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A Leap for Science

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This story is No. 20 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 20 min w/ Angel. Dr. Sam Beckett approaches someone for research funding...

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Television > Quantum LeapLucindaFR131864061,57721 May 0421 May 04Yes
Author: Lucinda
Rating: no worse than the show, probably gentler
Main characters: Dr. Sam Beckett, Angel
Disclaimer: Sam belongs to the creators of the series Quantum Leap; Angel, Harmony, and Wolfram & Hart are the creations of Joss Whedon.
Distribution: Jinni, Paula – anyone else ask.
Note: 20 minutes with Angel response.

11: 19

Dr. Sam Beckett sighed, readying himself to try yet again to get funding. His idea was revolutionary - or insane, depending on who you asked. But the chance to time-travel, even if within the limits of his own lifetime, was too much to pass up. He had the theory, and it seemed sound. All he needed was the funding and a space to try to turn theory into reality.

Of course, everybody that he'd tried so far had turned him down. Most of them had pointed him towards the door before he'd even finished explaining the project. His last hope was in this building - Wolfram & Hart Limited. Once, it had been part of an international law and investment firm, but the Los Angeles branch had split away, and was under the control of someone else, a Mr. A. Aurellius.

He just hoped that he'd at least be able to finish his request. Apparently Mr. Aurellius had quite the reputation for getting rid of people who were trying to cause him problems.

After being directed up to the private office, he fidgeted, and walked towards the personal secretary. She looked young, and blond, and rather ditsy.

"Hi! Do you have an appointment?" She smiled cheerfully at him, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Yes, Dr. Beckett. I have an appointment at four." He tried to remain calm, to conceal his nervousness.

With a sigh, the blond leaned forward, pushing a button on a panel. "Did you have an appointment with some doctor? Beckett? Because he's standing right here, with a briefcase.

:Yes, Harmony. I've been expecting him.: The man's voice sounded tired, or maybe exasperated. :Send him on inside.:

"Oh, fine." Harmony pouted, and then looked up. "Go on in, he'll see you now."

Walking through the door, Sam was pleased to see a spacious office with large panels of glass. The slight hint of blue at the edges told him that it was specially treated - shatter resistant, perhaps? "Mr. Aurellius?"

The man in the chair couldn't have been much past thirty, if at that. Maybe still in his twenties. He looked somber, and attractive, the sort of face that could have provided a career in acting or modeling, not ruthless corporations. "Call me Angel. Sit down, relax. I won't bite." There was a small smile after his words.

"It's good to finally meet you, Dr. Beckett." There was something unsettling in the way his eyes were watching.

"Right. I wanted to ask if you might be willing to provide some funding for a project of mine? I have a theory about time travel... under certain limits and situations."

Angel nodded, as if he already knew this. Perhaps he'd been researching before the appointment, or perhaps the company had a scientific research division to look into such things.

Finally, Sam finished his explanation, and only then noticed a small recording device. "Will you consider funding my project?"

"I've already got some people working on arranging lab space for you." Angel smiled again, one that hinted that he knew something that Sam didn't. "I have every confidence that your project will work, Sam."

"Thank you." Sam didn't know quite what to say, the offer seemed so sudden. He stood up, offering his hand as he tried to keep from dancing and shouting with glee. "Thank you very much, Mr. Aurellius... Angel. Sir."

* * *

Months later, Dr. Becket looked at his device, gleaming under the lights. It had come together so quickly, and with so little opposition that he was almost disturbed. Granted, there had been some equipment failures, and a couple problems with staff, but Angel's faith in him had been unwavering.

And now was the moment of truth. The moment when he would discover if Angel's faith was justified, or if this was just a very expensive flight of fancy.

He stepped into the circle where he would hopefully be sent back in time. Taking a deep breath, he looked around, smiling. "Let's do this."

Everything dissolved into blinding blue-white light.

And then he was standing in a hallway, hand reaching out for a doorknob. The door opened, and he blinked, uncertain how he was standing in front of Angel, in what had to be... No, this wasn't the Wolfram & Hart office.

"Gunn? What's wrong?" Angel looked at him, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Err..." Sam blinked, trying to figure out how to explain this.

"Sam! Congratulations, it worked! We managed to find you, you've landed in the body of a man named Charles Gunn, and..." The holographic projection of Al faltered, and he looked around. "I'll pop back in a few moments, as soon as we can figure out what's going on."

"You aren't Gunn, are you?" Angel's voice sounded a bit deeper, more menacing. "Sit down, and explain what's going on. Now."

"Umm... you won't believe me." He tried to excuse himself.

"Okay, My name's Dr. Sam Beckett, and I'm a time traveler from the future...." He started to explain, hoping that he wouldn't end up in an asylum.

11: 39.

end A Leap for Science.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Leap for Science". This story is complete.

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