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Flying cow?

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Summary: A very, very short silly fic. x-over with a few things, all mentioned in the chapters. The BtVS x-over comes last. For comic timing. Of course. [complete]

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralImmortalFR1341,387011,22325 May 0425 May 04Yes

Fairy Cows and Evil Wizards

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

[A/N: I am so sorry I ever wrote this, but it was stuck in my head. I was watching Nick Toons, and this is the result :S]

Crossover: Fairly odd parents/Harry P/Red Dwarf/Stargate/BtVS

In that order!

* * *


Voldemort looked at the flying cow appearing from the cloud of smoke and glitter in front of him. Flying cow?

"Get out of my way, I have business with the young Mr.Potter" he sneered.

The fairy cow was hurt by this, and turned to the 'Mr.Potter'.

"Is this fairyland?"

"What?" Harry blinked in surprise, "No, but, if you could help me here I'd really appreciate it." He gestured to Voldemort, who was tapping his wand impatiently.

The cow smiled (can cows smile?) "You mean you'll help me find fairyland?"

"Yes, now lets go!" He childishly stuck his tongue out at Voldemort.

"Thats it!" The Dark Lord fumed, "AVADA KE-"

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking