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Summary: 20 Minutes With Fred: What happens when you die?

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Harry Potter > Fred/Illyria-CenteredNicolaFR71525031,57824 May 0424 May 04Yes
Title: After

Author name: Nicola

Warnings: post Angel season 5

Pairings: none

Summary: 20 Minutes With Fred: What happens when you die?

Disclaimer: Jos and J.K. own all. I’m just borrowing

Distribution: Please ask me first.

Rating: 7

5:45 am

What happens when you die?

Everyone wants to know.

It’s like the unanswered question.

Too bad that finding out the answer makes it impossible to share with anyone else.

Winifred Burkle looked at her new surroundings.

Everything was white and misty, just like the preacher had told her it would be, when she was little.

She was lying on a bed, in a room, well, sort of. The room had walls, but they seemed to be formed of the white mist that floated over everything. There were people milling around the area, talking in hushed voices.

A pretty woman, not much older than her, noticed that she was awake, and came over.

“Welcome, Fred.” She had a British accent, just like Wesley.

“Howdy. If ya don’t mind my asking, who are you?”

“My name is Lily. The lanky dark haired one behind me is James, and his scruffy friend is Sirius." Each man waved as his name was said.

“Serious? Does he have a name, or just an emotion?”

Lily laughed. “S-i-r-i-u-s. As in the star?”

Sirius and James were snickering, though it seemed clear that they were laughing at Lily, not at her.

“Oh, of course. I must have missed that day in astronomy."

“Hard to take classes when you’re in the wrong dimension.” Lily commented mildly.

“Yeah... Wait. How did you know that?”

She just smiled.

“We know everything here.”

“Is this heaven?”

“Not quite. This is a stopping point, for people who aren’t quite done yet.”

“You mean, I get to go back?”

“Not exactly. Your job isn’t finished yet, but you can’t go back to where you were. Someone there already has your body.”


“Yes. The Powers have a new assignment for you, somewhere else.”

“Somewhere like Pylea?”

“No! Nothing like Pylea. Much closer to your own home. It’s a world where wizardry, and magic are hidden, like your own, but much more organized. We have schools, towns, shopping malls, even a government.”

“Sounds like a nice place.”

Lily smiled. “It is”

“Your home turf?”


“Then how come you don’t get to go back?”

“Magic death. You technically died naturally, as magically induced as it was. I was killed by a spell, and since my death is one of the main things protecting my son right now, going back would not only be impossible, it would endanger those that I love who are still living.”


“Yup. That’s your job. The powers want you to protect Harry.”

“I’m not that good at the whole life-saving thing. Maybe y’all should have gotten Angel for this.”

Lily smiled.

“You are much more suited to the job. Have fun.”

Fred was puzzled at her comment, but had no time to contemplate it as the foggy place faded, leaving her in what seemed to be a hospital room, but for the stone walls.

She could hear two people speaking above her. She opened her eyes to see a shaggy haired boy with Lily’s eyes starting at her in awe.

“What do you mean, I have a sister?”

End: 6:05 AM

The End

You have reached the end of "After". This story is complete.

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