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Animal Instincts

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Summary: Let's just say that every member of the Scooby Gang has an inner animal...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Dawn-CenteredKarmaFR1522,229062,83621 May 0426 May 04No

Animal Instincts

Disclaimers: None of this belongs to me!

Spoilers: None that I can think of... If you know the Dawn’s the key, you’re cool.

A/N: Angel is Spike’s sire. He is also in town helping Buffy with protecting Dawn from Glory. Dawn doesn’t know she’s the key yet. Spike doesn’t have his gross Buffy addiction. Tara does not exist.

Dedication: To my bestest friend Laura! She gave me this idea. She doesn’t watch Buffy or read fan fiction about Buffy, but she told me that if I wrote this she’d read it. So therefore, this is for Laura.


The sign in the Magic Box flipped to the side that read: ‘Sorry, we’re closed.’ Passersby always wondered why the shop kept such odd hours but they never complained. The town wasn’t oblivious to the strange happenings in the town in the town, they just choose to ignore it. If they knew what really went on inside the shop, they would probably leave the town all together. Today was no exception. The six occupants inside the shop have seen more than most people could handle.

Inside the shop, the six occupants were in various states of nervousness. Rupert Giles stood behind the counter of his shop cleaning his glasses. If you listened closely enough, you could hear various mumblings of “Dear Lord.” Anya Jenkins stood at the register counting the money. It always made her feel better. Willow Rosenberg sat on the floor silently meditating her energy for the impending spell. Xander Harris sat at a table stuffing a Twinkie into his mouth. Buffy Summers paced the length of the shop wringing her hands. Spike leaned against the counter deep in his thoughts. To the casual observer he would appear to be bored, but to those who know him well he was brooding. Although he would deny it till his death; brooding is what his sire did. Suddenly Willow’s head shot up and her eyes opened. “I’m ready.”

Buffy, Giles, Xander, Anya and Spike joined Willow on the floor and formed a circle. Spike sat next to Willow and handed her a white crystal. Xander, on her left, handed her a small bundle of purple flowers. Willow looked across at Giles, then to Anya on his right and Buffy on his left. They all remained silent and looked at Willow expectantly. “Join hands.” She was surprised that no body complained. She had warned them to be silent, but she didn’t expect Buffy and Spike to hold hands with out throwing a fit. She was very impressed at the maturity both of them were trying to show. She smiled at them both and began to explain the spell.

“The spell will cause a portion of each of our energies to leave our bodies and move to the crystal. It will create a type of protection force field around Dawn. As long as the crystal remains intact, she will be safe.” Xander began to open his mouth but Willow shook her head. “Don’t say anything, Xander. The spell will be disrupted by the slightest sound. Everyone understand?” She looked around the circle and they all nodded in understanding. “Everyone ready?” Once again she was greeted by five nodding heads. Willow began the spell.

“Illuminisi da nerezza, l'anima lungamente persa, la saggezza oltre gli anni, il cuore che non esita mai ancora, essere umano, amore ristabilito, protegga la nostra alba dallo sconosciuto di nerezza.”

A warm glow flowed from each person. A dark blue glow flowed from Xander. From Anya came a golden honey glow. A brown glow that matched his tweed came from Giles. A bright pink flowed from Buffy. Spike’s glow was as red as the blood he drinks. Finally an emerald glow came from Willow and the colors intermingled in the center of the circle. The colors mixed to form a dark purple. The colors drifted slowly into the crystal. Just as the crystal began to glow purple from the energies, a voice from outside yelled, “Quit being such an animal!” Suddenly the crystal stopped glowing and the six occupants of the circle collapsed.


Dawn Summers walked through the twilight with the dark, brooding vampire known as Angel. Well, to most people...

“Why are you here, Peaches?” Dawn asked smirking knowing it would piss him off. True to her prediction, he growled loudly, and grabbed her arms stopping her.

“What?” She asked innocently. Angel just continued to glare at her, his eyes flashing gold. “Fine, Spike told me.” Angel let go of her and continued down the street. Dawn could hear him mumbling as she ran to catch up with him.

“Stupid childe. All he does is cause trouble. Why’d I even make him?”

Dawn began to giggle, Angel spun around to face her. “What?”

“Nothing. It’s just you’re acting kind of like Spike.”

Angel growled slipping into game face. “I am nothing like him!”

“Fine.” Dawn said nervously taking a step backwards. Angel felt bad at getting mad at her, and began to take a step forward to talk to her, but she took a step back. “Uh, Angel, you still have your wrinklies on.” She motioned to her face.

“Sorry, Dawn.” He said slipping back into his human mask. He moved to talk to her, but Dawn pointed behind him. “We’re here.” She pointed to the Magic Box and walked inside. Angel shook his head in defeat and followed her inside. Angel followed her inside. “Dawn?” he asked before walking into the dark store. “Dawn, maybe you should come out here.”

“Angel, you got to come and see this.” Dawn said in amusement and in confusion. Angel walked slowly into the shop and flipped on the light. The sight before him was like nothing he had ever seen before. Clothes were strewn all over the floor. On a chair perched a large owl. Down on the floor next to the owl, lay a large panther. Near the panther was the most beautiful tiger he had ever seen. Near the tiger was a large dog, a golden retriever to be exact. A small bunny was curled up as close to the dog as it could get.

Suddenly Angel saw movement from what he recognized as Spike’s leather jacket. A gorgeous blonde kitten poked its head out from under the jacket. Upon seeing Dawn it leapt up and into her arms. Dawn held the kitten and turned to look at Angel who was now on the floor laughing so hard tears were streaming down his face. “Angel, are you okay?” She asked concerned as she gently petted the kitten.

“Dawn.” He said between fits of laughter. “Do you have any idea who you’re holding right now?”

Dawn looked at him baffled. “What do you mean who?” She raised her eyebrow. ‘Wow. She looks like Spike when she does that.’ The thought caused Angel to laugh even harder.

“Angel!” Dawn yelled causing the kitten to purr.

“Dawn. That’s Spike.” Angel said pointing to the kitten.

“What?” Dawn asked letting the kitten fall from her arms.

“They turned themselves into animals.”


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