draco addressed his comment to Dawn knowing the reply he would get back from Harry, who was still glaring at his arm around Dawn like he wished it would catch fire.

“We heard from them this morning. They’re still tracking death eaters in Wales and they hope to be back in about two weeks. What about you; Crabbe find out anything?” Dawn was making no attempt to move Draco’s arm. ‘Well,’ she reasoned, ‘he IS cute. And it’s just a friendly thing... And it really annoys Harry! He’s so cute when he’s annoyed!’

“Nothing of any importance. Voldermort biding his time blah, blah, blah, waiting for the right moment blah, blah, blah.” Draco sighed, frowning.

Crabbe Jr. had ‘reformed’ after seeing his partner in crime, Goyle, killed in front of him by their so-called-master.

Goyle hadn’t been the only one. About a quarter of all the Slytherin’s that Draco went to school with were either dead or insane. And even more of their parents. Lucious Malfoy, right-hand-man to Voldermort himself, was killed by an auror during his sons seventh year.

“No news is good news, right?” Dawn said chirpily, smiling a little.

‘How can that girl always be so damn cheery? It’s so bloody irritating! Ahh, well. She’s still ruddy adorable.’ Draco listened to his inner voice in horror. Did he just think that Dawn Summers, girlfriend of St. Potter, was cute!?! That couldn’t be right; he decided to settle on one of the more comforting possibilities. Maybe he was ill or delusional or dying; that must be it.

Although, he had been think that quite a lot recently... No! This wasn’t going to happen; he did not fancy Dawn Summers. He was only nice to her to piss off Potter!

“I’ve gotta be off.” Harry said, lifting the bag over his shoulder.

“Where are you going? Off to play secret agents for Dumbledore?” Draco sneered.

“Actually yeah; being as I can actually go outside without a spell and protection and all.” Harry retorted.

“Now, now, boys, play nice.”

“Bye Dawn; have a nice time sitting all alone with only that stupid idiot for company.” Harry kissed Dawn on the cheek.

‘Could have worse company.’ Dawn thought inwardly. Then she spoke aloud: “I thought we might go patrolling, actually. What d’ you say, Drake?”

Draco smirked. “Sure. Sounds like a blast.” He looped his arm around her shoulders again, feeling Harry’s eyes bore into him. ‘Ahh, sod it and sod him!’

“Great, it’s a date! I’ll see you out, Harry.” Dawn dragged her muttering boyfriend out to the hall. “What’s wrong?”

“You and Malfoy? Patrolling? Together? Over my dead body!” He half squeaked, half commanded.

“Harry, I’m 19, I can take care of myself. Besides you might get lucky. He’s not great at self defence and a demon might kill him.” Harry’s eyes lit up and he considered. ”And then, when you get back, you can treat me to a nice dinner at Pablo’s.”

“Joy!” He muttered sarcastically; he hated that place with the dumb waiters with their fake Italian accents. “OK- but be careful. You don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“Oh, don’t I? He’s on our side Harry. When are you going to get that through your thick skull?”

She stalked up the stairs, leaving Harry standing behind her. He seemed about to follow her, but stopped. He threw up his hands in defeat, shouldered his bag and walked out the door; there was no point when she was in this mood.

Draco had been watching the exchange with some interest and no small measure of surprise. Dawn had stood up for him. Why? He headed up the stairs to find out.

He pushed open the door to the room that Dawn and Harry had been sharing for the last couple of months…and got hit in the chest by a sharp object.

“Oh my God, Draco! I’m so sorry. Here let me take a look at you.” Draco was dimly aware of some sound coming from Dawn’s kissable lips (‘Kissable lips? Where did that come from?’), but was more concerned about the blood pouring from the wound that was staining his emerald coloured shirt. Well, maybe ‘pouring’ was a bit extreme; but there was definite leakage!

Dawn pulled Draco over to the bed, pushed him down on it and pulled his shirt off.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, mudblood?” The old Malfoy defence mechanism kicked in once again; it had most girls quivering in their boots. But not Dawn Summers.

“Don’t you take that tone with me Malfoy! If I don’t look at that wound on you chest it could get infected. And didn’t we talk about knocking?”

“I’m touched that you care.” Draco saw no reason to point out that he could heal himself with his wand; especially as Dawn’s slim fingers were already rubbing a crème around the cut. “What were you doing?”

Dawn blushed a little. “He just annoyed me, that’s all. He’s never here. And we had this fight and I had to take it out on someone and Spike suggested darts the last time this happened.”

“Last time? It happens a lot?” He asked, eyeing the door that had several suspicious little holes in the back.

“No. Only twice, well, three times counting today. But I- Oh God.”


“You! You’re Draco Malfoy and I’m whingeing to you about problems I’m having with, and I quote, ‘the-boy-who-wont-bloody-die’”

“You’re not whingeing.” Dawn was surprised at the softness of his voice and looked into his eyes. She broke eye contact after a moment, blushing even more.

As Draco looked into her eyes, he saw her soul. That sounds a bit corny, but it was true. He could see the spark of life and determination, tainted with the loss she had seen over the years. He knew that look as he recognised it in himself. He flinched at she broke the contact and then flinched again as she sprayed a cool, stinging liquid on his injury.

“Sorry, it’ll sting a bit.” Dawn bobbed her head and blew on it gently. “Better?” She asked, avoiding his eyes.

Draco put his hand under her chin and lifted it to look into her eyes. “Much.” Was all he said as he lowered his head to meet her lips. The kiss was soft and sweet, like many first kisses. The second was fiery and passionate. Their tongues engaged in a battle that left them both gasping for air. But they didn’t stop.

Dawn could feel his erection pressing up against her and felt a heat build at the pit of her stomach. Draco lifted her top over her head and threw it to the side where his shirt still lay. Not breaking the kiss, he reached round and unhooked her blue lace bra and tossed it away.

Dawn rubbed her hands up and down Draco’s back before settling one at the nape of his neck, tugging on the blond hair there. Draco removed his own jeans before pushing Dawn’s trousers to the floor and kicking them away, leaving them discarded with the rest of their clothing as they fell back onto the bed.


When Dawn awoke the next morning with a body lying next to her that defiantly wasn’t Harry’s, reality came flooding back. She looked at the clock next to the bed and gasped.

“Draco. Draco. Malfoy! Get up you lazy git.” She hissed as Draco woke up.

“Whoa, git?” He shuddered. “You sound just like that ponce Potter.”

“Get up, you have to go…now! Harry’s only gone for one night and my sister and Spike will be here any minute!”

“Right, Potter.” His smile faded and was replaced by a scowl as he thought of his enemy. “I’ll be off then.”

He hurriedly pulled his jeans on and gathered up the rest of his clothing before sauntering out, slamming the door behind him.

“Draco? What were you doing in Dawn’s room?”

“Ginny, hi. How are you?”

“Fine. You didn’t answer my question.” Ginny had grown up over the years. She had grown into her looks and oozed confidence as she stood, arms folded across her chest.

“What question was that again?” Draco asked sweetly.

“Why were you in Dawn’s room?” Ginny said through clenched teeth. She wasn’t in the mood for his games right now.

“I had to talk to her about something.” He said after a pause. ‘Damn, that sounded so fake.’ He thought. ‘Note to self, must make up better excuses for next time…Wait, next time? This was a mistake, wasn’t it?’

“You had to talk to her about something? Did you have to do it topless?” She asked reasonably.

“Bloody hell.” He muttered. “Ginny, you’re Dawn’s best friend, right? Good. Then go and bug her.” He stormed off leaving an annoyed red-head in his wake.

“Ohh, Dawn.” Ginny called, flinging open the door. “I think we need to have a little chat.”

“Wh-What about?”

“Draco spent the night here, didn’t he?” Ginny got strait to the point as usual.

“What? No! That’s redicul…” she trailed off seeing Ginny’s look. “Yes.” She admitted meekly.

“Dawn! I thought you loved Harry!”

“I did! I do! We had a fight.” She flopped down on the edge of the bed.

“About what?” Ginny asked, sitting next to Dawn.

“Nothing.” Dawn scuffed the floor with her toe.

“It must have been a pretty big nothing! I can’t believe you had sex with Malfoy of all people. It’ll kill Harry when he finds out; or he’ll kill Malfoy when he finds out. Whichever, it’s not gonna be good.”

“And that’s why he’s not going to find out, right? Because you’re the only one who knows and you’re my best friend and you wouldn’t betray me like that, right?” Dawn pleaded.

“I don’t think you should be talking about betrayal, Dawn.” Ginny said coldly. Then she sighed. “Fine! I won’t tell him. It was just a one off…wasn’t it?”

“Definitely a one off. Thank you thank you thank you!” Dawn said certainly, hugging Ginny.

“What was a one off?” Buffy snuck up on the two girls.

“Buffy! Don’t do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Dawn clutched her hand over her heart dramatically.

“You’re young, you’ll live. So what ’cha talking about?”

“Oh, nothing really…is Spike downstairs?”

Dawn led her sister away chattering brightly, trying to push away the feeling of guilt growing in her stomach.


Well; Should I continue? Please Review and tell me what you think!
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