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Animal Instincts

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Summary: Let's just say that every member of the Scooby Gang has an inner animal...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Dawn-CenteredKarmaFR1522,229062,83821 May 0426 May 04No

Animal Behavior

Confusion washed over Willow as she slowly opened her eyes. Everything was unfocused, and looked different. Chairs and tables seemed to loom over her. Faintly, she could hear purring. Bright light flooded her vision, and she looked towards the ground. A pair of pink and white running shoes stood near the door of the magic box. Near the shoes was a set of legs clad in a dark material. 'Okay, Angel and Dawn. They can help.' She thought as laughing filtered through the room. 'Dawn! Angel!' Willow called as she stood and tried to walk over to them. She fell back onto the ground, partly because of the difficulty she was facing when she tried to walk and partly because of the blonde cat that landed in front of her.

'The calling thing isn't gonna work, Red.'

'Spike?' Willow asked laughing. 'You're- you're a kitten.'

'You don't bloody well say.' Spike said dryly as Willow continued to laugh. 'You do realize this is entirely your fault, doncha, love?'

Willow's eyes widened as she wildly looked around the room. 'Dog. Bunny. Panther. Owl. Kitten.' She looked back at Spike. 'This wasn't supposed to happen, we were just supposed to give a portion of our energies to Dawn.' Willow looked sadly at Spike. 'Why don't any of my spells go right?'

Kitten Spike slowly shook his head or what would pass for a headshake. 'Love, you just have more power than you realize. That's why I asked you not to do the spell, remember, love?'

Willow rolled her eyes. 'At least I didn't turn you into a vampire bat.' She said optimistically.

'No, you just turned me into a sodding kitten while you're a sodding tiger!' With that, Spike raised his tail in the air and stalked back to Dawn.

'Spike, baby, don't be mad.' Willow called after him.

'I'm not, love.' He replied as he leapt back into Dawn's arms. 'The whelp is waking up, and I've seen what dogs do to cats. What vampires do too, but that's not the point, now is it?'

Willow laughed, but stopped as a thought crossed her mind. Neither she nor Spike had opened their mouths during their entire conversation. They had been speaking telekinetically.

Dawn glared angrily at Angel, who was still huddled on the floor laughing. The blood tinted tears where still rolling down his cheeks. Dawn jumped as Kitten Spike leapt back into her arms. Sighing, she absently began to stroke Kitten Spike's head, and focused her mind on the task at hand, getting Angel to stop laughing and concentrate long enough to help her figure out how to turn them back. He seemed to find Spike turning into a kitten highly amusing, and Dawn couldn't figure out why. "Angel!" Dawn called. "Angel." After Angel ignored her the second time, she smiled evilly and whispered softly into Spike's ear, "You could probably scratch Angel right now and blame it on the spell." Dawn smiled in success as the kitten leapt out of her arms and began to shred at Angel's pants, every now and then leaving bloody welts when he came in contact with skin.

"God damn it, Spike!" Angel screamed as he kicked out at Spike, who went flying into a wall.

"Angel." Dawn chided as the dark vampire stood up. "And stop growling." She commanded as she began to walk over to the blonde kitten.

"Dawn." Angel said as he reached out and touched her shoulder to stop her. "I'm not growling."

The duo looked over where Spike was in time to see the Golden Retriever begin to charge at Spike. "Angel." Dawn hissed pleadingly. Angel nodded and using his vampiric speed, dove for Spike, gathering the kitten into his arms just as the dog dove to where Spike had been. Angel tried to stand up, but hissed in pain as a pair of sharp teeth embedded themselves into his leg. But as soon as the pain came, it was gone.

Worry and fear etched across Dawn's face as she watched the exchange. However what surprised her most wasn't the dog attacking Angel. It was the tiger, who picked the dog up by the back of the neck and lifted him away from Angel, much like a mother cat would do to its kitten.

"I think we figured out which one was Xander." Angel muttered as he dropped Spike back into Dawn's arms and moved to inspect the wounds on his legs. Distantly, Angel could hear the tiger growling at Xander.

"Okay, if that was Xander, then who was the tiger?" Dawn wondered aloud. "Buffy?" She guessed hopefully.

Angel shook his head. "No, Buffy wouldn't hurt Xander just to rescue Spike. It would have to be some one who would hate to see one of their friends get hurt. Anyway, I don't think Buffy would trying to stop Xander from eating Spike." Angel stopped. "That didn't sound right."

"Then who would protect Spike and thinks of him as a friend other than me?" Dawn thought hard for a minute while Angel suddenly found inspecting his wounds very interesting. As usual, Angel knew more than he was letting on, but he wasn't going to let Dawn know that. Meanwhile, Dawn's eyes widened as a thought crossed her mind. "Orangish fur. Red hair. Oh my, God. It's Willow." Dawn smiled happily. "Now we know who half the animals are."

"Dawn. We know who all the animals are now." Angel told her, as his brain possessed all the evidence. "Spike-Kitten" He stopped as he sniggered again, but stopped at Dawn's glare. "Willow-Tiger. Xander-Dog. Anya- Rabbit. Giles-Owl. Buffy-Panther."

The teenager nodded slowly, then stopped as a new thought filtered through her mind. "Why would Willow want to practically attack her best friend just to save Spike? I mean, she could have hurt Xander."

"I think I've seen this before." Angel said pointing to the animals as he tried unsuccessfully to distract Dawn.

"Angel, you know something that I don't know, don't you?" Dawn smiled in success as Angel looked away again. "Angel, if you know something about Willow that'll help-"

"It won't." Angel said roughly as he faced Dawn again. "I've seen this once before." He began again as he pointed towards the now awake animals. "It could only be reversed by the ones affected."

Worry crossed Dawn's face at Angel's words and looked down at her watch, which read 8 pm. "All I have to say is, they better turn themselves back before-" She stopped as the door to the Magic Box opened. "Riley gets here."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Animal Instincts" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 May 04.

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