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Harry Potter and what the hell was that

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Summary: the sixth Harry Potter book! (no not really) Gunn has an unusual client who makes a deal with Voldermort

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Harry Potter > Gunn-CenteredbecdudeFR775,336022,31023 May 0419 Jul 04No

Harry Potter and what the hell was that

Disclaimer: Not my characters but I fun story anyway. Quotes from all over the place, I could tell you where but it's more fun if you guess for your self.

Chapter 1.

Levetta Dingan:

Lev stepped of the bus and looked at her watch. 5:54 she was running late. “Damn public transport.” She muttered under her breath as she began to jog the two blocks to Wolfram & Hart’s LA office. She had just over five minutes to catch her lawyer before he finished for the day. She sped up when she saw the law firm’s doors closing.

Panting Lev walked up to the receptionist’s desk. “I’m sorry we’re closed, you’ll have to come back tomorrow.” Said the woman behind the desk frowning down at the dishevelled 17 year old.

“Look sorry I’m a little late. I have an appointment with Charles Gunn. Can you just tell him Levetta Dingan is here? I’m sure he’ll see me.”

When she finally reached Gunn’s office Lev was feeling just pissed off enough do some serious damage to the next innocent bystander she came across. If the contract wasn’t ready she just might act on that impulse and why not? She was paying an absurd amount for it and money doesn’t grow on trees. “Ms Dingan,” began Gunn, “the contract is ready, as soon as he signs it will be legally binding. You just need to sign here. I’ve checked over it myself; there are absolutely no loopholes. There is no way he can get out of it.”

“Good.” Said Lev reaching for the fountain pen Gunn was holding out, feeling the best she had for weeks, that was until Gunn continued. “I know you wanted complete privacy over this matter but the company has just had a change of policy. The head of the firm, Mr Angel must be informed of all contacts dealing with demonic law that we draw up.”

“Dammit.” Said Lev “I’ve already explained to you how important this is no one else must know. That’s why I came here.

“I’m very sorry but it’s policy, I’ll have to tell the boss first thing tomorrow.”

“Would another 10% be enough of a distraction for it to slip your mind, for say, a year?” asked Lev hopefully

“Are you trying to bribe me…” began the attorney.

“You know what’s wrong with this evil firm hiring you damn honest people? You’re much harder to bribe. I’ll give an extra 20% if you can give me two months before you tell. You know I’m not doing anything sinister or evil.” Replied Lev getting out her chequebook.

“Well…I suppose we could stretch the rules just this once.” Answered Gunn taking the cheque as he handed over the contract. He had no idea where someone her age would get that kind of money but shrugged it off. Hadn’t she mentioned something about an inheritance when she first came to him for help?

Lev left the building feeling slightly less than pleased; she didn’t have enough to cover that bribe. She toyed briefly with the idea of simply leaving the country before the cheque had time to bounce, but thought better of it as then Gunn would surely tell his boss. She needed money and fast. It was no good trying to use her telepathy skills in a casino; she was too young and wouldn’t be let through the door. What she needed was a fake ID but to get one she would need money. There was no way around it she was desperate. She thought longingly to the not to distant future when her plan had reached fruition and she’d have little use for such petty things as money. Sighing she resigned to her need to use one of LA’s notorious lone sharks.

The lone shark was only too happy to accommodate her needs, his only condition was

“250% interest for 6 months. First payment is due in a month. Any late payments and the next time you see me I’ll be breaking your legs.” Lev had smiled at that, she was depositing the money in her cheque account in the morning then leaving the country and, if they ever met again, thanks to the very expensive legal document she had just purchased, she’d be the one doing the leg breaking.

After the rather tedious business with the bank Lev found a deserted alley and said the necessary spell to take her back home. As the brightly coloured and randomly shaped shapes rushed past looking a lot like the visualisations she saw when she played music on her computer, she closed her eyes. Stage one of her plan was complete. When all the movement stopped she was no longer in LA but in the backyard of an average house in Canberra. Waiting for her, just as she had anticipated were two letters. One (in a parchment envelope addressed in green ink) was obviously the Hogwarts letter, the other contained a plane ticket to London. Lev cringed as she remembered she was flying economy. She wouldn’t have flown at all except she didn’t want to raise any suspicions, after all she wasn’t supposed to know any magic yet.

Although school wouldn’t start for another few weeks she was leaving the next day; she still had to convince him to sign her contract but first she’d have to find him. Feeling at last she was getting somewhere, even if she still had a long way to go. Lev set her alarm and went to bed.
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