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LXT03 - The Tears Of Isis

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Lara Croft Trilogy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Final Part in the Lara Croft Trilogy

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LXT03 - The Tears Of Isis

TITLE: The Tears of Isis

AUTHOR: Siege (


DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know 'K

DISCLAIMER: Not mine I didn't do it; well the main characters at least all

belong to joss Wheadon and pals, and long may they. Lara croft, is copyright

(c) 2001, paramount films

SUMMARY: Final Part in the Lara Croft Trilogy

FEEDBACK: Oh yes please! Other wise Millie cries.

CATEGORY: Action/Adventure/Crossover

RELATIONSHIPS: L/X, Mentioned (B/X, F/X)


SPOILERS: All Seasons of BtVS Up to end of season 5 with an AU tilt that is

explained in the prologue after that its all totally AU.

AUTHORS NOTES: This is the final blast for this series of stories, at least

that I've got planned. Its more action intensive than either of the other two

and I hope, more complex as well. Let me know what you think.


Chapter 01

Croft Manor

15th October 2002

Lara Croft pursed her lips as she sank back into her plush armchair her eyebrows raised in curiosity.

She had just come back home from riding to find a very unwelcome ‘visitor’ waiting for her. Not that

she had anything against the blonde slayer, as such, but with her came memories of a dark haired

betrayer of her heart.

“What can I do for you?” Lara asked after a moment of inner contemplation.

Buffy shifted from one foot to the other nervously, no one knew she was here everybody thought she was

in LA, Dawn was staying with Giles and Willow was helping him. The only person who may have suspected

something was awry was Xander, and he…didn’t really care about anything much anymore, which was the

reason for her trip to the UK. To see the one time holder of his heart, the one woman who possibly knew

Xander better than any other person on the planet, including even her.

“We need to talk” Buffy said finally.

“I see you’ve been resurrected,” Lara put in; She had a feeling she knew where this conversation was

heading and didn’t want to deal with it. Not after Africa.

“Yes, thanks for the Urn. It helped a lot, apparently” Buffy said with a small half smile.

“I see that the great god Osiris must have been feeling unusually generous that day” Lara said a half

smile on her face.

“I don’t think Willow would have taken no for an answer.” Buffy told her with a smile of her own.

“Then she really must be much more powerful than I remember, I hope that she has also learned control”

Lara said her blue eyes fixed on the slayers green hazel ones.

“She has, but that’s not why I’m here”, There was silence for a moment until Buffy got back to the

point, “It’s about Xander”

“Hillary, call Miss Summers a taxi” Lara said shifting her boots off of her highly polished and priced

desk and shuffling papers in a display that she hoped would cover her feelings.

Hillary detached from the wall just by the door, hiding in almost plain sight ready and waiting for

Lara’s call, “Miss Summers…” he paused and smiled slightly, “You’re a Taxi,” he said and promptly walked

out of the room. Leaving Lara to glare at his back and then the door. She was seriously toying with

the idea of firing her manservant when Buffy derailed her thoughts.

“What happened in Egypt?” Buffy suddenly asked, her entire reason for being there.

“Sorry… What?” Lara said slightly wrong footed by Buffy’s sudden bluntness.

“Egypt, what the hell happened there?” Buffy repeated and clarified, she had to know, she had to know

what had effected her best male friend so she could possibly fix it, help him as he had always helped


Lara took a deep breath and studied the blonde slayer for a moment. Death hadn’t been cruel to her, she

still looked as perky and attractive as she had back when she had first met them all. There was a

certain park there now, that wasn’t before, maturity, possibly, the trials of being a slayer would make

anyone grow up fast, and with her mother dying as she had… Buffy had become the mom, as the Americans

like to put it. Now, she was here in England asking about the adventure that forked off from that

simple prayer bowl, why? That was certainly a good question, “Did not Xander tell you this himself?”

Lara asked finally.

“Xander doesn’t do the talkie, talkie thing so much anymore” Buffy said with a sad frown. It was true,

in the year since he had been back in the dale, he had been introverted, quiet. He wasn’t totally stand

offish, or anything, he just wasn’t quite Xander. Buffy had been led to believe on her return,

(resurrection), that Lara had taken him on a little adventure to ‘Get That Sparkle Back’. He did have

it, it was just a little too muted for Buffy’s liking.

An almost movie reel like flood of memories hit Lara, torturing her of with images of Xander and her

back in 1925 as well as their adventure together in America. It was too much for the daughter of Lord

Croft and she reacted as she did now, anger, “I see, this is my problem; why?” she asked in a tone of

voice that stated clearly that she didn’t want to continue this conversation.

“I didn’t say it was” Buffy said her temper flaring, “I just want to know what the hell happened in

Egypt!” she said her hackles rising and the knowledge that she had hit a nerve did nothing to dampen her

curiosity, in fact quite the opposite.

Lara let out a long breath, “Not much, got sucked back in time and fought an ancient and powerful priest

by the name of Imhotep. All in a days work really!” Lara said with a superior smile.

Xander Harris’s Apartment

Xander sat staring at the blank screen, well not blank. There were icons, a mouse pointer colourful

buttons to press and there it was the cursor… blinking at him mockingly. Apart from that, there was NOT

his next page turning, block-busting action packed adventure that his publisher wanted. There was in

fact nothing, zip, zadda.

A knock at the door stilled his attempt to pick the monitor up and throw it out of the window. “Coming”

he called out as the knock came again.

He walked over to the door and pulled it open. The sight there made his heart freeze for a moment,

until a warm smile spread across his face. That was, until the slap came.

WHACK! Her hand slashed across his face in a surprisingly hard and stinging blow.

“You stupid, stupid man” Evie admonished him as she walked in; sweeping past him as he held a hand up to

the angry red hand print on his face.

“Hi Evie, nice to see you” he said in a mocking voice.

“Oh, don’t you mess with me young man” she said her dark eyes spitting fire, “A year!”

“365 days, 50 odd weeks and a load of hours, what of it”

“Oh quite the wit aren’t you!” Evie spat, “Or should that be half”

“Is there a point to this? Or did you just come all the way from America just to insult me?” Xander said

taking a deep breath.

“You utter bastard, you know what you did don’t you?”

“Not at this current moment in time,” Xander commented wryly.

“I’ve waited a year, a whole year to see if you got your arrogant, stubborn American head out of your

bum, to no avail. Now, Lara is a closed off from everyone, even Hillary and Bryce can’t get through to

her. Why, what possessed you to hurt her that way. If only I’d have known before I would never have

bothered with you!”

Xander winced, visibly, “Look Evie. Things aren’t always what they seem” he tried.

Evie’s eyes spat fire, “No kidding, that note, do you remember what you put in that damn note?”

“Look after Lara for me” Xander said reading the note from the inside of his eyelids as if it was

yesterday that it was written.

“So I am, and have for nearly thirty years. But YOU” she said prodding him in the chest, “Undid all my

hard work” she snapped her fingers, “Just like that”

“Evie, I promise you…” he was cut off.

“Now she’s just got back from Africa, where she had to kill a man that maybe, just maybe she could have

loved, because you made her cold enough to do it”

“Now hang on!” Xander began.

“Shut up!” Evie said poking him again, “I’m not finished with you, yet!”

“Africa?” Xander said suddenly frowning, then his face cleared and he smiled, “Then she did it,” he

said, mostly to himself.

“Did what?”

“The Cradle of Life, she kept it safe” Xander said his eyes dark.

“How…” Evie trailed off, only she and a select few knew anything about that particular adventure and no

one that Xander had any contact with.

Xander smiled at her and his dark eyes nailed her to the spot for a long moment. “I think it’s time you

and I had a little chat”

Croft Manor

Buffy blinked, “Sorry, what?”

“He really didn’t tell you anything?” Lara asked with an amused smile.

“No, well, I mean everything was kinda confused there for a while, with me coming back from the dead and

all. When I finally did ask him he just shut me out,” Buffy said not even trying to hide the hurt in

her eyes.

Lara regarded her over fingers set into a steeple, “I still don’t see what this has to do with me?”

Buffy looked at her then leant forward very slowly so that she was resting her hands on the oak desk and

staring Lara straight in the eyes, “What. Happened. In. Egypt?” She once again asked, this time with

serious menace in her tone.

Lara’s generous lips curled into a smirk, “Just as I said”

“What happened to Xander specifically, something that would change the man, I Know we both Love into

what he is now”

“I do not Love him” Lara said her eyes flashing in anger.

Buffy just smirked at her and leaned back away from the now enraged Lara, “I think the lady doth protest

too much” she said quoting Giles.

Lara sat back and calmed her breathing, then her eyes lost their focus as she ran over the painful

events of Egypt in 1925 “I’m not entirely sure what it is you’re looking for?”

“Anything” Buffy said her face intent

“Very well, for the most part things were going well, we had some fun as before then, suddenly he was


“When?” Buffy asked eagerly.

Lara winced slightly as the memories over ran her mind; “After he met the builder,” she said her face

suddenly shifting into a puzzled frown. She had been too hurt to put two and two together before now;

something WAS a little off about that situation.

“Builder? What builder?”

“He didn’t even tell you that?” Lara asked shocked, “Xander told me he met the man who built the Cavern

in the Grand Canyon”

Buffy slumped into a nearby chair, “Well Shit!”

Xander’s Apartment

“Then I suggest you start talking young man!” Evie said as she took a seat.

Xander let out a sigh running a hand down his suddenly tired face, “You remember that you all thought I

was dead”

Evie smiled slightly, “All except Rick”

Xander’s eyebrows rose, “Really?”

Evie nodded, “He never did believe that you’d been caught in the City of the Dead. I asked him why and

he just said that he wouldn’t have”

Xander smiled widely, “That’s possibly the nicest thing I’ve ever had said about me”

“It’s a shame he was wrong, you’re nothing like my Rick” Evie said her eyes flashing again.

“Look, Evelyn, it’s like this. I found out that Lara needed to be able to do something, and that if I

was there it wouldn’t happen. It’s that fucking simple, and I did it because yet again, the fucking

world needed a saviour, and to get one it needed a martyr”

“The Cradle” Evie said her voice shocked, “How?” then her face cleared, “The Builder”

“The Builder, Alexdrious, that old bastard” Xander said with no real menace behind his words, “Told me a

lot of stuff, most to prove he wasn’t full of shit, that was among them”

“Why couldn’t you have gone along as well?”

“Because I would’ve wanted to drag that damn box outta there and Lara wouldn’t have stopped ME” Xander

said looking intently into Evie’s eyes, “Before you ask, why, because it also holds the key to closing

the hellmouth”

Evies’ mouth dropped, “What…”

Xander nodded, “Yeah I know, you see that box holds the key to a lot of things, life, death, the after

life!” he smiled grimly, “Yeah, now you’re getting it” he said his eyes as dark as his tone of voice,

“So, you see I had to, because if I’d have opened the box, it all would have been released”

“Oh drat”

Xander nodded again then ran a hand down his tired face, after it had passed a new expression bloomed on

his face, “Fuck!”

“Language Xander!” Evie admonished him, “I let you get away with it before…”

“Shut up Evie, I’m thinking” Xander cut her off with a half smile.

Evie’s eyes widened, “Well I never”

“Evie” Xander snapped, “Look, I’ve just realised something, I’m such a doofus. Its time I got going so

I’m afraid its time for you to go”

“Xander?” Evie said in a small hurt voice.

Xander looked at her for a moment, “I’m sorry Evie, but the time has finally come for action once again,

and I can’t waste any of it on decisions I’ve already made”

“You love her Xander!” Evie said, gaining a little of her old fire back, “She loves you also”

“I know” Xander said turning away from her and walking into his room.

“Then do something about it” Evie said following him.

Xander reached into his closet and pulled out a suitcase and started to throw things into it. “It’s a

little late for that don’t you think?” he said as he pulled open a drawer and pulled out a matching set

of chrome pistols. He looked at them for a long moment and then stuffed them into the shoulder holster

he also retrieved. Then he reached into the drawer again and pulled out what looked to be three sticks.

He stood fully upright and let go of two pieces; there was a clack, clack, and click as his walking cane

sprang open to its full length. He twirled it in his fingers for a moment before whipping it around his

body and accelerating its speed. The hard wood end of the cane WHACKED into a wooden panel smashing it


Evie smiled slightly, “I had thought you’d lost that”

Xander walked over to the panel and ripped out the pieces of wood, “Lose this, never!” he said with

emotion filled words. “I’d rather die” he reached in as far as he was able to the now gaping hole in his


“Xander, dear, what are you doing” Evie asked in complete confuddlement.

He smirked into the wall, “You might not want to see this Evie”

“Why on earth not?”

Xander smiled and retrieved his arm, “Because I’m going to have to tie you up if you do”

“Well, really!” Evie said, then her eyes widened, “Oh dear god, Xander what the hell do you think you’re

going to do with that?”

Xander hefted the item his eyes dark and inwardly facing. Then he turned and walked towards Evie with

no emotion in his eyes whatsoever.

“Xander, now you stop this, this instant, do you he…” Evie sagged as Xander with great care used a deft

movement of his hand using a very exact pressure point to render her unconscious.

“I’m sorry Evie, but I couldn’t let you try to stop me” Xander said then tossed the object he had

retrieved from his wall onto his suitcase. Where the tear of Imhotep glinted in the light of the

overhead spots.

Croft Manor

Lara leaned even further back into her chair and propped her feet back up on the expensive desk, “You’re

still here?” she said, asked, with a slightly annoyed tone.

Buffy’s eyes darkened, “You know, I used to think you were a snotty bitch before, but you’re off the

chart now. Why are you being such a bitch?”

“You come into MY home…”

“Just... cut to the chase, Lady Croft” Buffy said her eyes flashing with annoyance, “I’m trying to get

to the bottom of why a friend has been acting so damn weird for the last year, and now I find you are

acting weird… …er as well. What gives?”

Lara glared up into the diminutive blondes green hazel glare, “Is it true, did you meet him in the

bronze?” she asked out of the blue.

Buffy just nodded, “I did, I remember it well, Mr Williams killed him, just for a moment and built the

bridge I used to help him”


Buffy blushed slightly, “It’s Xander”

“Why?” Lara pressed.

“You know why, I think you feel the same way”

“I think you’re insane if you think I love THAT, THAT Bastard!”

“Hey” Buffy said surprised, “What the hell happened between you two?”

“That really is none of your business now is it?”

“I’m making it my business” Buffy said daring the elder woman to make something of it, “He hurt you?”

she said in a moment of sudden insight.

Lara laughed, “Please”

“He really, hurt you. I know that look Lara, I’ve had it myself.”

“I really…”

“When Angel left me to go to LA, I was broken, a wreck. I had that look in the mirror. He left despite

the fact I loved him, I thought that maybe he didn’t love me as much as I loved him. I was wrong as it

turned out. What happened to make you think that Xander doesn’t love you? Because I KNOW, like no

other could, that Xander loves you,” Buffy said passionately.

“I…” Lara trailed off her mental and emotional shields back in place.

Just then Hillary bursting into the room with a cordless phone in his hand cut off any further reply,

“Lara” he called out.

“What is it, Hillary?” Lara asked, worried due to his somewhat rude entrance.

“It’s Lady O’Connell, you had better talk to her,” he said throwing the phone at her.

Lara listened on the phone for a second, “HE DID WHAT!” her face contorted into rage then the voice on

the other end continued talking and her face dissolved into shock, “He’s got WHAT?”
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