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Flying cow?

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Summary: A very, very short silly fic. x-over with a few things, all mentioned in the chapters. The BtVS x-over comes last. For comic timing. Of course. [complete]

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralImmortalFR1341,387011,22325 May 0425 May 04Yes

Fairy Cows and The Scooby Gang

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

[A/N: I am so sorry I ever wrote this, but it was stuck in my head. I was watching

Nick Toons, and this is the result :S]

Crossover: Fairly odd parents/Harry P/Red Dwarf/Stargate/BtVS
In that order!

* * *

"We're gonna find out what this thing is, and I'm gonna kill it. See, I've had it up to here," the petite blonde (Slayer comma The) raised a manicured hand abover her head,"with prophecies, and all that other crap."

She looked around to see that her emotive speach was not lost on everyone.

Xander was listening attentively, whilst eating a doughnut.

Willow was nodding to what she had just said, while looking through an old text.

Giles was polishing his glasses, and Cordelia, well Cordelia had her hand raised. Like she was interested.

"Yeah, Cordelia?"

She sighed, "Yeah, whatever, how much longer do we have to do this?"

Buffy gritted her teeth, "If you don't want to be here, than just leave."

"Yeah Ordeal-ia. You're sucking the energy out of this room anyway."

Cordelia tossed her hair, "Fine, well just maybe I'll-"


She looked disgustedly at the flying cow, teenage boy, four military and wierdly dressed black man.

"Whatever, I don't even wanna know." And with that she walked out, Cat hot on her heels ("Hello sexy lady!").

Teal'c walked over to Xander. "May I eat one of your jellied doughnuts?"

Xander stared open-mouthed at the wierd logo on the guy's head, "Sure."

Teal'c smiled, and bowed his head.

"Hey! It goes down well with this chocomilk!" Xander waved a carton of milk.

"Apologies," Teal'c said gravely, "But I have no desire to drink chocolate-flavoured bovine lactose."

Xander still stared at the gold thing on his forehead, "Right..."

Buffy spoke up, "Does ANYONE wanna tell me what the hell is going on here?"

The boy in a dress, who turned out to be called Harry recounted the story he had told SG-1, though adding them into the mix.

Giles sighed, "It could only happen on the Hellmouth."

Meanwhile, Carter was in deep conversation with Colonal O'Neill, "I mean, it goes against everything I've ever learnt or theorised about the laws of physics, or the laws of anything else I've come across. It's fascinating!"

Willow perked up, "Ooh! Physics! Physics I can do! I mean, I'm O.K in the realm of physics."

Carter looked at Jack then in Willow's direction with the pleading look of a puppy, "Go on Carter, you know the techno-babble gives me a headache."

Buffy was asessing everyone in the room, "So why are you here?" she asked a man with greying brown hair."

"Cow wanted to get to fairyland, where ever that is." he gestured with his gun (not the safest thing to do) in the general direction of the hovering cow, who was in deep conversation with Daniel Jackson.

The cow quirked its head and turned round to face the group,"Fairyland? Is this Fairyland?"

Giles sighed, "No, sorry."

The creature's face looked crestfallen, "Oh well, thank you all for helping me find Fairyland."


Buffy's head snapped round to lok a where the cow had just disappeared, "Hey! WAIT! What do I do with all these people?!"

Giles just stood there, cleaning his glasses. No doubt, they had a long day ahead of them.

* * *

The End!

The End

You have reached the end of "Flying cow?". This story is complete.

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